Saturday, February 10, 2018

The 2018 Winter Olympics Begin

Another season of the Olympics is upon us. I watched some of the opening ceremony last night and heard the reporters/commentators reflect back on the last Olympics in Asia. I have often reflected back on those myself because the closing ceremony in Beijing (2008) was such a pivotal event for me.

I had been involved for many years in Christian ministry and in passionate study of the Bible. I had begun to learn how to understand things that were deeply hidden, like figures of speech, thematic structures, and celestial signs. I was also learning how to interpret dreams and discern the meaning of certain special events that were signs in the earth, as the anointing of the holy spirit had been leading me in that way. Ten years ago, a friend directed my attention to what she thought she saw happening during the closing ceremony in Beijing. I checked it out. She was right, and the more I looked into how they were secretly modeling the baptism and anointing of the antichrist beast, the more the Lord revealed.

I spent many months writing about the signs of those Olympics, and hundreds more hours in the years since in the study of Olympic ceremonies, symbols, and attending signs. This is not just a personal interest. There's something about it that is of universal significance!

The London Olympics of 2012 happened in a season where time went off the rails. The London Ceremony from Beijing was involved in connection with the London Olympics and Paralympics in the skewing or hijacking of time. We knew there was something going on at the time, and, in hindsight, we have to say that impression continues to find validation. When the bell (of Caliban-antichrist) was rung in the Olympic Stadium to signal the official start of the Games, Aaron heard in the spirit, "It has begun." Sure, the Olympic Games had begun, but that's not what was meant, obviously. The mass ritual event known as "All the Bells" had taken place earlier that same morning. The bell barge had been floated down the Thames-Isis in the Queen's Jubilee flotilla. We had been raised to a high alert status through many months of careful watching and reporting. What was it that had begun? Something of note, something different, and something that is going to need to be undone. Such a thing as to undo it is impossible of course, but yet, nothing is too hard for the Lord!

So, yesterday, the Winter Games in South Korea were officially opened. The flame of the torch that was ceremonially lit at the Temple of Hera, the wife of Zeus, reached its appointed destination. The (witches') cauldron in Pyeongchang now burns brightly, illuminating the Olympic Park like a temple with its roseate hue. Some have identified the lighting mechanism as a flaming robot penis (They should have got help with making that a little less "phallic-y" from the professionals. But maybe Amazon was busy already.), but beyond that "controversy," no one in the media seems to be squawking about the dedication of the entire proceedings to Zeus, aka Satan, and Apollo, who is linked to the antichrist beast. Neither is there any squawking about the idolatrous exaltation of the goddess inherent to the Games. Some attention is being given to the inappropriately dressed oily Tonga flag bearer in a grass skirt, and to the first openly gay Olympic athletes from the USA and their slighting of VP Pence, but there seems to be no offense being voiced about the role of the flamboyant (flaming homosexual) Johnny (queer) Weir, who is an official NBC commentator for the ice skating competition. Last I checked, the book of Romans does not start with chapter 2.

Is it the matter of people coming together in unity from all over the globe that's so appealing, which they seem to slather all over everything like a special sauce? Wasn't that the situation at the building of the city and tower of Babel, so long ago? (Genesis 11) Yes. Yes it was, and toward the same goal, really.

It's not that I don't appreciate athletic ability and competitive sports and great photography and music and stories about families and strangers working together and supporting each other and grand theatrical productions and so on. It's just the whole "harvesting of worship for Satan" thing I'm not a fan of. And I'm even less of a fan when it's sneaky and the predators are taking victims in their ignorance and naiveté, even if they seem willing to be taken.

So long as they don't make too big of a big deal out of it, most folks are content to just go along with the whole Zeus worship thing. Like it's quaint and harmless. It's like the recent half-time show at Super Bowl LII. As long as the pledge to the Prince of the Night isn't in your face, it can just be ignored. But can it really? There's a legitimacy to it, demonic authority and evil fruit. There are consequences, curses, judgment.

Is anyone still wondering why each of these official logos can be easily manipulated to render the word, ZION? Is this some kind of ritual connection toward a magical hijacking and energy transfer through time and space? That seems likely.

There is coming a time when the world will worship together in peace and harmony, but then it's going to look much different. Better! Way, way better! It will be the real Zion manifesting, and, the IOC will be nowhere in sight. And, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings will be worshiped in truth!

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