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Part 106 - The Sodomite Gateway - Balls and Hearts, Da Vinci's Demons, Nike's MOJO and More

Caveat: If you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

I was watching a new show called “da Vinci's Demons” on the STARZ (fallen angels) network the other day and this unusual scene caught my attention. Can you identify the sodomy signaling? I'll explain it at the end of this post.

This picture appeared in this BBC article titled The shifting politics of same-sex marriage in Australia. Obviously, the decorated bus is a celebration of homosexuality, and they do know and love their symbols. The rainbow flag is their most obvious symbol, and someone has not only placed a heart-butt on it, they've added the subtle feature at the bottom to create a 33. The rainbow is always more than just saying, “gay.” Search this blog for rainbow Bifröst gateway flood. The guy in the top hat know's that anal signal. Do you think he's a top or a bottom? Hey, what's that umbrella doing up there? Oh, yeah.

It's orange and features a giant phallic arrow filled with little hearts and such that points down as from out of the heavens. and an open heart. “Team Up. Pressure Down.” Matchmaking for sodomites? No, it's part of a promotion for a health drive. Million Hearts. The heart is an M, a Masonic butt? M=13, so they're looking for a million little target butts for the sodomizing Beast.

Sometimes I see these children's services logos and wonder how they can possibly get away with the blatant sexual imagery? It always reminds me how blind I was, not that long ago, and what a spell of cover there is over the sorcerer's symbols. The logo for Adoptions from the Heart is brilliant, so simple and innocent looking.

The purple flags it for potential as a sodomy signal straight away, and it's easily confirmed as such by the heart shape. The little boy is bent over, which the pedophile sodomites would enjoy, but not so much as seeing a head emerging from or perhaps entering the symbolic anus. Just in case we missed that symbol, the two girls are layering it for us by forming a Royal Arch. They wear bows in their hair, telling us that sodomy is the binding tie.

There's another perspective on this where the heart is the female genitalia, which is perhaps equally offensive. Often, folks choose to adopt because they are unable to bear their own offspring, so it seems cruel to rub it in with their logo when that's usually a very sensitive subject for their clients. The girls are forming the vaginal opening inside the heart vulva. Look, it's a baby boy, crowning, about to be born! Adoptions From the Heart. Yeah, we know where babies come from. Thanks for that.

I know this rude business was intended because the registered trademark is used as a proper Occult signal of the eye of Horus, forming the darkened left eye of Harmerty, Horus “who rules with two eyes.” The eye of Horus it matches to has the boy's head as a pupil. The girls' arch frames the top of the eye. When you identify that eye, you can see the girl's arms as suggesting the top of the triangle that is the triangle eye of Horus. I already pointed out how that was a signal anus, and there it is, confirmed as the anal triangle eye of Horus. I see Harmerty echoed in the girl's hair, with their heads as eyes the left one (on our right) is properly darkened.

Yet another Illuminati front organization, perhaps?

Then, there's this. Nike is just pushing buttons here, going way over the top obvious to mock the “conspiracy theorists.” There's no subtracting anything for making this one so in-your-face, except they do forfeit the greater power inherent in the subtle. Yet, there is also a subtle layering. This MOJO package labeling is more than shouting Illuminati, the obvious triangle eye shouts ritual sodomy enlightenment. This triangle is an equilateral, with inside angles of 60 degrees each. You can account that as an implicit signaling of 666. The orange color adds to that message, and the three white balls that say “third eye” take it even further. I do believe those are olive branches down under the serpentine banner, which curves around to encircle the triangle. Subtle, and powerful! All those orange stars, including the 4 in the corners signal homosexual fallen angels. Nike is a Greek goddess, of course, and a fallen angel, I believe. She is Victory, the charioteer of Zeus. The top golf ball sits inside the pyramid capstone to present a circle inside a triangle, an important set of the alchemical sodomy signal that is also referencing the Triangle of Solomon.

The Triangle of Solomon is used by some witches, who typically place the blood of a sacrifice on the corners. See the orange on the corners here? When invoked, the demons appear within it just as you see represented here by the logo-sigil of Nike!

Given the subtle layering and the correct appearance of the Triangle of Solomon, I believe the ritual magick and Occult signaling includes the number 24. It seems to be part of the sun rise suggested by the rays at the bottom, a symbol of the dawn of the sun god. He will dawn in the guise of the Beast in the 24th year from the celestial sign of 1991, with major MOJO, and to some, that's no secret! Just like X can substitute for 24, 24 can for X. That's the simple Christ and sun god mark. That's not my Lord but a counterfeit, the pretender honored by Christmas and Xmas.

Were you able to decode the screenshot from da Vinci's Demons? The drooping chains outline the buttocks of the sodomite “catcher.” The columns are the “pitcher's” phallus flanked by what are his balls, of course. Clever. Evil! Do you suppose all that masonry means anything? Yeah, me too.

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