Friday, September 18, 2015

Vintage Ads for L&M Cigarettes: Part 6 - On Twelves and Thirteens - Signs of Time and its Mastery

The other day as I was reflecting on just how pervasive the signs of time and its mastery were, a discontinued brand of cigarettes came to mind. Searching through some vintage ads, example after example appeared.

...through so much SPACE in such little TIME

Time and the mastery of space-time is promoted leveraging the Occult gematria, a simple alpha-numeric substitution cipher where L is 12 and M is 13.

“Live Modern” was a big campaign. Time words: live MODERN + TODAY's exciting cigarette. Actor James Arness appears inside a circle inside a square. Wearing a hat. Ritual sodomy illumination aside, the circle inside the square is space-time geometry, which is further emphasized with the cigarette package squares superimposed on the edge of the circle. The XO MOB is called out by the v of Live and the v inside the M of Modern, which intersect the edge of the circle. The v extends to an x, of course. As Above, So Below, according to the Hermetic Maxim.

Filter Cigarette. FC. F=6 and C=3. 666 MOB

NYC's Madison Avenue of the 60s was celebrated in the TV show, Mad Men, which ran for seven seasons. The ad industry was flush with tobacco money! Vintage L&M cigarette ad campaign slogans and copy are flush with NLP and are they are spiked with esoteric imagery. It's the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon, broadcasting spells through product use and through media promotions.

More of the same in this one. “Your big red letter day.” BIG means lots of SPACE. Day means TIME. Repeated in the rest of the line, “the DAY you change to L&M.” Change involves and evokes SPACE and TIME. Get in the L&M Circle. Change your SPACIAL position relative the circle of TIME.

The cigarette has long been identified with romance, with sex, and the afterglow. The red is the rose and rebel goddess color. The cigarette is phallic. Whether a girl smoked or not used to be seen as an indication of whether or not she was a virgin. Ads play on innuendo, cigarette ads at least as much as with other products.

More sexual innuendo. Oh look. How clever. The cigarette pack has an erection.

“You'll be sittin on top of the world when you change to L&M”
World = SPACE. Modern - TIME.

“Light into that Live Modern flavor!”
Light... “Let there be light” - Genesis - creation - fundamental dimensional physics

“Start fresh with L&M
Stay fresh with L&M”

From the beginning of TIME through eternity with continuity. With L&M, with time and the mastery of space-time.

SPACE! With L&M, 12 and 13, UNLOCK a new world, new dimensions!

try fresh-tasting, best-tasting L&M TODAY -- pack or (her) box
More sexual innuendo - and goddess imagery.

The proud smoke
Product of a proud land.

Land = SPACE. Niagara Falls. Water as time.

Again, The proud smoke - Product of a proud land. Land = SPACE. New York Harbor - Water as time.

Statue of Liberty - goddess - Cigarette pack erection.

Pointing to Twin Towers of WTC - Gemini and Silver Gate imagery

This... is the L&M moment. Moment = TIME. The three dots indicate a pause, a delay in the movement through space-time. That was a popular slogan.

The vibrancy and tenderness of the afterglow. Subtle cigarette pack erection imagery.

“Never interrupt an L&M smoker.” Well, that can be taken in more than one way, to be sure. Given the scenario pictured, I can see why the cigarette packs have no erection.

The tagline can also be taken in more than one way on the theme of space-time and control. Interruption, so there is no TIME delay in a sequence of events. Or, with regard to the space time continuum - which is being interrupted.

“Because L&M's balanced blend gives good taste from end to end. ”

From end to end. Through SPACE, as illustrated. And, TIME, as from beginning to end, from start to finish.

L&M. 12 & 13. There it is, vintage style.


  1. Hey Guys, bbc reports on LIGO/space time experiment. Lots of signs. World looks different when looking through the filter with knowledge you provide. Thank you for this blessing. Flood story is mind blowing. Flood/water/time. Science swears the earth is very very old. After flood the earth was a very different place, with mountains and oceans. Fascinating!

    1. You're welcome!

      I note LIGO is sensitivity enhanced 10 fold, and they state their expectation of another 3 fold by end of decade. 10+3=13 - as they seek to exploit/control space-time.

  2. One more, crane falls in meca kills people. Check out mythology from Mecca on cranes. Says we have to see satanic verses to get best story of these 3 gods or goddesses. Elevated sidewalk(in space) circling the cube. Makes star of mollek, in time lapse.

    1. The Crane-goddess Islamic connection makes for an interesting sign.

  3. I got to get to work, check this,, robot rose wins contest

    1. Interesting advances are being made. Thanks. Chatbot Rose.

  4. Aron's comment on Pi made me think of "great race"/great work movie. Tony Curtis , climax is a pie fight. Bringing in refugees/aliens to get chemical reaction/chaos, for big zombie pie fight? 12 slices of of sweet creamy lies in our faces, splat!

  5. macdonalds/poster boy for fast food/66/golden arches/gateway/outdoor/not food scam, leads the way on un emigrant relief. signal a mirror? two arches. or outdoor here and there?