Saturday, February 24, 2018

My Local Lady Liberty

In my neighborhood, there's a new, well, I suppose you might call it an attraction. It's more of a curiousity, and certainly a Pagan idol.

I first noticed this last Fall while making a trip to the grocery store. I doubt very many have even noticed it. It's at the head of Mountain Valley Lake on Lincoln Hwy in Greensburg, PA. The tiny lake isn't much more than a pond, and it's not even a park but an extension of a parking lot for a local banquet house.

Someone must have felt like the goddess needed more promotion, feeling the spirit of '76, of revolution and rebellion.


  1. Here in Brazil, there's this chain of department stores called "Havan". In front of every one of their stores there is a replica of the statue of liberty, just like the one you found there. Their logo is VERY telling (the "AVA" sequence). Google "Havan Brasil".

    1. Thanks Pietro! Very good observation. Yes, HAVAN is expoiting the Ava, and the idol Lady Liberty, the goddess. Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots, beloved by Kings and merchants.

  2. Seems plausible

  3. From 6 years ago

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