Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Fringe and the Dandelion Sign of the Pending Time Reset

A few days ago I noticed this definition for Clock: #6 "The downy flower head of a dandelion that has gone to seed."

The TV series Fringe featured the dandelion clock in a very significant way in an episode that first aired on September 28, 2012 in an extremely notable season. Fringe: 5.01: Transilience Thought Unifier Model -11 aka Dandelion Wine (The Simple Joys of Yesterday)

"Oh, and it's neat that the episode begins and ends with a dandelion — at the start, Young Etta is picking dandelions and blowing their spores away, and at the end, a despondent Walter is staring at a dandelion in the wreckage."
IO9 ("We Come from THE FUTURE")

"The first and last shots of the final season premiere of Fringe focus on a dandelion. In the first, a dandelion has gone to seed, its time done. In the last, a newly matured dandelion stands straight and defiant in the middle of scorched earth. Soil proclaimed dead by the Observer, Windmark. Episode 5.01 closes inside the detritus of an abandoned taxi as a depleted Walter Bishop, a devout disciple of science, led by the prism light of a windchime CD tree; looks for inspiration after being battered by the torturous mind probings of Windmark. Not through science. But music."
Fringe Episode 5.01 Review – Dandelion Wine

At the end of the episode, Walter Bishop is in the year 2036 and the earth is very barren. He sits in an abandoned cab and spies a lone dandelion, flowering, which brings a tear to his eyes - a sign of hope!

Henrietta Bishop
Fringe Wiki - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11
Wikipedia: Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

Fringe, was famous for doing very clever things with symbols. The title has to do with what things are considered fringe science, which more and more being considered as cutting edge. The plot of the show featured an alternate dimension and interaction between the dimensions. It also featured a class of beings called Observers. Think Watchers, as in the class of angels who fell from heaven to earth, as per Genesis 6 and Enoch 7 and 8. Certain characters in Fringe not only passed from one dimension into the other in the same relative time, they sometimes teleported into the past or into the future. In connection with these events, Fringe showed the knowing exploitation of symbols like the bell and tuning fork and entheogens and the metaphor of water as time. These are the kinds of tells that reveal the knowing and purposeful presence of Luciferian Occultism behind the production. My point in saying that is this, that the dandelion as clock is being used with knowledge to convey something secretly. We'll explain more, but we believe it can be taken as a sign of the pending reset of time. Another flower, a white tulip, was used symbolically on the show, which should speak to those of you who watched it closely. The White Tulip was received by Walter as a sign from God (that was actually revealed to have been given by a friendly Observer("Watcher") named September, yes, same as the month.)

When I think of Fringe and what esoteric meaning they might be misdirecting us away from by pointing us to the fringe science, it speaks to me now of the literal fringe of this passage of scripture, which describes the sound made by the bells and how this was necessary for the Aaronite High Priest's annual appointment with the Most High God in the Most Holy place.

4 And these are the garments which they shall make: the breast-plate, and the shoulder-piece, and the full-length robe, and the tunic with a fringe, and the tire, and the girdle; and they shall make holy garments for Aaron and his sons to minister to me as priests.
33 And thou shalt make the full-length tunic all of blue. 34 And the opening of it shall be in the middle having a fringe round about the opening, the work of the weaver, woven together in the joining of the same piece that it might not be rent. 35 And under the fringe of the robe below thou shalt make as it were pomegranates of a flowering pomegranate tree, of blue, and purple, and spun scarlet, and fine linen spun, under the fringe of the robe round about: golden pomegranates of the same shape, and bells round about between these. 36 A bell by the side of a golden pomegranate, and flower-work on the fringe of the robe round about. 37 And the sound of Aaron shall be audible when he ministers, as he goes into the sanctuary before the Lord, and as he goes out, that he die not.
~ Exodus 28:4, 33-37 (Brenton Septuagint Translation)

Early in the episode we see the clock that is the downy flower head of a dandelion that has gone to seed blown away by young Etta. As time itself is scattered to the wind, in a figure. At the end, the flowering dandelion in its splendor is seen in a place where hope is clung to with desperation. Walter's attention was drawn to the setting by the sunlight that reflected into his bedroom off the collection of CDs hanging over a large metal tub. They were apparently placed there to act as a scarecrow, to keep birds away from the tub that must have been used as a planter. It may be said that farming demands faith and hope, with the effort made in the hopeful expectation of an eventual harvest.

The way of a dandelion is that the seeds produce more dandelions, so the order of the appearance of the two images in that sequence makes perfect sense. HOWEVER - if you've ever watched the show, Fringe is seldom about simple things and their natural order. There may be a hint of where the esoteric meaning lies in the alternate title of the episode, "Dandelion Wine (The Simple Joys of Yesterday)."

This episode speaks to us of the turning back of the clock (dandelion). We see this in a figure as the same dandelion, from having gone to seed to being back in its former glory, back in the past - with the clock or time reset into the past.

Here's an image I found. Someone else made this, and it does speak to us of hope, specifically, THE HOPE and our hope that now depends upon the reset of time. Although precious few will realize what has happened, we'll find ourselves returned into the past. The recent years of time we've just experienced will be repeated. The biblical schedule that has been prophesied will unfold - and this second time around - right on schedule!

One thing that makes this fresh insight into a show that aired over five years ago compelling is because this was the insight I had almost immediately upon learning that the dandelion head was called a clock.

Another thing that makes this compelling is the dates involved. The show first aired in 2012 just a few weeks after the London Olympics and Paralympics concluded. (The time suggestive Paralympics motto being: "Inspire a Generation") We remain convinced that that was a crucial season with regard to when time itself was skewed. Etta was blowing on the dandelion just before she disappeared, and was not found. That was set in 2015, and it was in the Spring of 2015 that we became thoroughly convinced by supernatural signs and revelation insight that time had indeed been skewed.

What makes this more compelling yet is what's been happening since I decided to work on this post and began to write it! Yesterday I was working on another project, the time portal opening ritual in PyongChang South Korea that was presented during the Opening Ceremony of the Winter Olympics. Unless the Lord directs otherwise, I typically continue work on whatever project is current. The Lord directed otherwise, obviously. This morning, I reviewed the latest news and published a post about Hollywood's witch casting out demons by Beelzebel (also, Beelzebub). I then began working on this post about the dandelions framing the Fringe episode. Then, I was interrupted with a plumbing issue.

The toilet in the rental where I live has an occasional problem where it fails to flush properly, even when nothing unusual is asked of it. Usually, a plunger and a minute or so of effort returns it to its usual function. Not this time. That's a first. It's still not flushing properly. The landlord will be tending to this soon, I expect. Because of the water as time metaphor, I'm always attentive to water related events. I don't want to make something of nothing, but when there is a sign, I don't want to miss it. If we weren't just put on alert a few days ago for the same thing I'd perhaps not see the interruption in this writing of a time reset sign post with a plumbing water event as a sign. But we were!

Early yesterday morning (Tuesday, the 20th), Aaron had to deal with the same thing, a toilet that wouldn't flush, and this was the very first time it actually overflowed a little. During the brief span that it overflowed and he mopped it up, he observed that the 12:21 time had passed. He wasn't led to see it when the clock read that time, but still, there's that. There's more to this. He put a rug and towels in the washing machine. A little later he heard a loud banging. The washing machine had walked itself about 4 feet out of place. That's a water drainage issue too, because the washing machine had started a spin cycle and whatever load balance issue was not resolving itself caused a failure of the water to drain. Now, aside from that, we had been talking together about the flooding outside. He lives on the river directly across from a dam. For the first time since he lived there, the water had begun to flood over the roads nearby and at least had come right up to the very top of the dam. The high water and flooding happens because the water isn't draining fast enough, right? So, after he told me about all these things we prayed together and talked about whether or not these were to be considered as time signs. We agreed that we had no insight about it, but that it should just be recorded and we would stay on alert, being confident that if this was meant as a sequence of time signs that the Lord would make it plain. At this point, it's plain enough. Yes. In connection with the toilet flushing issue here in Greensburg and with the writing of this post. The water signs are linked to this post about the time reset. With the extended span of time involved, I believe it is more broadly inclusive of the Olympic Ceremony's opening of the time portal that was the subject of the video project I worked on yesterday, as well as the video we published just before that, the final one of the Transformers trio where the cryptic presentation of the Great Pyramid as a time weapon was the subject.

Aaron and I reviewed and discussed this post before publishing it and a few other items seem relevant. This is the 12 month, on the Lord's calendar, and today is the 21st day, on the Pagan Gregorian calendar. Different calendars but still those are the pertinent time numbers. Not long ago, Aaron had a time stopping sign when the water pipe in his upstairs bathroom froze during a cold snap earlier this Winter. We're still experiencing a significant funding deficit and, on the money as time metaphor, we have to see this in context as consistent with the water flow stoppage signs. What the Autobot named Hot Rod said in the climactic scene of Transformers, The Last Knight, echoes in my ears. "I save you. I stop the time."

These are strange times. This season will not last. Yesterday is coming. While few will perceive what happened, what is being done in this season matters. The Lord keeps perfect records. Let us encourage you to make the most of what you've got.



    Runway fashion models enact blatant Mind Control signaling - 3rd eye - and the matching head carried by models is a symbol of their dissociated identities.

    DARPA - Boston Dynamics Robots 2017


  4. There were large clock dandelions in the Winter Olympics 2018 Ceremony ( ) slide 15.

    1. Thanks. That fits the trend, and is a match to the opening ceremony, where the opening of time portals was heavily featured.

    "Next a somewhat abstract look at time. Some base 60 numbers were projected. It was a bit hard to understand, but the ceremony guidebook clarified: “When the number becomes zero, the people of the future break free from the existing time and space, and arrive at a world no longer bound by gravity.” And “The Axis of New Time set a new orbit of time in motion, and despite the fluid nature of the orbit, it reformulates itself by discovering and creating a new order.” Thousands of moving lights and dancers made for a fine visual spectacle if not a crystal clear one. ...Marchers carried dandelion seeds, symbolic of life arising from death."

    1. We are waiting for this to be broadcast later tonight. I'm still working on a video for the opening ceremony time portals, and it looks like the bookending closing ceremony is something of a match. As expected, because it is magic ritual and the necessary balance is going to be there. Like the yin and yang they have already given so much attention. What the Paralympics will add should be very significant, like in London.

    2. Kinda related to this post (I meant to reply when you first posted it), you mentioned the emphasis on water, with the overtones of time as water, etc. The article caught my attention, because almost the same day, my attention was drawn to how the dandelions were popping up all over the place, here in Alabama.

      But, also, we had just started a water tower project, that the Lord impressed upon us, was really needed for our medical missions project (that He's been directing for those left behind). It seems recently (just over a week), that there's been a definite impression for water. Stored water. This goes hand in hand with how we've also noticed the time element/pictures. Praise the Lord, we got the water tower functional, and filled, yesterday. Very interesting, to observe these correlating water observations.

      The Lord is directing this medical project, as a beacon of His mercy and grace, for those left behind; but, it does appear that it is for a very short duration. It has been my thinking that the overt time manipulations/reset/looping will not start till the sixth seal, since that is when the Bible specifically mentions people not dying. Of course, the first four appear to be the sudden destruction that the world is warned of. It appears that there may be a short duration while the antichrist allows it to fester, till he 'fixes' things... who know. We do know the Lord is drawing our attention to these time components, and that time is short! Even the enemy knows it. Maranatha!

  6. Hi Bob,
    Have you watched the Dark series on Netflix? It is all about time travel and how the future affects the past.

    1. Yes. Aaron and I still mention it in the occasional conversation. I may watch it again, someday.

  7. Hey Bob, do you know anything specifically about September? I had a series of strangely apocalyptic dreams several years ago that all featured calendars/clocks specifically indicating some major event sometime between September 8th-17th of 2018. I have a lot of anxiety about what might be occurring and I'd love to know if you have any insight.


    1. There's a transition coming then, into this Shemitah's 7th year, which looks to be the last one before the reset of time. Given the Shemitah pattern, it will model the "year of retribution" identified in the Bible. Your dreams may perhaps model the real one or the soon pre-echo version.