Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Secret pledge made to the Prince of the Night during Super Bowl LII

When I watched Justin Timberlake's performance during the Super Bowl 52 half-time show I didn't know what to expect, other than some sneaky behavior. What I saw was really, really sneaky!

What has been most controversial about the show was how he gave tribute to Prince, the musician who was native to the host city of the Super Bowl, Minneapolis. That drew attention to a very specific segment of the performance. In that very segment, a special kind of Satanic ritual was performed, and because of the magical principles involved, the emotional energy generated by the controversy added to and continues to add to that which was generated during the show and its initial broadcast. You'll see that the tribute to Prince really wasn't so much to the dead musician as it was to the Prince of Darkness, which Justin Timberlake gives a shout out to as the Prince of the Night. The ritual performed is a bigger deal yet because it involved engaging the audience in a pledge to the pointy tailed devil, a pledge like the blood oath of initiation into Satanic or Luciferian service.

To understand you really should watch this video we made.

Mass Satanic Ritual at Super Bowl 2018

Prince's image projected on the veil included his signature guitar, a talisman based on his sigil. It is an extension of the alchemical sigil for soapstone, which is for helping to cross the veil of dimensions. Again... projected on a VEIL.

There's two other notable elements that I didn't see when I made the video. These elements both add support to the ritual magic.

Justin Timberlake was wearing a shirt with the image of a stag deer with horns. This makes sense superficially because it goes along with the theme of his latest album, Man of the Woods. On the esoteric level, the stag is a sign of Cernunnos, who is frequently evoked by witches and magicians in the performance of ceremonial magic.

The second observation has to do with the veil used as a projection screen. There are lines caused by the weight of the fabric as it hangs from above. These lines suggest that the figure projected on the screen has wings. Since the figure is the pointy tailed prince of the night and Baphomet, the appearance of fluttering wings could hardly be more fitting! When you watch the video you'll see how Prince's sigil and the guitar made as a talisman is projected on the veil. This is a powerful way to identify the veil as the veil of dimensions, which separates our realm from the underworld abyss. Having the wings appear in the veil itself adds further to that magical image because, as you can read in several posts to The Open Scroll Blog, the presence of wings indicates the ability to traverse dimensional barriers.

Here's a couple more observations that don't directly involve the Super Bowl performance.

This one does however add further to the energy of the ritual performed there. There is the conspiracy theory response to the date of Prince's death, April 21, 2016. It's the day after Hitler's birthday but the Queen of England's 91st birthday. But what is suspect has to do with the Prince song that was featured during the Super Bowl tribute rituals. The song title reads: "I would die 4 U" and this uses code substitution for 2 words. The value of 4 is already plain, and the value of U is 21. As a date, that's April 21. "I would die 4 U" easily interprets to "I would die" April 21. What a remarkable "coincidence," yeah? Some think it means that he was sacrificed by those he served, others think his death was faked and that he lived on under yet another identity.

One final set of observations involves the date when Justin Timberlake's album was released, a couple days before the Super Bowl. February 2nd. Groundhog Day. This is better known to some as, Candlemas, and this is also Imbolc or (Saint) Brigid's Day. (Most commonly held on 1/2 February, about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.) Regardless of what the Papal Romish church says in its forked tongue way, this is entirely a Pagan holiday and an occasion for some to perform Satanic ritual. Check the SRA calendar. Do the count of days for yourself. February 2 is the 33rd day of the year. Code 33.

Some might argue that February 2 doesn't mean anything special to Justin Timberlake and his crew. His Man of the Woods video suggests otherwise.

(Wikipedia) "Candlemas (also spelled Candlemass), also known as the Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus and the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is a Christian Holy Day commemorating the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It is based upon the account of the presentation of Jesus in Luke 2:22-40."

Watch Timberlake's Man of the Woods music video. You'll see a celebration in front of a woodsy tavern. A tavern is a temple to the goddess who is the queen bee responsible for the production of the fermented honey beverage known as mead. The woodsy tavern featured has flanking pillars, fitting for sacred architecture. Another feature characteristic of a temple is the decoration on what may be identified as the pediment or tympanum. This often identifies the one to whom the temple is dedicated. Timberlake's tavern-temple is labeled with a magic sigil. Note the XO motif of celestial goddess throne exaltation. Any XX suggests the form of the square and compass sigil of Freemasonry. AND - since X is 3 when Z is 1, the value of double X is 33! Released on the 33rd day of the year! Imbolc. Candlemas. (And sodomy, like the Royal Arch/arse and Squared Circle motif) Justin celebrates at the temple as one of the dancing bees, wearing a goddess red colored shirt and a honeybee crown demonstrating the bent elbow pose in the choreography. Inside the tavern the dairy queen Hathor is honored with the horned cattle skull displayed above the bar and barmaid. The duration of the video is 4:04. So, 4:04 ~ 44 which is a goddess number acc. Code 47. Based on the romancing, it's a Pagan fertility ritual.

This all suggests that the album's release was a ritual involving the presentation of the "man of the woods" as Jesus at the Temple. Antichrist. Together with the ritual of the Super Bowl tribute, the trickster's dedication and initiation ritual, this is just one more in a very long succession that has brought this world to the corrupt state it's in today.

The fix is coming. The Author of the Bible will see it through, according to His Word. For all the Adversary's rituals, his failure to succeed has been recorded as history and that will not be dismissed. This is not to say that he won't see many of his plans succeed, but ultimately, even his knee will bow to The One Whose name is above every name.


  1. Another fantastic post Bob. I just read through it and will be watching the video soon. Were you able to decipher anything concerning Aerosmith and the time travel? Can’t wait for more of your content! Praise Jesus!

  2. Thanks. Can you provide me with a time and link that takes me to the exact place you refer to?

  3. Sure Bob. This is the video that aired during the Super Bowl.

    1. I had not seen that one. Time reset! Superman style, with classic Aerosmith. "Dream until your dreams come true." Thanks for bringing it to my attention, and the link.


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