Friday, February 09, 2018

The Goddess, Marvel's Black Panther, and the Mists of Avalon

Here's a poster promoting the new movie Black Panther.

Do you recognize the symbolism? Worshipers of the goddess should, because it is designed to present her as the triple goddess.

Maiden Mother and Crone. The Black Madonna. The celestial goddess whose throne is established by the union of the X and O, a familiar symbolsm of the Occult. The union of the X and O is a sexual union of the male X and female O. The tagline reads, Her King's Love. The Queen of Heaven, the Queen Bee.

She is as Ishtar / Inanna with a bent elbow pose, holding a ring in each hand and wearing a bracelet on her wrist.

When you become familiar with the ways the goddess is represented by those who worship her you see the signs in places that are both expected and unexpected.

Update: You may also make of this the signaling of Code 54, the Love Code. "Her King's Love" OXO ~ 15+24+15=54.

Reduced, OXO produces 666 (mark of the beast - Rev. 13:18), as does OOO or XXX or other selective triple of the many O and X forms that may be derived from the imagery.

You may also find the form of the square and compass of Freemasonry embedded in her breastplate garment. In that design, the familiar W appears that models the ancient form of the bent elbow goddess.

Aaron and I were led to watch a film a while back when we were researching the cultural influence of Avalon and the Lady of the Lake, which is related to the legend of Camelot and King Arthur and Merlin. It's called, The Mists of Avalon (2001), and its a MAJOR goddess promotion. The author is in the news. If this report surprises you, you have some more connecting of the dots to work on.

Daughter of Famed Sci-Fi Author Reveals Sexual Horrors She Suffered

"The Last Closet has been an Amazon bestseller for weeks as a Kindle e-book, and is scheduled to be published as a print book this month. Over one hundred readers have reviewed it, and virtually all have given it five stars.

The book recounts Greyland’s life with her mother, who was the author of The Mists of Avalon and many other famous works of science fiction and fantasy, and her father, Walter Breen, who was a world-renowned authority on numismatics. Both identified as “gay,” both abused drugs and were involved in occult practices, and both were pedophiles, Greyland says, a claim that has been confirmed by her only surviving brother."


  1. The character Morgaine, in the end, after having spent four books struggling to maintain druidism and goddess worship mainstream in Britain, at first thinks she failed her mission, then she has an insight and understands that the goddess will continue to exist behind the face of Mary (the character states that Mary is just another face of the goddess).

  2. This goddess entity is crafty. Every cosmetics/"beauty" products company in the world worships her. I've just read about the commercial success of Fenty beauty. When one sees the products and the ads, it's easy to spot the high-level goddess worship in action. "Mists of avalon" is basically pro-goddess/pro-witchcraft propaganda (cunningly presented as "Camelot through the eyes of the feminine characters").