Friday, September 25, 2015

Part 1 - Code N.E.W.S.

In this season of diverse signs on the theme of time and space, an observation made a couple weeks ago continues to hold my interest. News agencies and the reports they spread through the full spectrum of media have an inherent symbolism that is being exploited by the illumined.

News, is defined as, “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events,” and as, “information not previously known to someone.” These have to do with time; newly, recent, previously. I'm not the first to notice how the word, NEWS, is an acronym of the four cardinal directions: North-East-West-South. That has to do with space. NEWS is a Space-Time signaling word, and it's exploited as such for mind-control and ritual magick. Code N.E.W.S.

The news is often seen or heard or alluded to in the context of other time related words, like with the world famous papers, the London Times, New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

When names are associated with the news that identifies the frequency of publication or broadcasting, it supplements the time aspect. Examples include the Daily News, Newsweek, the Evening News or the Six O'Clock News, or even the Saturday Evening Post.

The famous publication, Time Magazine, has been in continual publication since 1923. Time, is a weekly news magazine. There is nothing unusual about any of this naming, but the fact that this is all so utterly common and familiar has nothing to say about what it is or isn't, with regard to its nature and purpose.

When the news is discussed in the context of the Occult, the god known as Hermes or Mercury has to be considered. Papers like the San Jose Mercury News come immediately to mind. Many papers are named the Herald or the Tribune, or in combination as the Herald Tribune. Mercury is the swift winged messenger of the gods and the patron of heralds and tribunes. His winged rod with the winding serpents is the herald's staff. His staff was able to produce an effect known as eye-mazing, which describes the casting of a spell that put people in a slumbering trance-like state. (That spell-binding device is now connected in most peoples minds with medical services. There's a reason for that beyond simple ignorance and confusion with the rod of Asclepius.) When it comes to the reporting of news in this world where the god of this age holds sway, this ancient eye-mazing god is being ritually engaged.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. ~ 1 John 5:19

Hermes or Mercury is also the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them. His evocation in the ritual magick of Code N.E.W.S. is for the breaching of space-time dimensional barriers for the traversing of heavenly and earthly domains.

I referred to Code N.E.W.S. in Part 1 - The London 2012 Olympics: Revisited. The commentator for the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony was giving us the NLP laden prelude to a guided Journey along the Thames, engaging the audience in a space-time manipulation ritual. He spoke of “the man of the hour” who would be striking the bell, saying, “Think about it, it must have been in all the papers all over the world because no Briton has ever done it before.” Papers - implying NEWSpapers. “No Briton has ever done it before,” which is to say that it was the first TIME. “In all the papers all over the world,” - NEWSpapers all over the WORLD. North. East. West. South. World. SPACE.

The presence of Time-Space ritual in connection with NEWS is most evident and the sorcery (pharmakeia) most potent when associated branding imagery contains other symbolic references to time or space-time mastery.

Until recently I couldn't understand the branding of CNN. I knew there was some kind of potent Occult meaning behind the brand imagery of that dominant force in western news. It's Code N.E.W.S. The letters, n, overlap, forming the wave glyph. Water-as-Time. The letter, C, is a homonym of the word, sea, which is filled with water and waves. The watery seas appear in the image of the attending globe, which also evokes the concept of space. The white line running through the red script is the channel where water flows as through a water pipe. In addition to all that, there is what's inherent in the cardinal directions of the acronym of news, and what is new in time.

The parent company of Cable News Network is Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), and TIME Warner. Their slogan is “Go There. This is CNN.” “Go There,” evokes a relocation, transporting us through space-time. According to their own press release copy, “'CNN. Go There.' is the new brand campaign that signifies a commitment to what CNN can and will be. With an unmatched global footprint, CNN has the capabilities to go where no one else can.” So, it signifies a commitment to what CNN can and will be. When? In the future. That time language is paired with equally obvious space language.

These observations I'm making reveal the demonstrated religion of the illumined elite, the expression of the worship of their gods. It's called theurgy. It's a form of ritual magick. It's also called the sorcery or pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon.

Also inherent in the word, NEWS, is Code 47. The gematria of NEWS when A=1 is 14+5+23+19=61 and 6+1=7, a fundamental time number. When Z=1, NEWS is 13+22+4+8= 47. This is the number that evokes the production of Horus in this dimension through the union of Osiris and Isis. It also involves space-time. You can see from this graphic how the time numbers 7 and 12 are inherent in the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid.

Consider the branding of MSNBC, one of CNN's main competitors in the West. It's the union of NBC and MSN. When they bend the name around the corner it fits perfectly within the 3.4.5 dimensioned right triangle that is the basis for the esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid. I made this graphic. I didn't stretch it in any direction, just resized one relative to the other so we could see how it fits. Oh, my! What an amazing coincidence, right? No. It's not a coincidence. It's evidence of the ritual, supporting through redundancy the Code 47 features of the gematria of the word, news.

The traditional NBC branding is the bird with the colorful feathers. “Proud as a Peacock” is their familiar slogan. The colors of the rainbow are represented in order, in a radial fashion. The colors pictured in their logo are in the sequence expressing movement counter-clockwise, i.e. counter-CLOCKwise. I think they are modeling the face of a clock. The feathers occupy the positions of the hours on the upper half of the face, with the the bird's head straight up at 12 o'clock like hands. With that hour being called out for special attention by use of the different element, the time number 12 is emphasized. The bird's neck and head is the white light that splits into the rainbow. The rainbow is a space-time dimensional construct, a bridging construct. The N at the center of MSNBC's linear logo is given emphasis. The letter, N, is used as a portal or stargate letter. (See this post, Part 29 - Signs of Horus Worship - Nationwide, Jr Nation and Comet Ison) The letter, N, is the 13th from the end of the alphabet. Thrteen, signaling the mastery of time and space-time dimensions.

Another major news source is Fox News. Because of their familiar 21st Century FOX movie animations, we tend to see their beacons of light sweeping the sky in the Fox News logo. One is like the other. A century is a span of TIME lasting 100 years. The number 21 is a time number, the mirror of 12. We don't do this consciously, but our minds automatically scan things to identify relationships, and this provides the possible contexts from which we derive meaning. The process imports the time elements through the connection. I see another clock in their brand imagery, with hands sweeping around the face, and also a sundial with a shadow being cast by the gnomon. Fox is, of course, f=6 o=6 (1+5) x=6 (2+4) Code 666, and they are magnifying the XO MOB.

Superman. I've written many posts in the last 5 years about the Occultism involving this fictional character. Superman is a news reporter in his secret identity as Clark Kent. He works in the big city at a paper called the Daily Planet. Daily Planet. Time + Space. On top of the newspaper's towering skyscraper is their icon, a globe.

What planet has a ring around it? It's not the Earth but Saturn. Saturn, the god of time! Cronus, Chronus or Kronos. The Daily Planet; the planet that rules the “daily,” or time.

In other renderings of the building, the ringed planet appears on top of a pyramid like the obelisk that is the phallus of Osiris, a god of time. In another rendering, the building is composed of four opposing towers, presenting an X form. With the spherical globe, that's the familiar XO form. See the four towers as a modeling of North, East, West and South. N.E.W.S. It's the Daily Planet newspaper building. On top, there's a time ball. Keep that identification in mind. We'll be returning to that concept.

Remember, Superman, the film from 1978 starring Christopher Reeve? He resets time into the past to change the outcome of events. He demonstrates the powers of Saturn that are connected with his alter identity. Here's a clip of the epic scene. clip from Superman (1978) turning back time. Watch for the other time symbols, the water (Hoover Dam) the rocks. Superman demonstrates the meaning of his NEWSpaper's icon, spinning rings around the earth. He turns back time, resetting it in the past. Superman's romantic interests have names with L. L. as their initials. Lois Lane. Lana Lang. (allusion to Fritz Lang and wife Thea von Harbou - Metropolis (1927)) Superman's nemesis was named Lex Luthor. Why all the double L naming? L, is the 12th letter. It factors into the space-time ritual.

To be continued, Lord willing.


  1. Could 'the daily' be the same 'daily' of Daniel 8? Where an army is given to the little horn to oppose the daily?

    1. The Daily. The continuum. That's a connection we were also led to make.

  2. we dont need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. it blows from high pressure areas to low pressure areas. the dead muslim pilgrims happened at a choke point at the bridge of the 3 pillars/gate symbols. not everyone gets to cross. just like katrina. the lawless know how to increase pressure. spoonful of chaos goes a long way. just one little thorny seed/tare, like magik.

  3. forgot, they throw stones/time bubbles? at the pillars. stoning satan?

  4. have to google jamarat pillars to get the visual effect. pillars are elevated on a bridge. shaped like a vesica Pisces/matrix, vagina. its been remodeled. go to images and scroll. news is heavy magik. they like to use "vector" symbols. great work? dozens of layers. lots of visual hypnotic effects.

    1. That's some strange stuff.

  5. the pillars also remind me of einstines gravity diagrams of mass effecting gravity. makes a bowl or bend in space/time. many layers. news also know a little cleavage goes a long way in manipulating the male brains. they will focus/manipulate, group everybody out there. certainly cant send junior to school without the latest made in a slaveshop fashions. with chinese lead paint. #s on the stampede deaths remind me of their perceived right to judge us.

  6. the bridge looks like a man in motion? Tien? Tamuz?