Monday, March 01, 2010

Have you been practicing witchcraft?

You might think you would know if you were practicing witchcraft, but that's not necessarily true. Many, and possibly even most practice witchcraft without even knowing it. In this post I only want to address one particular practice. Please read this through to the end.

Have you ever received a "chain letter" kind of email? These have a message at the bottom that encourages you to keep the email circulating with a promise or a suggestion of some benefit or consequence associated with your response. There is a spell attached. It is a curse, witchcraft. Have you ever sent one of these, passing it on to others? If so, you practiced witchcraft.

You see, a spell is cast when something is done with intent to manipulate someone's behavior. Asking someone to do something in a straightforward way is perfectly fine. To attempt to exercise a degree of control over another's thoughts or actions in some other way is witchcraft. Think about what happens when you read an email and there is something written at the bottom that is intended to prompt a response on your part. If you are simply asked to please pass it on, there's nothing wrong with that at all. However, if something seems to depend on your response that is supernatural, mystical or spiritual, you may feel a certain intangible influence. There are demons at work. A spell is being cast.

Some emails are bold in stating explicit blessings and curses, benefits and/or consequences related to your response. Some include only the promise of a blessing. "Send this to ten of your best friends and x people will pray for you." That's a sly one! Some spells are very subtle. The power of suggestion is most effective in subtlety. The power of the occult works through leveraging systems of balance. In all this witchcraft is demonic activity.

If you were brought up on Disney cartoons and movies you have most certainly been immersed in witchcraft. Have you ever seen Mickey Mouse dressed as a sorcerer or seen magic practiced in those movies? Do you think this has had no effect on you? If you've even tolerated them, you've been strongly influenced. The practices of the mainstream church organizations (which are Babylon and her daughters) are occult. Did you grow up in the "church"? Many prayers are thinly veiled attempts to manipulate God, to bend him to the will of the one praying. Are you yet free of it all?

How do I know these things? I've practiced witchcraft for a long time. I never did this with an awareness that it was witchcraft, but I certainly did it. I'm continuing to be delivered as the Lord convicts me of sin and leads me to repentance. Years ago, I would receive these chain-spell emails and the Lord made their evil really stand out to me. I didn't understand much about it, but I knew to just delete them straight away. I became more discerning over time. Today, I still see these chain-spells being cast. Some are sent by ignorant family members and friends and some by ignorant saints - even some who are respected among us as teachers! For a time, I simply deleted them. Now, I can't just delete them and take no further action. I know too much. Love makes demands of me. And you.

What should we do? First - stop practicing witchcraft! Repent of it, seeking forgiveness and restoration. For your part in it, you may find that action is required in the restoration process. To those recipients of the emailed spells, reach out with humility, seeking their forgiveness for your having practiced witchcraft in ignorance. Teach them what the Lord has revealed to you about it. This has to be personal. If you don't understand how the subtle manipulation is the casting of a spell, keep the matter prayer until it is personal. If you are one who ever received such an email from me, please forgive me for practicing witchcraft and bringing that evil influence into your life.

I believe the debt of love we have for each other requires that, when you receive one of these cursed emails, respond to the sender, with sincere humility, giving some instruction as the Lord leads. (Be mindful of gender issues: Ladies do not teach men.) With mercy and grace, give the sender an opportunity to repent. It is right that they should stop sending further cursed emails and also that a follow-up email is distributed to all the recipients of their cursed email, extending their apologies and seeking forgiveness, and teaching the truth in love. It may be that you have the personal responsibility to follow up on this relationship. If the sender does not repent and continues to send the cursed email, more action may be required, an escalation of some kind. If the sender doesn't follow through with their responsibilities to apologize and seek forgiveness for their role in the promotion of the spell, you may be required to send it, as the Lord leads.

The Lord has made blessings and curses depend upon our response to His word. Obedience begets blessings. Disobedience begets curses. It is not ours to add to His word, to presume to make some arbitrary blessing or curse dependent upon something else. Such as that is Satan's work. Do you understand? I pray you will be found with every blessing of obedience, in the Lord Y'shua, whose every command is righteous and just.

If you're interested in reading some of the scriptures that pertain to witchcraft and sorceries, you can click these links.

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