Saturday, March 30, 2013

Decoding Ivy League Brown University's Brand

It's not unusual for colleges to host a sex week for the promotion of homosexual and other perverse practices. Campus Reform has given Brown University some attention recently for their's. Brown University - Sex Week - teaching “anal adventures”

Brown University's Coat of Arms logo suggests their entire philosophy revolves around anal adventures. If you follow the sodomite series on this blog, you probably are familiar with how the "brown" color of excrement is a common flag for the sodomite gateway. The red cross on the Royal Arch shield is an obvious sign. The penetrated cloud butts makes for a pretty graphic graphic. The red and white horizon bar is segmented to call out 3 of one color and 3 of the other, for a 33 signal. The simple all caps BROWN, sums it up. Yikes!

The sun face has the mouth covered. It has a secret, but you know what it is that we're cleverly being not told! They are all about ritual sodomy and the rising sun illumination it brings.

The arched clouds above the sun and horizon line below forms an Eye of Horus, framing the sun as the pupil.

The dawn of the Sun god is sometimes called the Aeon of Horus. That's the season of the Beast and his mark. The three white “twists” in the “horizon” conceal 666 to confirm their objective. That horizontal (female) bar is red banded with white to signal the divine white illumination of the red Adam kind, a union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

The secret's out. They have been advancing the dream of the ancient Illuminists and their god Lucifer.

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