Thursday, September 03, 2015

Decoding Google's New Logo

It's supposed to be more simple for viewing on smaller devices. I see it as being simplified to put more focus on the fundamental symbol - the Abyss.

The sixth letter is a six, slightly obfuscated.
The rainbow is a construct that signifies a dimensional wall and bridge.

If they want to clarify their slogan, it might go this way.

Don't Be Evil

The company has a history with multiple sixes.


  1. Oh, they bought a D/4, 4d WAVE, to take our vital signs. My guess is they got the new chip too . 2to the 1000 power/21/12 . Pre crime. Tool of the one who goes too and fro back and fourth under the earth2d/jail /lockdown. Looking for those he can devour! Well he needs a search engine/internal combustion =chaos. Oh , Disney wants to show us what's in their "box"/&$$! They're pulling magik sigil talismans out of their boxes.

    1. Funny. "Unboxing" started as legitimate end-user review, due to popularity those with a vested interest are all onboard.

  2. BBC 666 reports this oddity, why are they made of granite? its radioactive is my guess. signs of the times. , georgia guide stones.

  3. Heads up, all chemtrail lines are intersecting today, weird. NE Kansas. Looks like a signal or sign, sigil? 11:24 central time

  4. Hi Bob

    I'm glad you did a post on the new google logo (I was hoping you might).

    One of the most significant changes I see is the shape of the second 'g'. This has now changed to have the same basic 'o' shape as the two 'o's before it making it subtly G ooo le - transforming to 666.

    I was also interested this animation:

    They're showing how many strokes of a pen are needed to write the new logo - adds up to 12. Perhaps they feel it's time for a change... time for the revealing of the OOO perhaps.

    I'm also interested that although they show 12 strokes of the pen, but it could be achieved in just 7 (without taking pen off paper) - another 'fullness of time' indicator perhaps?

    And finally, the angle of the 'horizontal' of the 'e' is interesting. Just eye-balling, it looks like the 5 of the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triple where the 3 and 4 are invisible/whitespace (erased perhaps?)

    Thanks again for all your work!

    * posted on behalf of Nigel

  5. Hi Bob,

    Firefox, a supposedly independent, open-source browser has sadly also conformed to the XO design on the closing of tabs. Really disappointing. I started using a browser called Pale Moon which uses the Firefox source code. No more XO.

    On the news a few days ago, the media highlighted the fact that Pope Francis went into a sunglasses store and tried on, and purchased a new pair of glasses aka shades. Do you think there is any significance in the emphasis on this?

    1. Thanks for the tip on Pale Moon. I like Opera, too. Tabs close with a click on an X with a very slightly rounded corner square box.

      The Pope. He's got a lot going on. I noted a while back that sunglasses were used at times to identify a sun worshiper. That sure fits him.