Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Opening the Time Tunnel - Beginning the Closing Ceremony of the PyeongChang Olympics

Why did the performers all look like messy painters when the Closing Ceremonies began? There's a very good reason, on the esoteric level!

Here's some notes Aaron and I compiled, with some of our observations and insights. The counter times provided are relative to our own clips and may be useful for reference. If you watch these ceremonies, pay close attention to the excessive use of time language, some of which we point out in our commentary.

For the moment, some of you may be able to watch the closing ceremony streaming at

For years, we've documented how media presentations are sometimes a cohesive whole, with commercials that relate to and interrupt the other content in ways that support it as an Occult ritual. At least some of the commercials seem to be designed with the intent of supplementing the Olympic ceremonial ritual, so we give them due attention.

Clip 1: The Closing Ceremony Begins

Microsoft commercial. The celebrity Common says to a mind-controlled audience who can identify with his perspective, "Today. Right Now. You have more power at your fingertips than entire generations that came before you...we are living in the future we always dreamed of. We have mixed reality that changes how we see the world and AI empowering us to change the world we see. So what will you do with it?"

This is NOT the world Aaron and I "always dreamed of." The time and reality change language is an alchemical and magical NLP segue to the closing ceremony.

At about one minute in, while there is an anal triangle kind of display on the floor (the sodomite gateway - to illumination and another dimension in space and time), music is played that evokes the theme music from The Time Tunnel.

The Time Tunnel opening & closing themes by John Williams in HD

When you identify it with, The Time Tunnel, the strange costumes worn by the performers actually makes sense. They look like messy painters spattered with paint. Did you ever make spin art, where you squeeze paint onto a spinning canvas? There is a spin art kind of visual sequence in The Time Tunnel scenes of the opening and closing title and credits, and more than one of the designs projected on the PyeongChang stage evokes that. On a fundamental level, the rainbow of colors also speaks of the physics of dimensional boundaries because of the rainbow sign that appeared after the great flood of Noah's day.

A later segment of the closing ceremonies features a turtle that goes through what is explicitly called, The Time Tunnel, and that event is something of a climax. (What's The Meaning Of The Turtle In The 2018 Olympics Closing Ceremony? It's Deep)

The Time Tunnel theme music complements the time language - and the action on stage while the theme music plays is modeling the opening of a time vortex. We're not told what it is, so this has to be seen as esoteric or Occult imagery.

1:15 - 1:40 Terry Gannon says, "This is a night, guys, where they look to do three things. Inspire that NEXT WAVE of athletes here in South Korea and around the globe. Celebrate Korean culture but not like the opening ceremony - in the past, but they start in the present, look head to the future and give a nod to peace and an optimistic view of the world." - TIME WAVES radiating out from the present! Counter-rotating rings - anti-gravity / time field generation / zero-point energy...

There's a word that Terry inserted very casually, a word which is then picked up and repeated by Tara. GUYS. The conspicuous use of this word has been highlighted to me occasionally. Guys: Homophone: GUISE: "False appearance; pretense: spoke to me under the guise of friendship." Think about it. What they are presenting is a guise. Certainly, the scriptwriters of this mind-control spell-casting extravaganza are having fun at our expense.

The youth who are performing make a carnival-ride-ish 5 point star - and we've identified the number 5 as a special time number in connection with 12. Seeing the Gears? Think: Clockworks.

2:00 - Tara Lipinski says, "Guys, there are 102 performers in this scene because there were 102 medal events here." - 102 - transforms to 12 as a time number - relating to the time language in the preceding commentary.

2:18 - Johnny Weir - "Every Olympic games inspires a new generation. A NEW WAVE of athletes. I remember when I first saw the Olympic games on T.V. and I thought maybe one day I'd be there." - TIME WAVE radiating out from each Olympic Games - as he illustrates with an example, reflecting on such a moment in the past projected into the future.

The sandy colored scene features what looks like a truncated infinity symbol or a highly stylized hourglass figure, not unlike how 'The Time Tunnel' show bumpers featured a highly stylized hourglass. With the sandy color, the pairs of circles evoke sand dollars that you typically find on the beach. Sands of time. Dollars - money-as-time because time is money. That image is kind of washed away by water as the entire stage becomes a giant pentagonal blue sand dollar resonant image. Another esoteric interpretation is that the form is a stylized segment of a double helix strand of DNA, even GOLD DNA, which speaks of the body of the beast and the mark of the beast.

At about 2:45 there is the action of a counter-clockwise racing around the dial that suggests a turning back of the clock in the Olympic Park. They make it all look rather whimsical, but it's clearly not that. There's lots of circle and pentagon/pentagram magic circle casting imagery - and more many counter-rotating rings

Right around 3-minute mark they start to form the Olympic Rings and there's skiing and skating as if on the frozen surface of a body of water. Under the surface are trails of water with cavitation as the skaters move across the floor - water as time. The Olympic Rings logo is an inverted and truncated pyramid, connecting the pyramid with time using the water metaphor - in the Time Tunnel sequence.

The Olympic Rings themselves can be identified with time, because the circle is a fundamental symbol of time. Extending that imagery, there are 5 rings, the special time number in connection with 12. The Olympic Rings as time pyramid, marking the end of a time tunnel opening sequence.


  1. About "time is money" i read a statement of one of the guys related with bitcoin and crypto currencies, which i can´t remember the name, and he said:
    < In a certain way, and without wanting to be pretentious, we are acting in the same way as God,
    we are establishing within that TANGLE (the program where we move) a protocol;
    the HTLC, which technologically emulates the divine creation. Why? Very easy, if you look;
    1) We are creating a free entity, with free will (HASH).
    2) We modulate time (6) and speed (3) (TIME).
    3) We nest to materialize that something (LOCK) and ...
    4) Finally we give a destiny, a meaning, to that created entity (CONTRACKT).>
    So they reset actual money, they creat a new money/coin/time

    Can you give me the link where you talk about "5,the special time number in connection with 12" in your blog.


  2. Best post I have read on this 2018 stargate ritual was from your work on the Sochi closing ceremony:

    That was a great post! Learned lots from it thanks.