Thursday, October 11, 2018

Part 10 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - Power Women Summit - Keebler Elves

Here's another installment in a series we haven't added to in a while. We've added content on this theme regularly but, since there's so much crossing over with other themes, we just don't "file it" under a single category. This series is worth bringing back into the spotlight, so here's another installment.

Next month, timed to correspond with the High Satanic Holidays (Samhain), the goddess worshiped by vast numbers of those who practice magic will be honored.

"WrapWomen, the producer of TheWrap’s Power Women breakfast series, will convene a summit of 1,000 women in media and entertainment in November to inspire and empower them across the landscape of their professional careers and personal lives."
(WrapWomen Launches Power Women Summit for 1,000 Leaders in Media and Entertainment)

Their event logo identifies the source of their inspiration and power.

Wiccans and other witches exalt the Triple Goddess, Maiden, Mother, and Crone, the goddess of magic who goes by many names. She is seen in the three triangles, and in each three sided triangle figure.

AWA. Inanna/Ishtar/Melissa... The drawing of the "summits" presents the W form over a pair of A frame forms, actually 2 different sets of A frame forms. Pick either one, though the outer set is a little stronger. (For more examples, see Part 7 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - AWA / ABA.)

The XX represents the female gender because of the sex chromosome designation. It's the divine feminine.

We see the XX frequently signaling the square and compass emblem of Freemasonry. Resonating with that, the embedded M (under the W) of the Power Women Summit logo mates to the M of the word, woMen, that appears directly under the logo. MM rotates to 33 - Code 33. (This instance resonates with the MM of suMMit.) The women of Freemasonry comprise the Order of the Eastern Star. Start with the O in wOmen and skipping letters across spells OES for Order of the Eastern Star.

In the way the designers of this promotional panel laid out the text, the divine feminine and goddess of fertility gets more subtle promotion in the leveraging of the phonetic spelling of ovum, or, "ovem" in n+OVEM+ber. We know this is being leveraged because it's redundant, supported by a cross-line instance generated with the O in pOwer, combining with the adjacent VEM of noVEMber. AND - if we clip the V from the W in POWER, we have a 3rd instance, formed by the OV (from POWER) plus the adjacent EM (from NOVEMBER).

The location of this event is Los Angeles. El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles (the Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels) was the Spanish civilian pueblo founded in 1781, which by the 20th century became the American metropolis of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is not just the city of the angels, it's the city of the QUEEN of the angels! Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc.

There's a sodomite symbol amplification of the power of this spell from the dominant purple color and the "ANUS" cluster: Taking the A from "los Angeles," and from SUMMIT above, clip the N from the obfuscating M and then add the U and S. This is doubled for redundancy, as you exchange the S in "Summit" with the S in "loS." We could make another image to illustrate this but you should exercise your own ability to visualize it and see what's hidden there.

More examples of the same, here:
Decoding: The Tuscan Sun and Summit Entertainment
Summer Sun: Don't Get Burned by the Sodomite Sun god and goddess Subliminals

The ancient bent elbow pose of the Goddess appears in promotions for Keebler. The iconic elf wears a goddess color red vest. Trace the bottom of it to see the W that models the bent elbow form. This is why he strikes the bent elbow pose, to add redundancy in their Idolatrous Occult exaltation of the goddess. The elf is a "mythical" creature, an ancient race or, literally, a manifesting "magical" demon.

I've been served up a lot of animated ads in the past few months where the elf is promoting fudgy cookies. The poopy butt coprophagy pairing with the goddess promotion is so obvious in these!

Whoopsy. Read: *hoop* = POOH! "Fudge" We've started a Hands Up series to expose that gesture as a sodomy sign. The easel is an A frame. The fudgy cookie (donut-like) has a hole in it. On the A-frame easel, it's a fudgy A-hole.

Finally, here's an article that bears a goddess number in a fitting context. 44,000 Catholic Women Demand Answers From Pope Francis Over Sex Abuse Crisis. They worship the goddess under the alias of Mary, our lady of "whatever." According to an ancient esoteric system we call Code 47, the numbers 4 and 44 are identified with the goddess.

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