Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joshua 3 and 4 - Inspiring Symmetry

An interactive presentation of the Thematic Symmetry of Joshua Chapters 3 and 4 has just been published to I started working on this project after Aaron and I became intrigued by the the space-time allegories and prophetic layering of the passage. See the series published in August titled, Israel's Wandering for more insight (most specifically Part 2 - Israel's Wandering - Crossing a River of Time with the Time Ark, and, Part 5 - Israel's Wandering - Twelve Stones, for that passage of scripture.)

The coming time reset is pictured there as Joshua places stones from the promised land into the river - in the midst of beautiful and highly organized language constructions that exhibit complex symmetrical relationships. It's a remarkable passage of scripture, and worth the effort to appreciate the way the Lord has concealed and revealed His word in the detail.

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