Sunday, May 04, 2014

City of Blood - Signaling the Black Awakening

By every indication, the Black Awakening is about to break forth, and the bold warning signs coming from the Enemy's camp have grown in frequency. If I had the ability I would have posted dozens more videos with clips from commercials, films, TV shows and music videos calling these to your attention. Here's one of note that spills the beans, big time, from The CW network's episode of Arrow that was broadcast on April 30, titled, City of Blood.

First, I want to highlight some dates that stand out in connection with the timing of the Black Awakening and how the flood of Noah's day projects into ours. By my best reckoning, the flood projects into our calendar aligning the positioning of the flood (1656-1657 FA) to our year on the Lord's calendar, with Yom Teruah as the end points. (See Part 8 - To Number Our Days Aright - The Coming "Flood") This identifies 5/18/14, which is exactly 2 weeks off as I write. As I have been on watch, this seems to relate to what is known as the Black Awakening, as popularized by Russ Dizdar. Aaron Hermann believes the Lord revealed to him, in the midst of a most challenging trial, how the day of the year the flood began is prophetic and that it relates to our day. I seem to recall having had a similar insight many years ago, that the day of the year was prophetic. We'll soon know. The flood began on the 17th day of the 2nd month. according to Genesis 7:11. We just entered the 2nd month, as reported by the Karaites, and this is the appointed year. This month, just like last month, the count of days on the popular Gregorian calendar matches the count of days of the month on the Lord's calendar exactly (RARE!), taking the midnight-sunset offset into account, of course, and the 17th day of the 2nd month will be May 17th. With my best-guess flood projection pointing to the 18th, the very next day, that's worth noting. Will the Black Awakening be triggered on the 17th or 18th? Let's watch and learn. Since this is the season of fulfillment, there's no reason to expect what is forthcoming will seem like a mere shadow. The reality itself is due that was foreshadowed by the flood. As the great flood represented a major judgment that marked the transition from the old order to the new, so will be the Black Awakening.

Noah received a 7 day advance notice of when the flood would begin. Perhaps we will too, and if so, and if there is such a precision in the matter, there may be some comparable notice witnessed around the 10th or 11th. That's one week away. If you have some anxiety about what's coming, take it to the Lord, our refuge. We've had plenty of warning about what's coming and if we have rightly prepared our hearts and minds we will see the Lord's promises manifest, to His glory.

Now, typical of Illuminati ritual productions like the Arrow series, you have to first be familiar with the plot to recognize what's being modeled. The Black Awakening is the means by which this present world order will be turned over into the next, which will then be ready for the Antichrist beast to appear. While there will be other theaters of operation, the long recognized superpower America must be diminished and parceled out, and the resultant reset of the apparent political, military, economic and religious systems around the globe will be dramatic. It will be as the fire that reduces the phoenix to ashes before it is reborn. The agents bring this chaos are SRA multiples and Chosen Ones who compose the expendable Illuminati slave army that is appointed for this very purpose. These enhanced and dedicated assets have already infiltrated every key sector. Their missions have been programmed and they await the signals that will trigger them. It's all according to plan.

In the way of our Enemy, he has to spill the beans about the plan in rituals as he boasts of victories already won and those he sees as within his grasp. You have to be able to recognize and interpret the symbols and discern how they are woven together because there is always twisting and flipping in their obfuscation. On to the show!

You can watch a clip of the scene with some revealing dialog here, Arrow - "City of Blood". It's episode 21 of season 2. A series of posts could be written about this but there's no time for more than giving this a fairly light and focused effort.

Here's the important dialogue.

Mayor Sebastian Blood: “You came to my office and you shook my hand. You said that together we can save this city.”
Oliver Queen (aka The Arrow): “You think there will be a city to be saved after you unleash Slade's Mirakuru army?”
Sebastian: “They'll only cause enough damage to make the city ready.”
Oliver: “Ready for your leadership?”
Sebastian: “For my vision of what this city could be, a better city. And after the storm they're about to suffer the people of Starling will support and follow me to that city.”
Oliver: “Whatever Slade promised you he will not deliver. He wants to hurt me. You are a pawn in a much larger game.”
Sebastian: “Slade promised me City Hall and he delivered it. He makes good on his promises. I understand he made you a promise too. ... It's a new day in Starling City, Oliver. And there's nothing you can do to stop it.”

It doesn't get much more plain. There is nothing that can be done to stop the Black Awakening. The storm will be brought when the special forces are unleashed. “They'll only cause enough damage to make the city ready.” Then, the population will follow the leader that arises. The shadow authority behind puppet leaders is playing them like chess pieces, who will be rewarded only until they have served their purposes. The theme of the episode is this: "The essence of heroism is to die so that other people can live." It's about willing sacrifice.

Last April, I wrote about the show and how The Arrow was Apollo, the archer. He was also playing as a supersoldier with Beta and Delta alter signaling and the familiar ritual sodomy and trauma-based mind-control signs in attendance. (See Decoding the Olive Exposes the Illuminati UN, the US Great Seal, Etc.)

Slade's Mirakuru army is a slave army of supersoldiers. “Mirakuru ( lit. as Miracle) is a Japanese super soldier serum that causes enhanced physical strength, speed, endurance, durability, agility, stamina, and reflexes once injected.” (Mirakuru - Arrow Wikia) It's a Miracle Army because the Delta force programed for the Black Awakening are also psi powered warriors with supernatural or spiritual strength and ability. The masks they wear are telling.

The 3 vents on each side signal Code 33. Masks represent a multiple's front alter. The dark-half and light-half design illustrates their dual nature - spirit+flesh - and, combined, the design illustrates the knowledge of good and evil they acquired when they were injected with Mirakuru, with Miracle, which is a metaphor for the demonic installation received by ritual sodomy.

Just like how Oliver Queen's name is rich with meaning, so is Sebastian Blood's. “Saint Sebastian was a 3rd-century Roman soldier martyred by arrows after it was discovered he was a Christian. Due to the saint's popularity, the name came into general use in medieval Europe, especially in Spain and France. It was also borne by a 16th-century king of Portugal who died in a crusade against Morocco.” (SEBASTIAN) The crusades were the battles where so-called Christians were fighting Muslims over the holy land. Both the Roman soldier and the king of Portugal were Christians who spilled their blood. Sebastian Blood. Think about it. Whose blood is going to be spilled? The anti-bride army's, sure, but also the blood of the saints. The true Bride is targeted as the real threat. The devil is not stupid, although he has been blinded. The Bride will be refined and become the primary target again when the chosen ones who are appointed to survive the Black Awakening will guard the Antichrist at his revealing.

Queen and Blood had the conversation in a setting that was filled with bird cages, which the VC often presents with memorable imagery as the caged core persona of a Monarch slave. The slaves are literally imprisoned in cages while they are being traumatized by their handlers and the bird cages are triggering images.

When the Mirakuru army is triggered near the end of the show, one of the soldiers was in a train station, looking and acting like a completely normal regular guy. We see the clock, 9 pm sharp. Everything is calm and normal, and he suddenly dons his mask and produces a gun and starts shooting. Chaos breaks out. The Black Awakening is planned. It will unfold according to schedule, and each agent has their missions and triggers, with ops targeting certain places and people at vulnerable times, with weaponry of kinds that extend beyond small arms and direct engagements. Why did the Post Office place a huge order for ammo? Isn't that just a little suspicious?

The brief scene in the train station has Illuminati stamped all over it. The clock is a circle in a square, with lights reflecting in it and appearing under it - classic ritual sodomy illumination signaling. The style of the lights is that of a squared circle of the circle X mark of the Beast symbol kind. Since the alchemical circle in a square also pictures the space-time domain where the operating magician appears external to it, this boxed circle that tells the time has something to say about more than just the sodomite gateway. It signals the dimensional breech, the opening of a portal. This bears witness to an unleashing of demons into our realm as through an opened stargate. This is why its at the scene of a train station, because angelic beings transiting a stargate travel like the cars that move single file and nose to tail along a train track. See here, among other posts: Part 37 - Celestial Stargates - "We Can't Stop" Horus Transiting the Silver Gate.

They do not push each other; each man proceeds on his own path. They dodge the arrows, never stopping. ~ Joel 2:8 (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

“They dodge the arrows, never stopping.” How appropriate for The Arrow's enemies on the show. Note, “on his own path” is in Hebrew, mecilah, the kingdom viaduct and stargate.

The show is based on Green Arrow, a DC Comics character. That company is now a subsidiary of DC Entertainment. That entity's title is code for Horus worship. “DC E” ~ 43 5 ~ Isis+Osiris=Horus. You may note this same sequence is the number of voting members of the H.O.R.U.S. that is the House of Representatives, United States.

Very soon the bean spilling agencies will be done issuing warnings. Two episodes of Arrow remain. "Streets of Fire" - May 7, and “Unthinkable” - May 14.

Sniff, sniff. I smell a set-up.


  1. Hi Bob,

    Noah had a 120 year warning before the flood. Using the 1000 to 1 compression ratio, 120 years compresses into 44 days (rounded up).

    Interesting first of all that this is Obama's Presidency number, but if the release of the movie Noah is intended to be analogous to the warning that Noah received in a scaled down time frame, then 44 days from the movie release date of March 28, 2014 takes us to May 11, 2014. (Note that there was a sneak preview in New York City on March 26 allowing for a small date range).

    Perhaps we will see some event/sign in the May 9-11 window which in turn will be analogous to the final 7 day warning (May 16-18 window).



    1. Very good! Thanks Mark. See also here:

      ... and this link at the bottom:

  2. check out this old movie

    1. Wow! I haven't seen that one yet. Thanks for the tip. The Manchurian Candidate, with Frank Sinatra from 1962 is a classic bean spiller too.

  3. film came out in 1977, it has the 33 code in title. ma bell ran(and still does) the phones. bell= spell. everyone has one in their pocket. microwaves have been weaponized etc...

  4. Hi Bob,

    The previous post opened a line of thought in my mind that never occurred to me before.

    For the official version of 9/11 to have been pulled off, there had to be a lot of liars in place to perpetuate the 'official' story, even in the face of obvious truths.

    In retrospect, I don't think it is really possible to get that level of coordination from that many people unless many of them were programmed multiples that were programed to follow the party line once they received the 9-1-1 trigger code.

    It also makes me suspect that another future 9-1-1 type of event will also be tied into another telephone dialing code.



  5. Thanks Jenny. She notes that the World War Z film has a kitchen scene with a small TV in background. Brad Pitt's daughter ask him what is Marshal Law. Marshal Law is declared in South Africa. She notes that the dates offered on The Open Scroll for the Black Awakening correlate with elections and that tensions are high with the mining strikes. She also noted the prophecies of Van Rensburg.

  6. Had a nightmare about month ago or so and woke up 3:36am. My first reaction was to read the Bible and landed at Jeremiah chapter 11. I prayed of course, and the fear left but I then my next gut reaction was to check out Genesis 11. Genesis 5-11 layout the Great Flood. Jeremiah 5-11 is about God bringing choas to Israel. Not sure how or why it fits but I thought I'd share.

  7. Don't stress
    Don't worry
    You already know where you are going
    You cannot lose your salvation
    Probably better to die during the Black Awakening, than live through it,...think about it.

    1. What if it's not just about being confident about where you're going. What about your reward? Far better to find the Lord's provision in every kind of trial and be found at the end of it all to have pleased the Lord by attaining to the appointed end, whatever it happens to be.

  8. The Manchurian Candidate is Obama, the Black Awakening may have started in Dallas on July 7, note the numerology 7th month, 7th day, if we are told that 2 of the injured cops have died, there will be 7 dead = 777.

    Like the 77 subway bombing in London, which is really the 7777 bombing which happened on the 7th month, and the 7th day, of 2005. 0 has no value, so 2+5=7, and there are 52 dead, 5+2=7 = 7777.

    Also, the prediction of this event during the 9-11 false flag, where we have 4 sevens connected to the event, flight 77, building 7, that came down at 5:20 pm, 5+2=7 = 7777. After the 77 bombing they said, "Now we have our 9-11!"

    Also, you will see 9-11 reversed and hidden on the back of police cars that have dogs, and seen as K-9, K=11, and the number 9 = 9-11 reversed... ____________________________________________________________________________________________