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Part 5 - Forstchen's One Second After - Previewing the Black Awakening

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog )

Nearly two years ago the Lord had me spend a great deal of time and effort going through William R. Forstchen's book "One Second After." In the Autumn of 2012 I wrote four posts on the book dealing with various pertinent portions of the book that dovetailed with what was going on at the time, and that signaled what will be taking place in the near future.

However, there were facets of the book that the Lord held in abeyance. The Lord has green-lighted part 5 of the series and with everything that Bob has been writing about lately it is right on time! It is no stretch to say that I could take the next three weeks and write 10-15 posts on all of the material that I will be presenting in this one post, but with time being so short that is simply not an option. Indicators of when the Black Awakening will begin point to May 17 and 18. I invite you to press in and get all that the Lord may have for you here.

(As a side note, it is very interesting that the front cover of the book contains the image of an eclipse. We just had a blood moon eclipse and then a full annular eclipse on the 29th of April.)

This post will deal with the elements of the work that deal with the signaling of the Black Awakening, Pandemic disease tied in with the "false flag" events that aid in the bouncing of the United States, and also some rather vivid signaling of the preparing for and arrival of the Antichrist.

If you have not read the first four parts of the series you may want to go back and start at part 1 if you are so inclined.

On page 209, Forstchen has one of his characters make reference to the Bob Dylan song, “The Times They Are A- Changin',” which features lyrics that read like an anthem of the Satanic counterflood Black Awakening.

Come gather 'round people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You'll be drenched to the bone
If your time to you
Is worth savin'
Then you better start swimmin'
Or you'll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again
And don't speak too soon
For the wheel's still in spin
And there's no tellin' who
That it's namin'
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There's a battle outside
And it is ragin'
It'll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin'.

Come mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is
Rapidly agin'
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

The line it is drawn
The curse it is cast
The slow one now
Will later be fast
As the present now
Will later be past
The order is
Rapidly fadin'
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

The Times They Are A-Changin - lyrics

In One Second After, all of this happens on “Day 18.”

“People are hungry, scared. We were spoiled unlike any generation in history, and we forgot completely just how dependent we were on the juice following through the wires, the button is doing something when we push them. If only we had some communication. If only we knew that government still worked, could hear a voice that we trusted, that would make all the difference.“

“My grandfather used to tell me how that during the depression the banks started to collapse; there was panic, even if the scent of revolution in air. And then FDR, in just one radio talk, reminded us we were all neighbors, that we needed to cooperate and help each other, and though the depression went on for seven more years, the panic ended,”

This quote from Makala (191):

“Not a word. A helicopter flew over two days ago. You should have seen people. It was like some god was passing by in a floating chariot, everyone with hands raised up, shouting. No, not a word other than the rumors from those passing through. Global war, Chinese invading, help coming from Europe, plagued in Washington, a military coup. A lot of talk now about some religious crazies forming into gangs, claiming it’s the apocalypse and saying either join them or die. It’s all crazy and no one knows more than you or I.”

William R. Forstchen -"One Second After" - 190-191

Here's how some Christians or people labeled Christians are pictured. It's a set-up. Killing those who disagree? Really? As a false flag led by a programmed agent, it's not unlikely.

“Well, that was a disorganized mob. Word is starting to filter in that groups are starting to come together. Most are just scared people banding together for survival and mutual protection, exactly what we are doing here. But some, John, well there’s rumors about cults. A family that was allowed to pass through here yesterday, actually heading east, coming out of Tennessee, said that over by Knoxville there’s a guy claiming this is the start of a Holy war.”

“And let me guess, it’s his vision of holiness you subscribe to or you die.”

Dan nodded his head.

“Says that Jesus appeared to him just before the power went off and gave him his mission, that he is the new John the Baptist preparing the way for the final return. And good God, supposedly there are hundreds now following him and killing those who disagree.”

“Several weeks, that’s all it’s taken.” John sighed.

Dan rested his hand on his shoulder.

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - 213-215

Chaos and opened portals for demonic influence and violence ... these elements should be considered because it's coming.

About a quarter of the population was antidepressants or antianxiety agents. Prozac, Xanax, Lexapro even just plain old Lithium. Most of these people rushed to the pharmacies and stocked up, but even then, on average a person got at best a thirty-day supply.

“They’re running out now. Withdrawal for some won’t be too bad; for others symptoms will be quite severe, including hallucinations. Compound that with the stress we are under already. As an old time doc I’ll be the first to tell you quite a few on these meds were just mildly neurotic, living in a very pampered society where it was almost obligatory to have some sort of disorder. But seriously, roughly five percent of the population do have severe disorders, and one to two percent have dangerous disorders that include paranoia and the potential for highly aggressive behavior.”

“In other words, expect a lot of insanity.” Tom said.

“You’ll be the one dealing with it,” Kellor replied, “And I think your people better get briefed on it. Not too long ago in our past families suffered with it, keeping their crazy uncle Louies restrained or locked away, or shipping them to hospitals that were indeed snake pits. Where do you think the word bedlam came from? It was the hospital for the insane in eighteenth-century England, and judging by the old prints, a true hellhole.

“We haven’t dealt with this ever since all the modern meds started coming out in the sixties and seventies. That and the changing of laws pretty well stopped involuntary commitment and, except in extreme cases, emptied the hospitals.”

“It was fifty years ago , at least a hundred of our fellow citizens would already be under some form of restraint, either at home or in a state institution. Today they are with us and the medications that kept them somewhat stable are gone. Hundreds more are in varying degrees of instability as well. What I’m trying to get across is that we’ll have upwards of a thousand people in our community experiencing some form of psychological unbalance, not related at all to the crisis but instead to their forced withdrawal from medications. And at least fifty to a hundred will be extremely dangerous, to themselves or to others. Several paranoids, schizophrenics, delusional personalities, and several people living here with criminal pasts who were declared insane, treated, and then released back into the community. I think, Charlie, you are going to have to authorize me to be able to declare people mentally unstable and to then incarcerate them by force. We’ll need to find people to tend to them, and we’ll also have to decide how we deal with food distribution to them.”

Charlie sighed, rubbing his beard, and then nodded.

“I authorize you to have the authority to declare a person to be mentally deranged and to have them incarcerated, if need be against their will or that of the family. Tom, you will be responsible for the arrest. I’ll post the notice later today.”

Kellor nodded.

“I think in at least thirty or forty cases we should move preemptively, meaning now, even if they still have some meds left. As a doctor, I know which of my patients were truly over the edge a long time before this happened. Patients who had repeated hospitalizations and incidents. Tom, you would know some of them too, from incidents that lead to their going to a psychiatric unit or jail. I think we should grab these people now before it gets bad.”

“One thing,” “John said quietly.

“Go on.”

“Keep in the back of our minds how that power was also used to lock up those who neighbors just didn’t like , or political dissenters. And, in a darker time, the belief that insanity was satanic resulted in witch hunts. We have a couple of small churches in this community that are already preaching that this disaster is God’s punishment to a sinful nation, and/or that it is now the end-time. I never thought about what Doc here was saying in regards to mass psychosis, but we might find that some of these deranged people are being seen either as prophets if they have a good gift for gab even though they are crazy or, on the other side, demonically possessed.”

“Damn, this is starting to sound medieval,” Kate sighed.

“We are medieval, Kate. John shot back. “If we have people going off the deep end , or if they definitely have a prior record of severe mental disorder, indeed, we’ll have to lock them up, for everyone’s protection. All we need is a bunch of people following some mad prophet around or a mob stoning a witch, and it could come to that. But it’s a fine line, and we can’t step over it. We all know the news about leaking in from Knoxville about that crazy cult; we don’t want even the beginnings of it here.”

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - Page 223-225

In that, there's more of the set-up of those small church folks who claim it's God's judgment, “mad prophet” followers, painting them as crazy cult witch-hunters and such.

With the Black Awakening will come open cannibalism, which is a satanic sacrament.

“How bad” Washington asked.

“My god, I think they were killing people and eating them,” he whispered.

No one spoke for a moment; Don just stared off, puffing on his cigar right down to the filter.

“You’re kidding,” Charlie whispered.

Don looked over at him fiercely.

“Would I joke about that? He snapped. “There were a couple of hundred vehicles parked on

the grounds of the hospital in a big circle, like they were circling the wagons. Old cars, Jeeps,

trucks, and even a couple of tractor trailers. Inside that circle the ground was blackened from a huge fire that was still smoldering. It was early when I flew over there; you could see them just sprawled out, sleeping it off. The hospital was burning, bodies carpeting the streets. But it was what was inside that circle of old cars, trucks motorcycles…” He finished the cigarette, stubbed it out in an empty coffee cup, and looked appealingly at John. John handed him another and pulled one out for himself; he was down to nine now.

“They had something like gallows set up. Bodies were hanging from it…” Don shook and began to cry. “They were cut open, some without legs and arms. Ten or more like that. Like hogs hung up to be butchered. My God…” He fought for composure. “You could see other people were prisoners. As I went by they were looking up at me. They started to jump up and down, waiving like poor bastards stranded in a nightmare. I side-slipped to get down lower for a closer look. As I flew over one of those scum, I could see him looking up at me, cut a woman’s throat, cut it so I could see it…

“I don’t want to believe what I saw.”

John sighed, then sat back, lost in thought. Cannibalism. Leningrad, Stalingrad, in those cases it was civilians driven mad by hunger. There were reports of it in China as well and, frightfully, documentation of Japanese soldiers doing it either out of desperation when cut off by the island hopping campaign, or as ritual practiced on American POWs.”

“Not here,” Charlie sighed, “not here. This is America, for Heaven’s sake.”

“Yes, here” John said softly. “Why should we be any different?”

“Damn it all, we’re Americans; it just doesn’t happen here.”

“Donner pass, the Essex…Jeffrey Dahmer? Our sick fascination with films about that Lecter character. Sixty days with little or no food just because the electricity suddenly shut off. Hell, yes.” John said coldly.

“Most likely some damn cult down there. Like doc said, psychotics running loose.

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - 274-275

The cult over in Knoxville, whose leader was proclaiming he was John the Baptist reincarnated, was still running. There were reports of others, some nut case proclaiming he was the messiah, others speaking in tongues and looking for answers in Revelation, others just beyond madness believing aliens had invaded. He thought of that one small coven up above Haw Creek, a couple dozen families and a church, which according to rumors not too long ago was into passing snakes around. They had sealed themselves off completely, said that it was the end-time and God’s wrath was at hand. No one dared to even get within a hundred yards of their barrier now, and John wondered what madness they were practicing up there. “They have nothing to lose now,” John continued. “A nation under martial law, they’ve looted, raped, and murdered. They know that if civilization ever gets the upper hand again, if there’s any semblance of order, all of them will be put against the wall and shot. So there’s nothing to lose. Mix into that the terror of it all. We figured out it was an EMP, but others…especially others who were already off-kilter? What’s the answer? God got angry, Gaia the Earth spirit got pissed, Satan took over?”…

“Satan’s taken over. Maybe whoever is leading them is preaching that. God has turned his back on America, Satan has won, so anything goes. I doubt if all of them are doing it; I want to think most of them are as terrified of whoever is running their crew as we are. But I’m willing to bet whoever is running it is shouting that he has the inside loop from God, Satan, whomever.”

It’s insane,” Charlie whispered.

“Remember Jonestown. Those were Americans, even though they no longer lived in the lower 48. And nearly a thousand of them committed suicide on account of some damn nut case who told them to drink Kool-Aid laced with poison because God ordered him to.

“Look, you get people scared then you knock out every prop that we’ve taken for granted.

After these last sixty days I bet there’s a dozen of prophets running around this country saying, ‘Follow Me’, and even if but one tenth of one percent of the survivors do so, that will be hundreds of thousands of barbarians on the march and the rest of us running, scared shitless of them.”

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - 274-275

Talking about the leader the of the cannibal renegade named “the Posse” “…He might look soft, but they are all really scared of him, even the worst of the lot. They say he claimed to have the inside line with Satan himself, that God had abandoned America and Satan now ruled and he was the appointed one sent from hell to pave the way for Satan’s reign over America.”

“The stories about cannibalism?” John asked.

“They’re all true.”

John walked over to the leader, who gazed at him and then actually smiled.

“So let me guess, you’re the general here?”

John did not reply.

“…I heard about you from a prisoner we took. A sweet girl, captured her yesterday.”

John froze. The girl had most likely been lost in the skirmishing on the dirt road.

“I see a touch of military history in this fight. The la Drang Valley perhaps, lure in, get close up, and envelop? Saw it in a movie and on the History Channel.”

“And you walked right into it,” John said sarcastically.

“Yes, I did, indeed I did. I guess he decided it thus.”


“Satan of course.”

The manor turned and looked at the other prisoners.

“Did I not tell you that if you failed to offer your souls to him fully and in all things he would abandon you? Now you are indeed doomed to the fiery pit of hell. For God has cursed this world, and because you failed me, Satan shall turn away from thee as well. Your reign by his side will be replaced by eternal punishment for your lack of faith.

“These dogs will show you no mercy. Rather than feasting tonight on their flesh, as Satan wished for you, instead you will be carrion for the dogs and crows…or perhaps…”

He looked over shiftily at John. “…they will feast on your flesh.”

John, his Glock half-raised, was tempted to blow the man’s brains out right there.

The other prisoners looked at him wide-eyed. Some started to cry; others knelt down, heads lowered, resigned to their fate.

It was so damn strange, John thought, how sometimes the most unlikely people, an ugly little man like this one, could hold such power. So strange how some had that, and could spout utter insanity that others would follow blindly.”

“Cannibals,” John said coldly.

The man looked up at him, his face twisted into a smile that seemed almost warm and friendly.

“My friend, you know enough to understand that this nation is doomed except for those chosen few with the strength to live. The flesh of the weak is the holy sacrament to us, the living. We need it to survive and to have strength, to allow us our triumph of the will.”

He looked away from John and back to his surviving followers.

“For I have walked up and down and to and fro across the land and have considered this country that once was. Remove thy hand from it, protect it not, and the land that once worshipped thee will curse thee. And thus it was true and the land is now indeed cursed and we are the ones sent forth to cleanse it.”

He then looked back at John.

“That girl that was captured yesterday. She was indeed sweet, the best I think I’ve had. Well fed before she became our sacrament.

“You know the natives of New Guinea used to call their foes ‘long pork’. Well-fed flesh actually tastes like that…pork.”

John raised his Glock, the muzzle touching the man’s forehead.

“Go on you bastard,” he whispered. “Be like me; drink my blood once I am dead as I would have drunk yours. I know you are hungry. You do it, and all who follow you will join in, for they are hungry too.”

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - 301-303

“Consumption of blood and flesh, performed in a communion-like fashion, is usually an integral part of ritual sacrifice” (Ritual Abuse: What is it? Why it happens? How to help by Margaret Smith – Page 78)

“There’s a cult that has taken over parts of three states in the Rockies. Their leader claims he’s the Messiah and when the world is saved all the lights will come back on, and tens of thousands now follow him.

“The Posse you faced? There’s one like it ten thousand strong that still rules Pittsburgh and raids a hundred miles out in every direction. We’re getting set to stamp it out, but it will be as bad as anything we faced in Iraq several years back . . . and my God, these were once our own people. I lost eight, killed wiping out a nest of them in the ruins of High Point three days ago.

“Oh, we might of gotten even , John, but America a world power? They won; we’re finished. We’ve retreated from around the world, trying to save what’s left, and for those that hated us that’s victory even if we flattened their country in retaliation, and John, frankly, we might never know who really did it to start with.

“There were no red meatballs, swastikas, or red stars on planes dropping bombs this time. Just three missiles launched from freighters out in the ocean, which then were blown up.

“My God, there’s maybe two hundred and fifty million dead in America alone, as bad, maybe worse than any Dr. Strangelove nightmares we talked about during the Cold War. We were so damn vulnerable, so damn vulnerable, and no one did the right things to prepare, or prevent it.

“We’re back a hundred and fifty years.”

“No, not a hundred and fifty years,” John sighed. “Make it more like five hundred. People alive in 1860, they knew how to live in that time; they had the infrastructure. We don’t. Turn off the lights, stop the toilets from getting water to flush, empty the pharmacy, turn off the television to tell us what to do.”

He shook his head.

“We were like sheep for the slaughter then.”

William R. Forstchen - "One Second After" - 340-342

Disease and pandemic will ensue, according to plan.

“Why I wanted this alliance,” Carl said. “You’re our back door. You let them in, we will be swamped. We’ll be caught between Asheville on the one side and those folks on the other. They’ll eat us clean in a day.”

“Disease as well,” Kellor interjected.

“I thought you said we have that already?” Carl asked.

Kellor sighed and shook his head. “Salmonella, that’s lurking in any community. I’m talking about the exotics now. Large urban population. You’ll have carriers of hepatitis in every variant. What scares the hell out of me is a recent immigrant from overseas or someone stranded at the airport in Charlotte, which is a major hub. He might look well and feel well, but inside he might be carrying typhoid, cholera, you name it.

“We got one of those in a crowd , given sanitation for those people walking here? Just simple hand contact or fecal to water supply or food distribution supply contact and that bacteria will jump. We give someone a plate of food, they haven’t washed their hands, we don’t clean that plate with boiling water, and within a week thousands will be sick and dying.

“You ever seen cholera?” Kellor asked.

No one spoke. “I did thirty years back. A mission trip to Africa. It makes salmonella look tame. People in those regions, most of them were exposed to it at some point in their lives and survived. We’re wide open to it. We are six, seven generations removed from it and we have no natural immunity. America is like an exotic hothouse plant. It can only live now in the artificial environment of vaccinations, sterilization, and antibiotics we started creating a hundred or more years ago.

“We’re about to get reintroduced to life as it is now in Africa or most of the third world. Not counting the global flu outbreak of 1918, the last really big epidemic, one that killed off a fair percentage of a population in a matter of weeks, well, I think it was the Chicago typhoid epidemic back in the 1880s that killed tens of thousands. Water supply got polluted with typhoid and they died like flies. It made the famous fire pale in comparison when it came to body count.”

Forstchen, William R. (2011-04-26). One Second After (p. 170). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

“Well, we were letting folks through a hundred a time, again your suggestion, good professor. It was going slow, though, and now the refugees from Winston-Salem, Charlotte , Greensboro, even some from as far as Durham were piling up on that road. God, John, it’s positively medieval down on that road. Squatters’ camps, people fighting for a scrap of food. Disease breaking out, mostly salmonella, pneumonia, a nasty variant of the flu.

Forstchen, William R. (2011-04-26). One Second After (p. 189). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

“Strength will be impacted significantly and I want to talk more about that in a few minutes. For the general population on rations the impact is going to start kicking in within the next couple of weeks. Immunological systems in everybody are weakening, meaning if that flu down in Old Fort gets up here, it will be like the 1918 epidemic that killed nearly two million in America. I’d estimate ten percent of us dying in a matter of days if flu breaks out. I think, Charlie, that we will have to shut down our free passage through the gap or change the procedure. Lord knows how many flu carriers are walking along our interstate every day heading west.” Charlie sighed and looked over at John and Tom. “We do that,” Tom said, “there’ll be more riots. Getting those people moving further west has prevented any more problems since the big riot of two weeks back.” “I agree with Tom,” John said. “Block the barrier, we’ll have a buildup of a couple of thousand again within days, even more desperate than the first wave, and it will be a bloody fight. Let them through, but drill our people on extra caution.” “They’re wearing the hazmat suits already,” Charlie said. “Yeah, and most likely taking them off with their bare hands, not washing down properly.” He sighed. “It’ll most likely jump no matter what we do. People are not just staying on the roads; they’re crawling up through the woods.”

Forstchen, William R. (2011-04-26). One Second After (p. 227). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

“John, we’re going to have a terrible problem in a few days.” “What? What after this?” “Disease. I was up at the battle site after you pushed them back from the bridge. Saw some of the Posse. Talked to a few of them before . . .” His voice trailed away. “Before Tom’s men shot them.” “Go on.” “John, their camp was loaded with disease. Flu, hepatitis, I think some exotics as well, typhoid perhaps. You look at their bodies you could see they weren’t much better off than the people they were terrorizing. I think we’re going to have some kind of epidemic here in a matter of days and it will be far worse than the last one. All that blood splattered about, many of them obviously drug users, we might be looking at hep B and C, maybe even HIV.”

Forstchen, William R. (2011-04-26). One Second After (p. 312). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

Those of John’s troops who were still left were indeed hardened now. Regarding Kellor’s prediction about another epidemic, he had been right. Days after the battle, what some were now calling the plague month began. There were nearly three thousand new graves at the golf course, one of them for Doc Kellor. The medical staff had been particularly hard-hit; there were only two doctors and one vet remaining . It had indeed been like the plague in years of old, most physicians heroically standing to their duty until they were felled, but one had just fled, hiding in his cabin, and was now an outcast, the town pariah. The simple combination of disease and starvation had created a death rate as terrible as that of the Black Death of the fourteenth century. Added in were hundreds with hepatitis A, others carrying B and C, which would kick in later, the usual injuries, the minor cuts that led to amputation and death. It was the dying-off time and by yesterday’s count just over forty percent of the two communities, which had been alive little more than four months back, were still alive. As a war, it was the most horrific since the Middle Ages. The legendary twenty-five million dead in the Soviet Union during World War II had been but one-seventh its population.

Forstchen, William R. (2011-04-26). One Second After (p. 319). Tom Doherty Associates. Kindle Edition.

All of what's coming is scripted, carefully planned in advance. Beans are spilled in many movies and books and comics. This age is being rolled over with violence to bring the day of Antichrist's revealing, when he'll be welcomed with open arms. America must be bounced and the population of the world readied for submission. Are you ready, ready to trust the Lord Y'shua with your life?

By Aaron Hermann ( Revelation of Babylon blog)
Please feel free to contact me through my Gmail account. (theultimateplan@)

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