Monday, March 08, 2010

Vancouver Olympics - Part Four - "There are Three Things - Even Four"

The main subject of this post is what was signaled when an "apparent technical malfunction" caused the Olympic cauldron at the center of the ceremonies in BC Place to become a three-legged structure, then four. What I presented in Part Three was not yet the whole story because it's about more than just two independent symbols. The whole story amounts to more than the sum of its parts. The sign involves a pattern of "three things, then four," a particular sequential relationship. This special pattern is amazingly significant on both levels of which I am aware. Before we move on to the next level I want you to understand the profound message signaled by the cauldron as a Beast body-temple construct (as addressed in the previous post), now with a focus on the "three things, then four."

Let me refresh your memory about the meaning of the two constructs, the "three things" and the "four." The three-legged Vancouver cauldron represents the crystalline triple helix DNA that will unite the earthly man with the divine. It's the manner of man's transformation, ascension to godhood, and, the mark of the beast that connects men into the Beast network, which is a many membered body and temple. The four-legged Vancouver cauldron is the pyramid and anti-menorah lampstand that casts the dark light of Zeus over its temple. It is the Beast system and network, the many membered body with the son of Zeus enthroned as its capstone and head. Ultimately global in scale and scope, it mimics the Kingdom of the true Messiah as a counterfeit.

Now, it takes the "three" to make the "four," which is to say that the triple helix DNA transformation is required to build the pyramid, to complete the body-temple by establishing the vital connection with the divine capstone. This connection is the crux move of the scheme! The whole story amounts to more than just the sum of its parts! The exalted key is the great secret of the ages, the conception and birth of the dragon's offspring that is the implementation of the mark of the beast!

What's that? You already knew that? You saw it on, did you? :) Yes, a few of us are on to their scheme. The serpent is going to keep trumpeting his exalted secret until the end, and it's necessary for some among us to recognize not only what but when, where and how this is signaled as we honor the Lord Y'shua with obedience and faithful watching.

Make note, now, how this Olympic prophecy declares a counterfeit and thereby implies the genuine. There are no counterfeit three dollar bills, meaning, where there is a counterfeit there is a genuine after which pattern it is made! The counterfeit light that is darkness will bring a pathetic and temporary anti-death substitute that results in what is worse by far than death. The genuine, on the other hand, will be worth everything it will cost you. Trade up, not down!

More coming, Lord willing! Until then, here's some news of note.

Symantec to play host to health care companies

Google Health gains partners

'Neuromarketing' uses MRIs to influence consumers Of course, it's not the typical product advertisers and marketers who represent the real threat now, is it?

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