Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the Cinnabon Logo

This is probably familiar to most of you. Cinnabon. Are you seeing what you're looking at? Can you identify what their logo is signaling?


  1. Ms. Rhuby asks if it's about anal sex, and yes, that's one of the main layers.

  2. Hi Bob!
    Let's go with:
    ION. eye on us
    O. whirlpool type sphincter swirl
    AB. Ritual ........
    Cinnabon = sin a bunch

    Double N: 19 and 19

    Jesus is The King

  3. As I look over the logo, what pops out to me is the harmerty being signalled at the end of the word. The swirl eye, orouboros is the bright eye of horus, matched with the registered trademark dark eye. The dark eye being the code 33 O + R ~ 15 + 18 = 33 hidden third eye. The bright eye being the "all-seeing" eye of illumination through the installation of demons and demonic psy powers.

    So O and N are joined by harmerty. On being the name of the Egyptian city where the sun god horus was openly worshipped, also known as Heliopolis. Another joining of letters occurs to ON's left, where the A and B signal something. A is the first letter of the alphabet, with B being the second. Joining them makes AB ~ 12, the time number. Not surprisingly then, the trace that joins them, that trace which makes the horizontal member of the letter A and the bottom bump of the letter B, looks like a river. A river of time. And since the letter B is always composed of the number 13 in its construction, there is the pairing of 12 and 13 or the pairing of time and the mastery of time. In constructing the A this way we see being called out both a pyramid/triangle and the watery horizontal bar. Sodomy via the anal triangle and time and the control of time associated with it. In the B we see the hermetic maxim, as above so below. The river as time acts as the dimensional barrier.

    As we move left we see that INN are joined together, with C being separate. I see this as c-inn or c-in' or seein'. Putting all the symbology together we see the worship of horus as the all-seeing eye of horus who rules with 2 eyes, that is worshipped as at On, Egypt, and is a master of time. You are invited to join in the power game via sodomy. But it isn't the usual way of invitation, rather it is to deceive so as to steal, kill, and destroy.

    Behind the C and O are 2 swirls that look like 6's. Code 66. The abyss. With C the 3rd letter and O the 15th, which reduces to 6, we have 666 being called out by the 66. The background swirls fit inside the C and O as to make swirl eyes. The third eye of sodomy paired with the swirl vortex of time travel and dimensional transit. The brand name and tagline are in hill-valley, water glyph ribbons. Time, and really the perturbation of time.