Friday, March 02, 2018

Our Policies on Blog Comments

Our comments section of the blog has, for many years, been largely gender restricted. We have chosen, arbitrarily (or as we have said, at the Lord's direction), considered it to be an assembly, as a virtual kind of church, and that has apparently served its purpose.

Now, in this season marked by transition, we are changing the policy to open comments to whomsoever the platform will permit. Propriety will continue to factor into our decisions about publishing comments (with due respect given to 1 Timothy 2:11-12).

The comments section is not going to become a trash heap where it's open season for abuse or where promotions of conflicting alternate views are welcomed.

It's for the support of the work we do here as we touch on a diverse range of topics.

It's for the service of those of us who are genuine in our desire to find and honor The Truth.

It's for the cultivation of faith, hope and love.


  1. About the Pentagon shaped stadium, and the stick figure pentagon logo. Doesn't it remind you of the pentagon pyramid on Mars in Cydonia? Are you familiar with the work of David Flynn? The movie Mission to Mars going to the face? And we just had Elon Musk with his Heavy Lift Rocket test just prior getting ready for a Mars mission. The I Pet Goat apple splitting: inside we would see a pentagon in a real apple. Apple iphone X = phoenix.

    1. David Flynn. Brilliant researcher. Cydonia. Temple at the Center of Time!