Monday, February 09, 2015

More Exposure of Ritual Abuse, and More Exposure of Manipulation through Fraud

The VC recently posted up this video: Two Children Expose their father as head of ritual abuse ring, child sacrifice and sodomy network, that operates in North London. A collection of related videos can be found here.

See also here for updates: Hampstead/Camden/London Ritual Child Abuse and Sacrifice

Usually it's recovering adults who share their testimonies. This is the first example I've seen where abused children bear witness in such a way. I wonder if the usual cover spell/memory wipe failed because of some neglect on the part of the perps or ??? Pray as led. The Lord is bringing an end to sin, and His plan is truly awesome - and it IS WORKING!

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever. Yet, this news isn't really new, is it? Like with 9-11's obvious false flag, the media , corporations and government will continue to sell us the fabricated fraudulent versions because it serves a hidden agenda. Just how gullible are we and how willing are we to be manipulated by lies? Where is the professed love for the truth? When the lawless one is revealed, he and his lies will be embraced.

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