Monday, April 09, 2018

Part 1 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

On Yom Teruah in the fall of 2019, it probably won't be 2019 anymore, but 2012. Right. Again. For real. Which means that we've got about 4 more years until the Bride Theft (our hopeful target), which is now already 3 years in the past. Make sense? Well, sure, it's more than a little strange but this is the conclusion that the evidence is leading us to.

In this expected series we're going to share what we've learned so far. We hope to be updating When Cometh That Thief in the Night and eventually produce a video series, as the Lord provides.

We are still in the midst of the unfolding of this revelation, which we began to introduce on March 22 (Some Insight into the Seasons of the Time Reset), and which was followed up by another briefing on April 1 (More Time Signs in this Resurrection Season with Added Insight into the Pending Time Reset). That was no April Fools Day joke. Far from it!

About 3 weeks ago Aaron and I were reflecting on the matter of how key insights had been brought forth in previous seasons. These sometimes came as we were prompted to ask a simple question: What's next? And, with yet another prompt of the question, we asked and insight was immediately granted!

And, the evidence continues to build in the way that makes it compelling because of the way passages of scripture are opening in remarkable ways with attending signs of the Lord's leading!It always starts with something very simple. It comes with an evident upgrade in discernment and with that brighter light shining the holy spirit leads the way through the scriptures. The adventure of discovery is always punctuated with affirming signs. We rejoice in the Lord's presence and goodness as we celebrate the closure of this age as witnesses to His faithfulness!

If you've already done your homework and have become familiar with and comfortable with what we've laid out in the collection of studies titled, When Cometh That Thief in the Night, you will probably be rejoicing as this unfolds to you. If alternatively, you have been trying to adapt the principles we offer to some other paradigm you may see these things like a collection of patches on a patchwork quilt instead of as the integration of the revealing of a rich and increasingly beautiful tapestry.

Here's an updated graphic of the time loop we've been presenting for the past 3 years. This illustrates the reset of time into the past, with a repeating of this 7 years from the Fall of 2012 to the Fall of 2019. While this is easily the conclusion drawn from the evidence before us, we are not jumping to this conclusion but being conservative with our claim. This is more than just a hypothesis - it's a working theory - yet, to be clear, we're still expecting the Lord to seal the deal, as we consider it, in the familiar memorable way.

The diagram illustrates how this season, which is a concise span known as a shemitah, will be repeated in its entirety from beginning to end. This first pass through is going to be swallowed up by the next - the final pass through. It's like a replacement but yet more like a swallowing up.

So, when time is reset, will anyone realize it? We believe that, except for a very small number of individuals, they will not. What is done in this season will remain, in the mind of God, so to speak, and as in some archive of alternate history, and yet more substantially in actual reality of what we consider as past, future and present. The peculiarities of quantum physics and causality bear witness to how the most advanced men of science still lack an adequate understanding of time and space.

In 1999, I was taken in glory to what I know as the timeless place, near the throne of the Most High God. I went as a kind of apostolic tour guide for the purpose of the Lord Y'shua to reveal Himself as the Lord of Time. When the Bible declares that the sun went back 10 steps as a sign to Hezekiah and that the sun was kept from going down for about a day while Israel, under Joshua's leadership, was engaging in a battle, you can believe it. Nothing is too hard for God!

Here's a graphic that shows a sequence labeled with the accounting of time from the beginning of the age. The looping span is the shemitah numbered 860 in the count. You'll notice that the labeling of the years is repeated where the one shemitah devours another. The devouring shemitah 861 will effectually overwrite or swallow up shemitah 860.

This chart begins with shemitah 857, which began in the Fall of 1991. This was marked by the celestial sign of the Lord's return in judgment which is the esoteric subject of Jacob's deathbed prophecy about Judah in Genesis 49:10. This remains as the anchor point for the accounting of time in these last days of the age. As you should know from our detailing of the history of the Lord's engaging us in this matter, it began a very special count toward the 4th set in sequence, a pattern we call the Keystone Pattern. That was based on an insight into a verse in the 13th chapter of the gospel of John - and this brings us to the point where we've been stuck, and to the context of the insight we have begun to receive and interpret.

Jesus answered, "Will you lay down your life for Me? Truly, truly, I say to you, a rooster will not crow until you deny Me three times. ~ John 13:38

The insight had to do with the count of shemitah from the sign witnessed on Yom Teruah, 1991. Three had to fully pass before the Bride Theft and the sign of it would manifest. I had the immediate impression that the sign I was looking for on that day would await another 7 years. The impression was valid, but not entirely. There was an unforeseen plot twist.

After 3 shemitah had passed since the sign of 1991, we watched in amazement as the 4th shemitah (this present one) unfolded in such a way that the key events we anticipated appeared as merely distorted shadows. We didn't know what to make of it because we had continually tested our assumptions and it was so evident that the Lord was steadfastly encouraging us to carry on. We didn't realize that the model had been masked, according to the language of a sign that would be received in 2015, when the Sign for the Bride was looked for with eager anticipation.

There has been a delay, yet even this part of His amazing plan has been recorded in the scriptures, awaiting the appointed time of revealing. We learned very quickly that time itself was going to be reset into the past with the result that the schedule of prophetic fulfillment would be restored. Time had been skewed and a necessary correction was coming.

We had gone from knowing the time of the Lord's coming with confidence to a bizarre realization that, while still knowing the time, we no longer did know it because the schedule of the reset was a mystery. The apparently contradictory declarations of Matthew 24 actually make a lot of sense in this season!

We wondered if the Lord intended to reveal the schedule of the reset in advance, and given that we were teased in 2015 with a simple time loop diagram and a sizable collection of pieces that seem to fit this puzzle, somehow, we have had a persistent expectation that more insight would come forth in due time. When was this timeline going to end and when would we find ourselves after the correction? The Lord appears to be pleased to reveal these things now and we do find it comforting!

So, with all that said, Lord willing, we'll continue with the awesome illustrations of how the pattern of the shemitah devoured and devouring is revealed in the Bible in Exodus 7 and Genesis 41 and 29, the numberings of the 4/5 and 860/861, with more examples of the keystone pattern, the furnace of Daniel 3, the pivoting 119th Psalm, Proverbs 30, the difficult times of 2 Timothy 3:1. We expect to update you on some of the remarkable signs that have attended these insights, the touches of glory we have rejoiced in that keep the buzz going, with the sign of Henry Gruver's testimony of the gold and the Rabbi on Sid Roth's recent show, the postage stamps (forever uncanceled) and estimated tax forms, and others, some of which have involved timely media plots and imagery!


  1. I was really impressed when I read on your blog about the 1991 sign. I think that in 1991 was born the "Second King David", also called "The Branch".