Monday, February 26, 2018

A Brief on the PyeongChang Olympic Ceremonies

We have been working on producing a video about the Olympic Ceremonies opening and now closing the Games in PyeongChang. Until it's produced and published, Lord willing, we wanted to offer a few images and some commentary in advance of that.

We offered some introductory context in this recent post: The 2018 Winter Olympics Begin.

The Opening Ceremony presents a main thread of time portaling, which we are highlighting in the video, along with many familiar signs of the practice of magic. Some of the time portals are overt, like these doors in a series that opened up in the sky with calendar year labeling.

If you find this style of stargate imagery familiar it may be because of similar use in I, Pet Goat, II.

The primary time portal was opened in the center of the stadium during the climax with rings of drummers and dimensional doors. The word, future, was sucked up into the portal to make it obvious to everyone.

Yesterday's closing ceremony featured a segment with dandelion clocks, which we wrote about four days earlier in this post: Fringe and the Dandelion Sign of the Pending Time Reset.

Here's what the New York Times offered about the meaning.

"On the stage, a mournful and reflective moment; a tribute to those who have died, led by a turtle and giant puppets. The puppets were kkoktu, used at funerals to guide the dead to the next world. Marchers carried dandelion seeds, symbolic of life arising from death. Turtles are said to carry messages from humans to the gods."
Highlights and Photographs From the 2018 Winter Olympics

Resurrection, okay, but they are still clocks, and consistent with the main thread of time portaling that we highlight in the video. The turtle that was featured with the dandelions is a psychopomp, like Hermes, Mercury and Anubis. They showed it plainly going through a time portal.

One segment was visually striking and the subject must seem bizarre, unless you understand the cohesive esoteric theme of the context. The hexadecimal system is a math that facilitates the calculation of time. Yes. Time! And also, calculations involving the degrees of a circle (360), which is the geometrical figure that is used as a symbol for time. See Why We Still Use Babylonian Mathematics and the Base 60 System.

The closing ceremony also featured a set of stacked pagoda roofs that was symbolic. We see it in the esoteric context as consistent with the theme and suggestive of the Great Pyramid.

For the moment, some of you may be able to watch the closing ceremony streaming at

Because the next Winter Olympics is planned for Beijing, their Beijing hand-off and artistic ceremony effectively closes the loop for us, pointing back to the Beijing Olympics in 2008. That's where I was first engaged to study and write about the Olympic and other occult ceremonies. Most importantly, it was the London ceremony and then those in London in 2012 that seems to us to be the crucial pivot in time.

Soon there will be more ceremonies bracketing the PyeongChang Winter Paralympics. This ritual season continues, and we see it as a season of very significant impact.

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