Friday, November 12, 2010

Mecca Time vs. GMT - A Battle for World Domination / Symbols of "Abrahamic Faiths"

An item appeared in the news recently that bears witness to observations made in the post, Part 21 - Rochester, NY - The Clock of Nations and World Domination. It was noted that the invention of the clock served to hijack mankind, disassociating them from the Creator.

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
Genesis 1:14

Instead of being attentive to and regulated by the Creator's appointed timepiece, man was deceived into adopting another standard.

It was further observed that the ultimate purpose of this regulatory construct that has become familiar to us as GMT is nothing short of world domination. The expressed intent behind a clock that is just now beginning to function attests to this goal. You may read in this news article titled 'World's Largest Clock' (PHOTOS): Saudis Build Giant Clock, Want 'Mecca Time' To Replace GMT how the clock is being used as a symbol of "Mecca Time" and, beyond that, the rule of Allah. The clock in Mecca is a weapon. The weapon is wielded against GMT, pitting Allah against the gods of "the infidels."

The dynamic here of Mecca time vs. GMT should be seen from the perspective of neither being the Creator's time. It's simply one perverted system that long ago counterfeited the Creator's timepiece pitted against another. The clock tower in the Abraj al-Bait complex in Mecca being pitted against London's Big Ben is an exhibit of the age old division in the camps of the Creator's enemies. Both GMT and Mecca time systems are against me as one who seeks to honor the Creator.

I'd like to address some symbols in play, and their testimony.

On top of the clock in Mecca is what will be recognized as a crescent moon. Allah is considered a moon god and the crescent has long been associated with Allah and Islam. The national flags of several countries identified with Islam bear the crescent moon and star theme, like you see in the image at left.

The meaning behind these symbols is familiar by now to those of you who have been following this blog. Because of the second commandment, the fruit of such symbolic representations is the fruit of rebellion.

I assembled a collection of the symbols that popularly identify the three religious institutions that are sometimes referred to as the Abrahamic faiths. You'll notice that they share a common meaning. Those who generally associate themselves with these symbols make up what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon. The entity is more than just that, but the preceding statement is true.

To propose such a thing as that will no doubt greatly offend the larger part of the world's population. However, you can't please everyone. Lord willing, and by His help, when all is said and done I hope to be found pleasing Him, who is the Way the Truth and the Life.

When you consider the crescent moon atop the Mecca clock tower it is equivalent to a "star on top" image, following the recent theme of this blog. The ruling god is the celestial authority called Allah. Even though the image as built is just the crescent moon with no star, the stars are more than implied. When this is viewed from below, the crescent appears against the backdrop of the stars in the heavens. At night, these will be visible, and stars will be seen inside the crescent!

When your eyes are open to see what this is modeling you will perceive a sex magick ritual that compares to the obelisk and dome construct. In a snapshot you see the union of the heavenly male sons of god (the actual stars in heaven - the fallen angelic host) with the earthly daughters of men (earth bound crescent moon anchored to the clock tower). The moon is a Bride symbol, and the womb pictured is that of the counterfeit Bride. The crescent is an opened moon that pictures the open womb with the birth canal. Over time, the stars pass in and out of the womb, presenting the continual ritual intercourse between Osiris and Isis and the birthing of Horus. Very clever. Very EVIL!

This clock is yet one more grand scale magickal working that invokes the spirits of antichrist, prepares for the coming Beast of Revelation 13:1 and brings those within its domain closer to receiving the mark of the beast. A transformation awaits the worshipers of false gods.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

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  1. David2:18 PM

    Good morning Bob!

    I want to encourage you this morning with your continued research! We live in momentous times and few realize or are concerned with where we are headed - most significantly those within the so called church!
    I find your interest in Islam right on the point. I would like to add this single fact which may seem inconsequential but is apropos - Islam with its symbol/worship of the moon is a religion/faith which worships the created rather than the Creator.
    In Genesis 1 we have the light/Messiah as the first appearance after which in verse 14 we have the sun, moon and stars are for light within the time framework and will cease when time is no more. Said another way, we can worship aspects of the created order but they will all come to an end and yet the light which was present before time and which will be the source of light after time has ended will still be shining! Those who choose to worship the created will find that their trust has been misaligned.