Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moto X - Google and Motorola's Merger Advances Towards the Mark of the Beast

Regina Dugan, head of Motorola Advanced Technology & Projects and the former director of DARPA, exhibited some of the projects the company is working on. She showed a wearable, electronic tattoo that could be used for user authentication, as well as a pill with a small chip inside and a battery, from a company called Proteus, that creates a signal in the body and the entire body becomes an authentication token. "That becomes my first superpower," Dugan said. "We aren't shipping this right way.” (Moto X smartphone is real and will be launched by October)

It's another featured X product! Meanings of the Letter X, Esoteric and Otherwise

FYI, I just updated an older post, appending some more interesting observations. Serpent Rain and the 666 of Purple Rain.


  1. Hi Bob! Jorge here, writing from China again. Great post! Bless you for your continued outpouring of knowledge through the grace of our Lord!

    Two things: I was in Shanghai a few weeks back, and I saw a park that seemed peculiar, so I went in, and in the park was a gigantic pyramid/museum over a massacre burial site, and behind the pyramid, was a huge sculpture of a giant man, coming out of the ground as if being resurrected. If it stood, it would have been at least 25 feet tall. Interesting, huh?

    Also, among your writings, I see you referring to yourself and your fellow saints as the bride of Christ. Are you aware of the difference between the bride and the body of Christ? They are not one and the same, though both are composed of saints. Consider this:

    1. Hi Jorge,

      Thanks for the blessing, brother!

      That park has a lot to say about what's really going on. What is the name and location?

      I had been misinformed about the body and Bride until 1998, when the Lord began to unveil the Bride's identity to me in relation to the separation event of Pesah, the barley harvest. Some of what I learned at the Lord's feet may be found scattered across this blog, but the most focused studies are here. You may find them of particular interest. This subject is at the very core of what The Open Scroll is about.