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Part 91 - The Sodomite Gateway - Unsafe Refuge

Those who have been illuminated through ritual sodomy are well placed in front organizations that present the illusion of safe refuge to intercept the unsuspecting victims of trauma they appear to help. This perspective is well supported by the numerous testimonies of brave whistleblowers, as I have already documented in several posts on this blog. Despite these efforts, the predators continue their activity and the prey continue to blunder ignorantly into their clever traps.

On this blog, a work of exposing the evil is being done by revealing what's concealed, thereby blowing the cover of the magickal symbols. This, of course, isn't likely to be shutting down any of the work or workers exposed, and that's really not the point. What's happening here is that our discernment is being enhanced to see the nature of the world as it is, not as we have been conditioned to see it through a supernaturalism referred to as pharmakeia in Revelation 18:23. It is how the Bible says it is, no more and no less. The receiving of the greater benefit demands the learning of obedience to the Lord Y'shua, drawing near to Him as our safe refuge during the coming season.

In this post I'll decode the imagery of two organizations that appear to be like the proverbial wolves in sheep's clothing.

The usual caveats apply, so if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please move on. If you're new to this series, welcome! You may want to start at the beginning to get the foundation for what's here. Series Links: The Sodomite Gateway

There's a ministry called Safe Harbor International that declares their mission and vision as follows.

“Mission: Safe Harbor International exists to glorify God; to share the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ with people living in spiritual darkness, despair and poverty. This is accomplished through ministry, development, training and relief.”

“Vision: Our vision is to reach the lost; to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior, Redeemer, Sovereign God and Lord; to share His love, His grace, His mercy, His hope, His joy, through His inerrant Word in obedience to His Great Commission, to His glory alone. ”

Now, doesn't that sound fabulous! What's not to like. Well, OK, if we're on the same page about those beating the drums of the "great commission" (As Iron Sharpens Iron), there's a definite red flag that there's some kind of violation.

So, what does their brand identity tell us about this outfit, beyond the obvious neglect of obedience to Him in a very important area as they engage with the multitude of Pagans in the worship their gods with graven images in defiance of the second commandment?

If this organization is not a Jesuit or Rosicrucian front for SRA abuse perhaps they should update their branding imagery to indicate otherwise.

If you've been following recent posts in this series the obfuscation of the IHS cross symbolism should be pretty obvious. The acrostic SHI combines with the “t” formed over the graphic to complete the scatological reference, as illustrated in the collection above. The reclined Royal Arch enclosing the logo is plenty enough validation of the sodomite gateway theme, the ubiquitous symbolic squaring of the circle. The lighthouse is leveraged to furnish both a light source signaling the illumination of ritual sodomy and the phallus that mates to the anal “plus sign” cross and radiant star.

Consistent with that theme, the stylized map of the world featured on their website appears to be a poopy mess that suggests what is really meant by their vision of the Great Commission; the spreading of poop over the world, to the glory of their sodomite god. That's not my Lord!

When I visited their ACCR page I was met with something I recognize as a key to interpreting their logo, an unmistakable example of a descending vertical acrostic. Is there any room left for doubt as to what was intended by the agents responsible for the logo's design?

Alliance of Churches for Crisis Response. ACCR. See the stylized extended leg of the “R”? That's a tip off. That letter signals the wedjat eye of Horus. Balancing that, the “A” at the other end must be for “Apollo,” an alias. Given that C is the third letter, the bracketed CC interprets to the sodomite code 33, which is also a reference to the secret society of Illumined Freemasonry.

The cross inside the circle forms the squared circle of the Pagan witch's magick circle, and it also pictures the solar disk of the sun god. That's Apollo or Horus, of course. There's a tie in to the Egyptian trinity and Osiris. The color of the globe and lettering is what I call Osiris green. The IHS cross referenced is accepted by some scholars as being a reference to the Egyptian trinity or Isis, Horus and Set, who kind of stands in for Osiris.

The next (un)Safe Refuge brand is similar. They present their identity as Safe Horizon. Their slogan: “Safe Horizon moves victims of violence from crisis to confidence” One of the testimonies featured at the top of their home page declares: "Safe Horizon brought me out of the darkness into the light." That may be a legitimate testimony, I can't say I know, but what I do know is that, while it is expressing biblical principle, that's also coded language for ritual sodomy.

For another witness to the sodomite gateway, the site's overwhelmingly dominant color is orange.

Their orange logo features an “i” dotted with a graphic that looks like a flower or butterfly. The five elements in that graphic can be connected to reveal a concealed star or pentagram. The top 3 elements resemble the heart bottom being penetrated. The white lines inside form an obfuscated sodomite white cross plus sign in an orange circle.

Given the name, Safe Horizon, it's no stretch to consider the “i” dot as the object usually seen on the horizon, the sun. The sun god is Horus, the sodomizer. He is not a safe refuge! Dotting the “i” in an unusual way calls it out as an “i” or eye of Horus, which is said to be best activated by means of ritual sodomy.

Horiz(on) ~ Horus
(Hor)izon ~ izon ~ zion

The butterfly suggested in the “i” dot graphic is a symbol of Monarch programming. Supporting this symbolism, we find on the donation page (pictured above) a girl, peering flirtatiously through the petals of a sunflower. That's the sun god's butt. This young child is the ripe age for SRA programming, and the abusive pedophiles must see her as being very seductive. She's brown, the color often leveraged when people are supplementing the layers of sodomite portal imagery. Her hair is braided, done in rebellion against the biblical directive (1 Timothy 2:9, 1 Peter 3:3) You may note that this version presents the representation of two strands of DNA, which are being corrupted in the scheme.

Another young SRA victim is seen peering through the petals of a sunflower on the promotional imagery of a film titled, Phoebe in Wonderland. That's a kind of spin off of Alice in Wonderland, the SRA programming standard. This film features a young girl whose primary characteristic is rebellion against authority, which is accompanied by what is very obviously dissociative behavior.

Do you think those who planned the shot for the Donate page of knew what they were doing? Connect the dots.

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