Sunday, February 11, 2018

Kia Stinger, AeroSmith and More Signs of the Time Reset

We've been seeing so many signs of the pending time reset in media recently.

Here's one example where time is reset into the past, (Superman style, by going backwards in a circle really fast) so an aging rock star can return to his youth and relive his glory days. Dream On...

Kia Stinger commercial with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Some of the other examples are just begging for some video coverage with clips from shows like Britannia, The Magicians, The Librarians, and SHIELD. Lord willing, we'll produce something, alongside the growing number of other pressing items in the queue. We haven't heard anyone mention this yet, but the time portaling ritual during the opening ceremony of the Olympics was epic! Magical, and not in a good way. More on that soon, Lord willing.

Not that long ago, another rock star, Jon Bon Jovi, was magically brought out of the past to pitch DirecTV's magic remote - with "the power to turn back time." Here's a video we did in back in 2016 that exposes some of the other deep Occult signs that reveal it as a magic ritual that the cable programmers participated in.

The Power to Turn Back Time - Mandela Effect


  1. Keeping watch... Since they started to name winter storms like they do for hurricanes, Noah made the list. Winter Storm Mateo (Spannish for Mathew) happened last weekend, so Noah is next..

    This weekend will see the 17th day of the 2nd month (Feb 17).

    We might see a sign....

  2. Cant turn back time .. how? Some machine? that doesn't sound right at all