Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The 57th Grammys - Occult Ritual Extravaganza

The song, FourFiveSeconds, was performed as expected at the 57th Grammy Awards. This song we decoded a few days ago was one of many highlights of the show. At one time, weeks might have been spent decoding the Occult signaling ritual performances seen during last night's awards, but only a quick pass is due. In not very many weeks time, we are convinced that all those who haven't come to understood what's really going on are going to fall victim to the grand plot they celebrated during the Grammy Awards.

The show launched with AC-DC performing Rock or Bust & Highway to Hell. That's not too subtle, is it? It establishes the overarching theme. They paved the way for the highway to hell that was paraded down by the performers that followed, but that's really picturing humanity's own march. The two final performances of the night bookended the theme, pointing to the upcoming major intersection on that highway to hell, when the lawless one is revealed. What comes to mind with “Rock or Bust” is Deuteronomy 32:31a: “Indeed their rock is not like our Rock.” (A very relevant chapter!) Those who follow that “Rock or Bust” mantra are rushing headlong into destruction.

BeyoncĂ© performed a classic gospel song, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.” The setting and choreography left no doubt as to who her Lord really is. She is known as the Queen Bey (Bee), which is the identity of the ancient goddess Melissa, and Inanna-Ishtar. Early in the show, she thanked her bee hive with reference to her fans. She sung, Precious Lord, with her all-male choir, as buzzing drones arranged as though flying in X-formation. Their first choreographed move was to strike a familiar pose, the bent-elbow W of the Bee Goddess. Honoring the Queen Bey.

The hands-up move had been seen earlier in the show, during Pharrell Williams' strange performance of “Happy.” It was seen by most to be a referencing of the shootings in Ferguson, Mo, and that's certainly valid, given the supporting context, but that doesn't invalidate the sign as a reference to the dancing Queen Bee. The pose would be struck again in the final song, by Common, who's rap linked it explicitly to Ferguson. One meaning has now come to serve as a pretext for the other, which actually still exalts the goddess and magnifies the way of her working! The Goddess unites through inspiring rebellion and manipulating division. Rebels rally around her. The audience was rallied, in the local facility and around the globe. Oppressed people or abused people were rallied, blacks as a race and also battered women. The end of the final performance makes it pretty clear what or who the rally is really for, which I'll get to shortly.

The crossed lines of men with Queen Bey may be seen as X-men - with implications that are not vague. Mutants, transformed. The XO mark of the beast signaling was present throughout most of the show, with red beams of light crossing and a red ring in the middle of the audience. The mob was thereby marked with the MOB XO.

Here's the design for this year's show. Clever XO motif, with squared circle illuminated Horus Eye on pyramid imagery.

So, the choir formed X -man is the Christ, not my Mashiach but the counterfeiter, the sun god. Beyonce's pure white light veiled radiant virginal garment presents her as the Virgin Goddess Bride of Antichrist. Her precious lord is that X mark identity - Antichrist.

The men were in crossing lines of 6 per line. 66 = the Abyss. The X formation of locusts flying out of the pit: Rev. 9. With the 12, Queen Bey makes the 13th member as the High Priestess of the coven. The song ended with these lines. “Lead me on to the light. Take my hand precious Lord, lead me home.” They, the Illumined, are almost home, almost reaching their goal of welcoming and uniting with their lord of light, Lucifer!

That spiritual was known to be Martin Luther King Jr's favorite song. It had been featured in the film, Selma, which was about civil rights, racism actually, to use uncoded language. The performance of, Precious Lord, was followed by the final song of the show, another gospel style song with a male choir. Also from, Selma, it was titled, “Glory.” John Legend and Common performed it, with Common striking the dancing bee pose and making the obvious imprinting with the Ferguson layer. John Legend sings, “One day when the glory comes. He will be ours, he will be ours.” The lyrics I found read, “It will be ours,” but we hear, He, the masculine pronoun. Martin Luther King Jr. is being used as a model of the dead black king Osiris. Isis will raise him into Horus as he incarnates in our realm as the man of lawlessness, and that's the bottom line on all the symbolic imagery of the show, which we should know very well by now.

The show had a theme of blindness. Stevie Wonder appeared as a presenter and was honored. He did a little skit with Jamie Fox , the actor who played Ray Charles, another legendary blind artist. They joked about blindness and about the award winner note being in Braille. Braille is known to be on the cover of the featured FourFiveSeconds song that was performed, so that's going to be on the minds of those in the know. Why blindness? There are cover spells on everything, and with so much now in this amazing season being set right out in the open, it seems they are celebrating how we have successfully been blinded. The masses don't see what's coming even though they are openly celebrating it.

The themes of love, magic and goddess religion merged in with popular Christianity dominated the night.

For one concise example, Hozier performed his hit, “Take me to Church,” with Annie Lennox joining in on the last verse. Check the lyrics for yourself. Then, they performed ,“I Put a Spell on You.” Think about it. The message is not that difficult to read. During the CBS broadcast, commercials ran for the new mainstream porn film, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The song covered by Annie, “I Put a Spell on You,” by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, features on the “Fifty Shades of Grey” soundtrack, and the Academy crowd must knows such trivia that might seem obscure to most of us.

There was lots of gospel music heard, which is a genre with roots in the Christian Church and black culture. It was featured at the end by Beyonce and John Legend, and early in the show when a female gospel choir appeared during Madonna's performance of “Living for Love.” Madonna invited and received the crowd's participation during that closing part of her performance. That might have seemed a little odd to some because her performance was overtly a Pagan ritual celebration. But, that's really the way of Mystery Babylon, to mix the two, and that's part of the message that was sent.

Like how Beyonce's bee colony drones gave their Queen Bee homage with the W pose, so did Madonna horned bejeweled masked priests, early in the show.

The song was, Living for Love. It opened with a parade march like her Super Bowl half time show when she was doing the Isis ritual. Images projected on a large screen filled in some supplemental detail, as if it might have been ported in from another place and time. That supplemental media speaks to us of the grand hoax that's coming (2 Thes. 2), which is appointed to decimate the faith and hope of the saints. She said that she wants to start a revolution of love. There was a cross on her tie on a psuedo Nun-habit or Catholic school girl costume. Sexualized sun god ritual. She was not only a Pagan high priestess but also the Madonna Goddess, and when she ascended as an accepted sacrifice in the closing scene, it was as the Roman Catholic myth of the Assumption of Mary being received bodily into heaven. Rose petals fell, and a red rose too, establishing her identity as the Rose Goddess Queen of Heaven beyond any doubt.

Madonna appeared as the High Priestess of what might have been modeled on an ancient Canaanite or Sumarian people. If you watch their performance closely you may recognize it as a Pagan blood sacrifice and sex magick ritual, where energy was raised and focused and then sent out. The Matador schtick was to connect it to the blood sacrifice ritual of bull fighting and the Goddess of magic. At some point here, you really have to acknowledge Cernunnos and the horned Isis, like Disney's Maleficent. When the energy was sufficiently raised, we can see all the demons summoned in the blood and sex magic ritual represented as the red robed Pagan Goddess worshiping priestesses made their appearance. The sending of the energy raised was the casting of the spell out from the magic circle into the universe. The red robed demon priestesses transformed into the female gospel choir, who went out as the audience was led by the high priestess to engage with them, singing and clapping and dancing and swaying along with the musical chant. Watch the performance and see how it works. Yes, that's really what happened. It's not just pretend.

On the subject of Church, there was a performance by country music star Eric Church. His album, The Outsiders, was nominated for Best Country Album, and the song performed was up for two other categories. There was a very subtle moment during his performance of “Give Me Back My Hometown” that caught Aaron's attention. It speaks to us loudly! Images flashed on the screen behind the stage. One said 2015, Freedom, and Justice appeared underneath. Freedom and Justice are words that are associated with the Goddess. What is even especially interesting is the other imagery in the context. This year, 2015, will be seen as the year Horus is Freed, and Justice, which is really revenge, begins to be executed. Church's Album is titled, The Outsiders, right?

On the bass drum skin there's an image of an angry eagle, flying with a skull in its talons. Have you seen our videos on the Outlander Sport? Do you understand about the Falcon Rescue that is the securing of the release of Horus? The Pope, whom the world sees as head of the Christian church, will have a major role in that. He's the agent of the goddess. The eagle is equivalent to the falcon Horus. The Outsiders, Outlanders. 2015, Freedom, and Justice. “Give Me Back My Hometown.” The imagery projected on the screen during the performance made it apparent that the meaning of hometown applied to any city in any nation around the globe. Think about it.

A list of songs sung will provide the theme of love and the heart. That's not surprising, for a show about popular music, but this love being acclaimed contrasts with the love of the One True God of the Bible, and also with the simple kind of brotherly love. If you know what's going on, you see beyond the masquerade to see the kind abusers have for the abused. That's often manifested as the eros kind, the erotic “love” that engenders wicked perversion. The love and following the wicked heart is the hypocritical love of the O.T.O. and Thelema. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under will. ”

There were so many of the false love promoting goddesses at the show. Some of the women presenting and most or all of the performers were signaling the goddess, and therefore, ritually doing her work. Men too!

The big winner of the night was Sam Smith. He's got an incredible voice, and his song, Stay with Me, was a huge hit. Here's what this effeminate man said after winning his 4th award.
Dear Lord. Thank you so much. Um. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you all. It's the best night of my life. Um. Just a quick one. I want to thank the man who this record is about, who I fell in love with last year. Thank you so much for breaking my heart because you got me four Grammys.” The definition of QUEEN is “flamboyant homosexual.” Sam's Grammy appearance wasn't flamboyant, but I doubt he would be considered masculine by anyone's standard.

The first band to perform starred another subtle queen. AC-DC is code for bi-sexual. The band is Austrailian, from Oz, the land down under. Subversive, underworld, a common signal for the region down under where the sun don't shine -the sodomite gateway. Did you see the performance? Didn't it seem a little odd that the guitarist was prancing around in a purplish little boy blue costume? Gay code, little boy blue. During Highway to Hell, members of the audience wore devil horns on their heads that glowed red. Katy Perry was seen wearing the horns and flashing the baphomet sign with both hands, including her left “Jesus” tatted hand - in a dancing bee pose.

Katy Perry. I read a review where the author wrote, “Katy Perry is a musical goddess!” Indeed. She performed during the recent Super Bowl half time show, of course. During the Grammys she performed ‘By The Grace Of God.’ Religious. She's famously the daughter of two Christian Pastors. During the performance she raises her hand to show off the name Jesus tattooed on her left wrist, signaling her devotion to that Jesus of the left hand path. NOT our Lord! Her garment was white and she was set against a white screen in the background. Purity. Virginal. One shadow was projected on the screen behind her and it seemed at first like her shadow. A shade, a demon or alters, because one turned into three. The three identified her as the triple goddess, maiden, mother, crone. The hand sign like the West Side Gang was made by a shadow alter in obvious fashion. It's connected with the elite through history. It is many things, as sign of the production of Horus, and the devil's claw and the W of the dancing bee goddess. The bent elbow dancing bee goddess pose was struck several times by the tall shadow figure. Was she also showing solidarity with the “victims” of Ferguson? No.

Katy's song is claimed to be about her break up with Russell Brand, so there's an implicit connection being made. He's the Brand X guy, who brandishes the blatant MOB trophy Brand X that is demonstrated by these images to be a phallus penetrating the anus. Just in case you're new here, ritual sodomy is connected to the mark of the beast, as a precursor. Could it be more plainly pictured?

Another Queen present was Rihanna, whose name means, “Great Queen.” She performed with Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Comparing that performance with the official music video of FourFive Seconds, the slutty whore look was swapped for a classy one more befitting a queen. She had a flashy diamond choker - major bling. Diamonds. Illuminati bloodline Chosen Ones.

When Kanye West broke off to solo, he sung, “Only One,” which is claimed to be about him and his deceased mother. He danced and sung around a manhole like portal emitting light and smoke. Rev. 9? Sodomite gateway, definitely!

“Hello my only one
Remember who you are
You got the world cause you got the love in your hands
And you're still my chosen one
So can you understand
One day you'll understand”

Can you understand?

The award winning Beck looked a bit lost. He and his wife are Scientologists. L. Ron Hubbard. The Babalon Working, with Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron. Babalon Working Babies - that's what Chosen Ones call themselves.

Sia performed, Chandelier, with 12-year-old dancer Maddie Ziegler and comedian Kristen Wiig dancing in nude body suits. Give them the SRA multiple gay Lolita pedobear award. A chandelier is a lighting fixture with illuminated diamond-like crystals, a model of a collection of chosen ones. The shabby apartment in disarray is a picture of the messy mind of an Illuminati slave, with empty frames overlapping in a disorderly way on the wall. The three blonde bobbed hair wig girls represent 3 alters, two of which act like cloned puppets. The one named Wiig is a comedienne. Krisen - Christian ~ Christ in Wiig (wig) . Suggesting a comic alter, like a clown, jester or joker. Mocking Christians. Sia performed with her back to the audience, facing the wall. Apparently, she always sings the song live with her back to the audience, like a disociated alter identity that is not a front alter, unable to show her face. During the Grammy performance, her high heels, bare legs and short dress suggests how she got into that disociated state, through ritual sodomy. The framed mirror on the column is a doubled symbol of the goddess. The many kinds of light bulbs hanging from the ceiling represent the many diverse illuminated alters.

You should know that the ritual that was the 57th Grammys had to be attended by other rituals, held around the globe. Blood was spilled to support that, before, during and after. That's how it works. Is all that for naught? No. The sorcery works, and the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon is going to open up all the lanes of the Highway to Hell, in a figure. Soon!

During the show, Obama appeared, like Big Brother, on a large screen. Here's what Matt Drudge had to Tweet about his message and appearance. I received an email from a couple who compared Obama's appearance to how he looked in I, Pet Goat II. We think it's relevant. Why? Part 33 - Celestial Stargates - The Flowering Lotus that Terrifies Obama in “I, Pet Goat II” He's openly mocked. The Lotus is about to flower, which is to say, Horus is about to manifest.

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  1. A couple of observations. In the second picture, Russell Brand holds the trophy out making it look like a branding iron. This obviously fits the symbolism since the MOB will be the mixing of iron and clay.

    Also, a child may call his or her grandmother Grammy. The Grammys is about worshipping an ancestor, in this case, the Mother Goddess.