Monday, November 01, 2010

Chilean Mine Rescue Video - Plus more insight!

I just posted a new video presentation titled A Sign From God - Chilean Miner Rescue - The Real Witness of the T-Shirt. The video features the meaning of the t-shirt and how the man appeared with the rest of their apparel, including some insight that has not yet been recorded in this blog.

Here's some more observations about the mine incident.

If you're familiar with the resurrection and regeneration modeling of the raising of the miners out of the womb of the earth and you compare it to the ancient Egyptian myth, so called, of Osiris, Isis and Horus, you can identify the miner as the offspring Horus. Like most children he resembles both his parents, having the green skin of his Dad Osiris (green coveralls under the t-shirt) and the star of his Mom, Isis. The five pointed star has been known as the star of Isis, and, to the Egyptians, the star represented the underground womb.

On the back of the t-shirt, Psalm 95:4 is printed. 'In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.' The message on the back, even though it's right from the Bible (which the Devil could recite forwards and backwards), we can and should interpret this in a manner consistent with the context of the rest of the shirt. The men wearing the message had arisen out of the "depths of the earth" as from the underworld, the domain of Osiris and womb of Isis. Their offspring Horus is associated with the mountain peak, too! A mountain is a symbol of a kingdom. The Beast's kingdom is commonly represented as a pyramid. The Beast is the head of his kingdom like the capstone of the pyramid, which is, as on the dollar bill, commonly recognized as the eye of Horus!

Freemasons have Bibles featured in their temples and in many rituals. This does not mean they worship the author. The verse on the back is a legitimate passage from the word of God, but it is being leveraged for evil. Consider the context. Connect the dots.

Even the numbers of the passage signal the meaning of the sign, producing the single digit number of the Beast transformation, the number 9. In the verse reference of Psalm 45:9, there's a 9, and also 4+5=9. Also, 45+9 = 54 -- 5+4=9. Also 4+5+9=18 -- 1+8=9. These things aren't random. The Lord planned this a long, long time ago!

Here are some more relevant instances of the number 13. During the rescue effort, of the three parallel drilling operations, the one that succeeded first and thus drilled the hole used in the rescue was called Plan B.

Plan B used a Schramm T130 (13*10), a device that could drill at more than 130 (13*10) ft. per day. ("The percussion-technology hammer drill could drill at more than 40 metres (130 ft) a day by using four hammers instead of one." - Wikipedia) This drilling operation concluded on October 9 (another 9!) taking 33 days to complete (another 33! 3*3=9). The widened shaft, drilled in three stages, reached the trapped miners at 08:05 CLDT on 9 October. 8+5=13!

[updated] Another 69 (the double digit triple-helix number) can be seen in the three stages of drilling. Three passes were made through the about 2300 foot depth to drill and widen the shaft. 3*2300=69x100 total depth drilled!

Now, some of you are familiar with my history and know the schedule of events of the Lord's coming has been a pretty constant theme. There's one more number found in the Chilean mine incident that relates to my present understanding, the number 28. I'll expand on this in a moment but I wanted to give you some links you'll find relevant.

You can listen to the last two radio shows where I appeared as a guest here on BlogTalkRadio's FallenAngelsTV. Links to download these 2 hour shows:
[MP3] Bob Schlenker - Can We Know The Time of the End - October 30, 2010
[MP3] 2 Book of Esdras - Warnings - October 23, 2010

In the most recent show, we (myself as the guest plus Zen and the other hosts, Kevin and Allen) really enjoyed discussing how some will know when the Lord will come in advance of His coming. Yes, the time is "knowable"! Because of this, there's no need to be timid or apologetic when pursuing what the Lord is revealing about His schedule. You may recall how excited I've gotten in a few blog posts about instances of "three things and then four" being found, which speaks to me as validation of what I believe the Lord revealed to me in April 2008. The numbers I'm about to present compare, as I show in the time line graphic below.

The capsule in which the 33 men were rescued was the Fénix 2. The capsule was 54 centimetres (21 in) in diameter. The diameter of the rescue bore hole was 66 centimetres (26 in). However, The actual bore of the Plan B shaft is given as 71 cm, or 28 inches! What is actually presented is a 21 inside the 28!

"The Feast of the Beast is associated with the number 28 (as well as its reverse 82, and as well as the combination 7 times 4)" FEAST OF THE BEAST - by Fritz Springmeier.

I hope to be developing this further, and I already have a body of very interesting notes logged, but the premise has been given and you may pursue it according to your interest!

News of interest:
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  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Not sure what to make of the fact that one of the miners, Edison Peña will be running in the New York City Marathon on Sunday. (Believe it or not, he says he ran every day in the dark, underground, three to six miles.)

  2. I don't either. I'm glad you're watching, Art!

  3. Jonathan11:38 AM

    Gotta love Fritz Springmeier. Unfortunate what happened to him, but the man was very insightful on the workings of the devil. Great appearance on blogtalk radio bob, especially this past weekend.

  4. Thanks Jonathan! I really enjoyed the season of preparation and the dynamic of the show. Somebody was ready to hear that message! Praise Yah!