Monday, September 03, 2012

With What Kind of Body Will They Come?

What really does happen when you die? Although some find near-death stories with no judgment awaiting them attractive and convincing, the Bible's version is far more convincing to me. The testimony of the martyrs validates it, the holy spirit bears witness, and when you have spent as much time analyzing thematic structures as I have, the account of resurrection expressed through the beautiful and expertly crafted 1 Corinthians 15 is quite convincing!

I posted my latest project (and fixed the link to it), which has been a consuming passion. 1 Corinthians 15 - Interactive Display of the Symmetry.

This passage of scripture conceals and reveals some profound truths about resurrection and the resurrection body. To be more precise, different kinds of resurrection bodies are described. A few valuable examples are provided for comparison so the wise among us may learn from the “seen” about what is yet “unseen.” We're told the body we have now compares to the one to come like a seed does to a plant. That's profoundly simple and yet it is merely the foundation upon which the instructive text builds.

We can know about what happens when we die, and we should! The scriptures have plenty to reveal, and what we're told does matter. I'm not going to be writing a lengthy dissertation on the subject here. There's plenty I don't know, and yet some I confidently assert that I do. If the Lord leads you in the exploration of the thematic patterns in 1 Corinthians 15 and you attend to it to seek from Him what is His good pleasure to reveal, you may just get what you need. Having something of substance to hold to when your faith is tried will help you stand in that day, and you will need everything the Lord provides.

When 1 Corinthians 15 is read by most people it may seem, well, rambling, perhaps in a poetic kind of way. Paul was probably getting paid by the word to write that, right? Ten words for a shekel - have it to the editor by the Shabbat, and make the quota otherwise we'll have to substitute James in the next edition of Letters of the Apostles and you'll waive your royalties for the fiscal quarter, as per our contract. Is that how it went? Take a look at the interactive presentation and wave your mouse around for a while. Give it a few hours. Or days. Is that the rambling work of some guy spinning a clever yarn with a talent for prose? No, no way.

Hey, the Devil's agents produce works by divining, channeling or scrying - day in and day out - bringing forth all manner of evil devices from beyond the veil of this earthly realm. This blog has presented plenty of evidence in support of that claim. If the Adversary has got the market cornered on spiritual literature, we're doomed. If he's corrupted the Bible so that now it can't be trusted, there's no hope for us. But, there is hope! The Lord's messages were transmitted and have been maintained as intended, despite what is loudly claimed by those who assail its integrity and legitimacy from every angle. Our hope rests upon the resurrection. You can trust what the Bible says about it.

It's worth mentioning an insight Bullinger presented on page 1726 of the Companion Bible in his expanded notes on verse 40.

If you follow up on his scripture references and give what I wrote in The Kingdom Viaduct some consideration, you may glean some remarkable insight. A couple other writings you should find of related interest are 1) Each in his Own Order - The Resurrection Sequence and 2) Heaven's Vehicles. Vehicles? Well, yeah! Our reward earned while in this body is expressed in our body and garment, our dwelling or abode, our mansion, tabernacle or house, and there's something to this vehicle business too. Riding around on clouds with cigars, well, I won't bet on that, but we've been seriously undersold on how awesome our hope is, in every way! Provided, of course, we qualify for the good stuff!

The Lord has an incentive program that can't be beat. Have you been missing out?

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