Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn.

The mirroring of the sun god's name is magical. Literally.

This is kind of subtle, but once you see the valley sweeping the arc behind the person making the cross, well, there it is. XO ~ Mark of the Beast.

The return of Ra - reborn in an incarnation as the beast.

He, by any name, is always presented as the HERO.


  1. here's one from okc, where I 40 X's I 35=75=7+5=12, aiming at crystal bridge gardens, with pool for abbis. wich aims at devon tower's entry, with skylight aiming up a channel in bld. to the heavens/stars(west channel) south channel aims water down to winding stream going to sub level pool area. its a scissor/X, tail flycatcher, (lord of the fly's) family of king bird genus. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/475903885593699787/ , 69 cancer, represents the crossing. after okc I 40 parallels ole rout 66/ highway to hell. i used to play on it as a kid where it went through bethany ok. at the nazarene college. we rode our bikes on the sidewalks in the summer. they had cold water and bth rms.

  2. Okc thunder, basketball, Bb 22, gateway symbols, http://www.nba.com/thunder/news/bluewhite_scrimmage_150922, Google images has better symbols

  3. here's a gateway in german parliament bld. vortex/womb/gate/dome/womb/matrix/gate. http://obamapacman.com/2010/10/german-parliament-replaces-paper-with-ipad/ , or just google german Parliament bld. go to images.