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Sign Watching in March - The Vatican Conclave, Obama's Trip to Israel, Notre Dame Cathedral Bells

As I watch according to the Lord's command in Mark 13:37, some of the activity expected in the next few weeks begs our attention. I'll summarize some of the activities being watched, but the main subject of this post has to do with Satanic ritual and the Roman Catholic church, and a link to the Inquisition through Palm Sunday, “Our Lady” and bells, the instruments sometimes deployed by priests and witches as magickal weapons.

First, Obama's trip to Israel for the apparent forging of an “Unbreakable Alliance” is symbolized by a special Occult logo. Obama is scheduled to land in Israel at the Ben Gurion International Airport around noon on Wednesday, March 20. That's a very special time and place!

I don't know yet what the Lord's calendar looks like because we're depending upon reports of the ripening barley and sighting of the new moon. I do, however, know about the solar and Pagan calendar. March 20 is the Vernal Equinox, and in Jerusalem, the moment of that event will occur at a minute past thirteen hundred hours. If all goes according to schedule, Obama will have just arrived!

What's called the Vernal Equinox is a big day for Pagans. Many celebrate it with fertility ritual, with witchcraft and orgies that make little distinction between the kinds of relations between the genders, ages or even whether the participants engaged are human. For those who celebrate in such ways, which includes the Illumined elite, the 13 I noted in the time has not escaped their notice! That's the number of the rebel lord beast, and that's what their world revolves around!

With the conclave of a sun cult priesthood anticipated at the Vatican any day now, I wonder if that very same day is being secretly planned for the election of the man many believe will become the biblical false prophet, or perhaps to mark some other important step in his official installation. I noted with great interest how Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected Pope on such a notable day in 2005, on April 19, the day very appropriately associated with the Blood Sacrifice to the Beast. The 13 day feast begins on the 19th with a fire sacrifice, and the Papal election ballet fueled a smoky fire that symbolized the figurative end of Ratzinger's life, as he would utterly sacrifice it in becoming Pope Benedict XVI. (See Who is Pope Benedict XVI? for more detail.)

While some base their expectations entirely on the Prophecy of the Popes, I anticipate a Pope will anoint the lawless one in 2015 in the key event that will reveal the one baptized as the lawless one, so, whoever the Pope is at that time will be the False Prophet, whenever it is that he comes to office.

Today, those who worship the Popes hope a new one will be ordained in time to officiate at the services on Palm Sunday, coming up on the 24th of this month. This is deemed to be of paramount importance because the following Sunday is Easter, of course, and because the integrity of the entire Lenten season is essential in their Pagan ritual. SeeAsh Wednesday - A "Fourth Day" Ritual Prefiguring the Mark of the Beast for more about that.

These names of the days are, of course, the Pagan sun cult names for those days, because that's what that church calls them, and celebrations on such a calendar are entirely Pagan despite the naming of and pretense of honoring the One I worship in Truth.

The Romish sun cult is planning a special event for Palm Sunday that has several ominous layers to it. Nine gigantic bells were commissioned, cast, worshiped and “blessed” (cursed) in honor of the Notre Dame Cathedral’s 850th birthday. They are being hung in the Cathedral's towers, and these are expected to be rung for the first time for services on Palm Sunday. Because of the location and particular history called to our attention by the anniversary celebrated, the numbering of 9 bells, the purpose for bells and the meaning of Palm Sunday, these things combine to make the event worth noting and watching! I see in all this a distinct tie to the Inquisition, that infamous season of torture and murder perpetrated by the agents of the Vatican that makes the current public relations scandal of the pedophile priesthood pale in comparison. It must be said that extortion, torture and murder is still going on, but the public relations whitewashing has been greatly improved over former times.

This bell and the other eight were ceremonially “blessed” in the cathedral’s nave by the Archbishop of Paris, Andre Vingt-Trois, on the 2nd of February. As to what other curses have been put upon Bourdon Marie and the other bells in private, I cannot say, but there's nothing good to come from any of this idolatrous activity.

Bells are named and decorated and tuned with intent. I've written at length about the bell in an article I received two signs about (Bells - Supernatural Enchantment and a Biblical Perspective), which tells me this is a big deal. Bells used for religious purposes are ritually cursed, associated with demonic authorities. Giant bells are rung to honor and involve the god of the domain they are associated with in name and location. This is the situation in Paris at the Notre Dame Cathedral.

This picture shows one of the gargoyle guardians of the Cathedral, a cursed idol who watches over his appointed domain.

The name “Notre Dame” means “Our Lady,” which of course refers to Mary or Marie, an alias of the goddess also worshiped as Diana and Isis. The largest bell of the 9 is named “Bourdon Marie Bell,” which must be supernaturally identified with the demonic pretender. Bourdon = bumblebee = great bell. This queen bee is 6,000 kilograms of bronze, marked thereby with the number of man associated with the Beast in Revelation 13.

I noted some 13s already in this post, and the anniversary celebrating 850 years provides yet one more. (8+5+0=13) Because of the connection made here, going back to the year 1163 when the cornerstone was laid, and because of what I've learned about other bells and bell events in the past year (Find some links to explore at the end of this post.), I have to think this is more than just appearing now as a matter of convenience for the Occultists. The Devil is rather bright, you know, and he's been orchestrating the plan that's unfolding in our midst for a very long time. The matter of this activity coming in the midst of the Obama visit to Israel and Vatican conclave - while we're in the first of the target Shemittah week - OK - this is worth watching closely!

The number of bells is 9, the single digit number for the transforming mark of the Beast. This action of transformation is one of the uses for bells, by alchemists and Romish priests, who are alchemists.

During Catholic Mass, the Romish priest rings a bell as "a reminder of the faithful of the great event of the transubstantiation." The bell is a ritual tool used by witches to cast spells. It was the perception of the legitimacy of their supernatural authority and reality of their alchemy that was perhaps central to the Inquisition. The Devil and his agents feed off the suffering, blood and sex ritual and human sacrifice, and the degree of brutality and scale of the trauma facilitated the church's control and assured their dominion for a lengthy season. The Inquisition basically asked the question about the Eucharist, about the supposed miracle of transubstantiation, of whether the priest's sorcery was considered valid. Was the alchemist's magick real? Was the wine and host consecrated by the priest literally changed into the blood and body of Christ, in actual substance? If that was denied, the "heretic" was an enemy of the church and deserved to suffer extreme torture resulting in death, which was duly administered by the agents of the Vatican.

23 And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee [that great city Babylon]; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived. 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets, and of saints, and of all that were slain upon the earth. ~ Revelation 18:23-24

At Notre Dame, “The cathedral treasury is notable for its reliquary, which houses the purported crown of thorns, a fragment of the True Cross and one of the Holy Nails – all instruments of the Passion,” according to Wikipedia. The Passion, that's the torture and crucifixion of my Lord. With that observation, here's a theme. Also featured at the Cathedral, in one of the Hesburgh Libraries, is an Inquisition Collection. Are you grasping the theme here at the Notre Dame Cathedral?

The cornerstone was laid 850 years ago, in 1163. The vast cathedral was labeled complete in 1250. Construction took place during the very season of the medieval inquisitions.

The situation began to change towards the end of the twelfth century after the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Alexander III reached an accord reconciling their respective powers in the Peace of Venice. In 1184, Pope Lucius III issued the decretal Ad abolendam, which some have called the "founding charter of the inquisition" since it commanded bishops to take an active role in identifying and prosecuting heresy in their jurisdictions. The explicit identification of heresy with treason and its prosecution according to the norms of Roman law was formalized in 1199 by Pope Innocent III. The foundation of mendicant religious orders, especially the Dominicans, in the early decades of the thirteenth century provided a ready supply of papal inquisitors who could be sent to regions most influenced by heretics. Actions by Pope Gregory IX in the 1230s and the canons issued by the Council of Tarragona in 1242 had the effect of centralizing these functions, and even clarified that heresy was an offense punishable by death;” (A Brief History of the Inquisition)

1231: Pope Gregory IX authorizes Dominicans to examine Cathar and other Christian heretics in southern France and Italy, the so-called 'medieval inquisitions.'” (A Timeline of the Inquisitions)

Now, St Malachy, who is believed to have authored the controversial Prophecy of the Popes, died just prior to that infamous season in the year 1148. If you've given this some thought, you may be connecting some threads here with his Prophecy, which mentions persecution in connection with the final Popes.

“111. Glory of the olive.”
“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit”
“112. Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations, and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills [i.e. Rome] will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people. The End.”

While those of the Romish cult interpret it as though the Catholics will be subjected to persecution, I read it otherwise, where the church does the persecuting. That's consistent with the history of that church and with Revelation 18. That's is where the threads of the Passion and Inquisition intersect. Whether or not that prophecy is valid, and whether or not it has no gaps in the Papal line of succession, it makes little to no difference from most perspectives.

What I find most compelling about the situation with the new bells at Notre Dame is the potential for some manifestation of a closed loop, a completed circuit. Does this presage the renewal of the Passion-Inquisition theme?

Bells are a kind of dimensional portal control mechanism, as cryptically but vividly dramatized for us on the Fringe sci-fi show and in the animated feature Rango.

In the Summer of 2012, the largest ringing bell in Europe was cast and featured in celebrating the opening day of the 2012 London Olympics. The bell was given an ominous identity as it was cast to Freemasonry's favorite Shakespearean production, The Tempest. It bears the quote, “Be not afeared, the Isle is full of noises.” I believe that is cause for great concern, especially given how the Olympics are all about the worship of Zeus (aka Satan acc. Revelation 2:12-13), and that the quote is from a speech given by the character Caliban, a monster who was the offspring of the Devil and an evil witch.

When the Lord directed my attention to the 2012 London Olympics, a time link between 2012 back into 1948 appeared. The Olympic Park was discovered to be mapped very precisely to the season of the establishment of the State of Israel, using a principle David Flynn developed based upon the work of Sir Isaac Newton. The ringing of the Bell of Caliban in that Stadium and the Work 1197 titled All the Bells that began Opening Day of that ritual event added to this evident supernaturalism, which offered more notable historical links to 1948 and also to 1936, when the Nazi Olympics were celebrated with another giant bell. I knew the Lord was opening those connections to me and directing my attention to the bells, and I felt what I was seeing was somehow very significant.

Just prior to the Olympics, some large bells were cast to honor the matriarch of the Illumined Royalty, Queen Elizabeth. They were introduced during the massive flotilla for her Diamond Jubilee celebration. Eight bells were cast and named after members of the Royal Family, the largest of which is named Elizabeth (half a ton). These were hung in a floating belfry that was given a place of honor at the head of the 7.5 mile long flotilla. The bells now hang in the tower of St James Garlickhythe in central London, in a location claimed to have been a sacred place since, get this, 1100 AD. There's a film about them here.

I feel like the bells of the Notre Dame anniversary celebration are important. I feel like there's something to the intersecting threads of the Passion relics and Inquisition collection and the persecution of (by and from) the “Holy Roman Church” in the controversial document attributed to St Malachy O'Morgair. The true saints of such as the Bride company are ripe for persecution. It is anticipated from the hands of the religious. The agents responsible for the torture and crucifixion of my Lord were the religious heads in conjunction with the Roman authorities. Those responsible for the Inquisition were representatives of the “Holy Roman Church.” Are we really done with that? With a Pope as the false prophet, you can bet not.

The famed Notre Dame Cathedral was a masterful work, built by those highly skilled esoteric craftsmen in the guild of Masons. The Dominicans worked the Inquisition, and such Illumined agents as that now work their craft in black ops - Jesuits, Knights of Malta, etc.

I want to close with a few observations about Palm Sunday, when Paris will resound with the ringing of the bells from Notre Dame Cathedral.

In the symbolic Occult Lenten calendar, Palm Sunday comes one week before Easter. The Date Palm is a symbol of resurrection, which has been pretty well documented on this blog. The ashes used on Ash Wednesday to mark foreheads are those left over from the previous Palm Sunday, which are saved, burned and prepared for that purpose. The Date Palms are sacrificed and there is a recycling in connection with the worshipers. The technical name for the plant is Phoenix dactylifera. Phoenix. The bird of legend that burns and rises from its ashes. That's the bird featured on this glass you see here from the Vatican library. That's the bird featured on the creepy esoteric mural in the UN Security Council Chamber.

So, Palm Sunday holds the idea of the cycling of the sacrificed palms as they are put on worshipers as an identifying mark. They are identified with the phoenix by the sun cult priesthood, a sign of Horus, really, so put that together with what I wrote earlier. “What I find most compelling about the situation with the new bells at Notre Dame is the potential for some manifestation of a closed loop, a completed circuit. It's not time yet for the mark of the Beast, and not yet for the Beast John saw coming out of the sea (Revelation 13:1). Does this presage the renewal of the Passion-Inquisition theme?” There's some looping going on here. Cycles are ending and beginning anew. Let's watch and see what we see!

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  1. I believe RCC ecclesiastical law recognize nine choruses of angels.

    St. Michael is in command of all nine choirs.

    The rosary is also used to pray the "Chaplet of St. Michael"
    as well as several other chaplets.

    novena is also a prayer format involving nine consecutive days of prayer

    The latin gets interesting to

    NO ARRIVAL - hmm I wonder if they praying that Yeshua will not arrive before their work is done?

    no : non (only available in Latin as an adverb to negate)
    vena: ven-iō, ven-īre, vēn-ī, ven-tūrus (to come, to arrive)

    nine: 'novem' OR interesting obfuscated variant 'octo et unum'

    There were only eight known planets in the original Julian Calendar
    each being a day of the eight day week.

    Any chance these rituals are aimed at negating the arrival of the new heaven and new earth.

    After mentally ruminating on many articles in your two blogs
    I am inclined to believe that is the case and that 9 has much symbolism for their magick.

    1. That's good info. Thanks Timbo. Negating, yes, and hijacking all the Creator's heritage, appropriating unto himself what may be seized.