Friday, February 20, 2015

Celebrating the passing of a season!

Aaron and I believe that a special milestone of this age is upon us. The new moon has just been sighted, making this weekly Shabbat one with the new moon Shabbat. That's not really rare, but what makes this one special is because it signals the beginning of the 12th month of the Sacred or Harvest year. The following is the report received from Karaite-Korner.

We have to be tentative about what this means because hope and speculation are involved in the matter of what's next. Hope; because while we have confidence in what we've come to expect (a key transition of the age) , we don't see what lies before us. Speculation; because the calendar depends on observation and what we anticipate is based on past observation and probabilities.

There's a high probability that, in the span of another lunar cycle, the annual cycle will restart. Because of where we are in the age, and because of the symbolism of calendar, we believe that's going to be a major milestone in the age of man!

Each month that has passed since the institution of the Lord's calendar, the Bride of Christ has been celebrated. The moon has no light of its own. When the moon first becomes visible in the season of waxing, it is a sign of the Bride as she begins to reflect the radiant glory of her Bridegroom. What a beautiful symbol! The beginning of each month is predicated upon that observance, a foundation of the calendar of the Lord of all. The Bride is that important to the Bridegroom! After the 12th month of the agricultural year, the next one in sequence might be the 13th month, or it might be the 1st. Which one it will be is determined by the status of the barley crop, which is examined just prior to the new moon watch. If it is determined that the crop will be ripe enough to offer to the Lord as a sacrifice at the appointed time, during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Hag haMatzot), the sighting of the new moon will mark the beginning of a new year. If it won't be ready in time for the wave offering, a 13 month will begin. The unleavened barley represents the Bride. What is being so cryptically enacted anticipates the Bride being ready to be offered to her Bridegroom. Will she be mature? The Bible's harvest allegory is about the Earth as the Lord's harvest field. He is the Lord of the Harvest. When He reaps, it is His crop of people that are the fruits. Since the institution of that prophetic rehearsal or type, the Bride has not yet been determined to be ready. It's not a useless exercise. It's going to be fulfilled! In another month, we believe the barley will be aviv, and the type will bear witness to the status of the Bride of Christ in reality! Will the Bride be examined and found to be in such a state of maturity that she will be ready to harvest from the earth at the appointed time? If so, the one that we're celebrating tonight is the last one in a very long season of unfulfilled foreshadowing.

Shabbat Shalom!

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