Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Decoding: Cinnabon

Seeing the familiar Cinnabon brand imagery may well bring with it the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. It's a wonderful smell but the Occult imagery stinks to high heaven!

Several of the comments we fielded made note of the sodomite ideogram. When you have learned just how important sodomy is to the enemies of the most High God you have learned the key to decoding a vast number of brands. The line that extends from the B and passes through the A is a phallic symbol. The B is sodomizing the backside of the A, the hole in the A, or A-hole. The two sides imply the triangle, which is then the anal triangle. The “orangey” brown of the lower banner is a sodomy signaling color.

Reverse CINNA to ANNIC ~ anus. Reverse BON to NOB ~ Knob-as-phallus. CINNA-BON reverses to NOB-ANNIC. KNOB-ANUS sodomy.

Cinna = sinner. Bon = bone (erect phallus). (A bonfire is actually a bone fire.) If you append the letters that compose the Registered Trademark, it's a BON-R or BONOR. Cinnabon ~ Sinner-Bone - sodomite. The Sin goes beyond the indulgence of gluttony.

The B is for buns, bum, butt, buttocks, and balls. The way the stylized letter B has the upper loop separated makes the phallic extension part of the lower loop, so that's also a side view of the phallic package.

The stylized B hides a P. The swirling O doubles the O. POO. POO coming out of the B butt.

If you flip the wordmark logo over by either reflecting or rotating it, you can see that another A has been created by joining the A and B together, and this one, too, is penetrated and penetrating. Three in a row. It's the sodomite male train. There's a suitable “bakery kind” of sodomite slang for this; three-layer cake.

There is a signaling of Harmerty with the matching of the A-hole-as-seeing Sun Eye of Horus to the Registered Trademark-as-darkened Moon eye.

Here's another Harmerty layer. The first 2 letters are CI. That's the SEE EYE or Seeing Eye of Horus. Match that to the Moon Eye.

And, for another Horus Eye and Harmerty layer, inside the darker blue background is a lighter blue that adds a subtle swirling flourish. The spiral inside the C suggests the letter G and connects it with the I. CI then becomes GI, the GI tract, the terminus of which is the anal eye of Horus. The swirl represents the vortex dynamic of the chakra, of the Base or Kundalini chakra and also the Anja chakra.

Yet another Horus Eye and Harmerty layer is evident. Count the doubled roll-ing O as 2 eyes. Count the vortex of the spiral flourish as a hidden eye. Thee eyes - the Third Eye.

And, even yet one more Horus Eye and Harmerty layer appears when the spin dynamic imparted by the flourishes and the roll of the O is applied as suggested. Beginning with the A, follow the pointer to rotate around counter-clockwise, collecting the N, the U and finally the S. ANUS. The phallus of the letter B that extends into the backside of the A engages this ANUS.

The spirals of the light blue flourish and the stylized O are a goddess symbol. This is Cinnabon's honoring of Ceres, the Roman goddess of grains and bread. Her Greek identity is Demeter. The spirals are also honoring Vesta (Roman) or Hestia (Greek), goddess of the hearth. An XO symbol is generated as the swirl meets the upper part of the final N (extending the elements through their intersection) , and another is generated in the implied crossing circles of the double swirl O. The celestial throne of the goddess is established in these, and they also signal the MOB, the mark of the beast.

Demeter is also known as the goddess of the underworld. The abyss. This is being signaled through the Occult number 66. Each end of the flourish can be seen as a numeral 6. Code 66: the Abyss. The spiraled and doubled O signals 66 because the 15th letter O transforms to a 6 as the sum of 1 and 5. See the swirling flourish inside the letter C as a 6 and the C as suggesting another O. There's another 66.

There is also the formation of the mark of the beast number 666. The flourish inside the double O is a 6. Add that 6 to the 66 of the OO - 666. There's another instance of this MOB numbering present. If you take the letter C and the flourish 6 inside it, with C as the 3rd letter, C6 can be interpreted as three sixes, 666. The C6 can also be interpreted as 36, the number of the magic square of the sun that is so meaningful to the Occultists, who all worship the sun god.

The worship of the sun god was once centralized in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, also known as ON. This city is highlighted by the way the ON of CINNABON has the swirl of the flourish linking the letters O and N, just like how it links the C and I at the other end.

Considering the flourish as it serves to functionally bind the letters, the CI combined with the ON forms CION, like SION or ZION. This signaling of the holy city is an Occult layer that we and others have identified in recent Olympic logos. The heavenly city is targeted by the sodomites. They intend to access it by exploiting time itself to breech the dimensional barriers. This exploit is being signaled in the CINNABON branding!

See the wavy blue banner as a wave of water, a metaphor for time. The light blue flourish lends more emphasis to the watery wave effect. The two letters that receive the most attention are the A and B. These are the first and second letters of the alphabet, so consider the A and B together as a 12. That's the number signaling time. The extension of the B through the A is a wave. Redundancy. Time. The gematria of CINNABON is 72 (A=1) & 144 (Z=1). These numbers factor out as 12*6 and 12*12, which gives substantial emphasis to the time number. The number 144 relates to the heavenly (blue) city because its wall is marked with that dimension.

He also measured its wall, 144 cubits by human measurement, which is also an angel's measurement. ~ Revelation 21:17

This is what the sodomites are targeting with time exploits, to breach the wall of the heavenly city. They will open a portal, and the number 72 is linked to that because it's the number of the gateway demons, the Goetia, and the number of syllables in the Shemhamphorash, which is intended as a way of identifying and supernaturally binding the most High God. CINNABON, 72 and 144.

The AB is 12 or time, and, in slang, the AB ideogram of sodomy shows them “making time,” which is engaging in sexual intercourse.

Beyond the 12 of time is the 13 of the mastery of time, and this is being leveraged in CINNABON's branding in a potent way! A hidden A appears as inverted and overlaid upon the A and B. If the A and B combo is seen as 12, adding a hidden A secretly generates a 13. This signals the mastery of time, and this is in the place where most of the visual attention is garnered. This is where the sodomy ideogram appears, where the B sodomizes the backside of the A. It's the pairing of time mastery and sodomy that we've been so focused on in recent months.

This CINNABON wordmark logo is a profound picture of the planned assault on the heavenly domain of the Most High God!

There's more here that's worth noting.

See the CINN with a spiral G substituting the C to form, GINN, as Jinn, Djinn, Djinni or genie. Do you see a flying carpet? Yeah. So do we!

Can you see how “in-famous” is embedded?

CINNABON is like, cinnabar, which is traditionally very important to alchemists. This substance has to do with mercury, or the god Mercury aka Hermes and Anubis, among other identities.

See how the stylized N is notched, like how the B is notched? This identifies the specially stylized letter string NABO or NABOO. Nabu is the god of wisdom and writing who is identified with Hermes and Mercury (CINNABAR) and Thoth. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabu) This god's name always stands out to me because of how the Lord emphasized it to me when I was analyzing Obama's reverse speech. He said, and I heard this very, very clearly: “I was their first Naboo, so I built Babel. Her slaves, thee!” That was no false claim. That ancient god was actually speaking through him. (See this video - the referenced segment begins 2 minutes in. Obama Acceptance - Reversals (from his acceptance speech, 11/4/08)) CINNABON - cinnabar-Mercury and Naboo. You can see the Hermetic Maxim in how the upper part of the B is reflected in the lower, and in how the banner below models the banner above.

More honoring of the goddess is evident when the stylized CI combo is interpreted as the letter, a. CINNA- becomes aNNA, or Anna. It's a goddess identity derived from, Inanna. This identification is supported by interpreting the stylized double N as a W. Together with the CI-as-a, CINNA (CI-NN-A) transforms to AWA, which references the image of the ancient goddess with her bent elbow W pose and flanking A form owls. This AWA is connected to the letter B as by a hyphen. The AWA is the B or Bee goddess. (The WB)

We're making nothing up here, not embellishing, stretching, fudging or twisting but just pointing out what we see - and this is entirely consistent with other examples we've been putting on exhibit. If you see it too, and we know that many of you men and women do, praise the Lord with us that He is able to follow through and keep all His promises!

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