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Decoding: The Tuscan Sun and Summit Entertainment

Remember this set from last week? The theme continues.

A SUN - anagram - ANUS. REAR ENTRANCE. Additionally, the first 3 letters each of SUMmer and CLEarance, read - MUSCLE - which must be the sphincter given that it's mirroring "a sun." Also worthy of note, it is orange, a primary sodomy signaling color. Note, 3 and 3 letters signals Code 33.

In many of the Summer promotions of the season, we sense there is, on some level, a reference being made back to Sumer, in the sun-scorched flood plain of ancient Mesopotamia that was populated by the influential Sumerians.

In this title, there is a celebration of the sun in romantic Tuscany. Under the Tuscan Sun.

In the arrangement of the book cover's title, we see another example of the familiar anagram. This coding also appears in the cookbook cover's title. As you can see in the graphic, the designer embellishes on the sodomite image, enhancing it with more sex magic that features the goddess.

TUSCAN SUN is an anagram. When you remove the letters of the word, anus, the remaining letters form another anatomical word. It's a crude expression, slang for, vagina, the possessive form of the word. We know this is intended because there is redundancy.

The title is framed in the shape resembling a scallop shell. This is a symbol of the goddess Venus. This is an anatomical symbol that compares to the heart in that it is both the anus (Remember Pope Benedict's Coat of Arms? Part 13 - The Sodomite Gateway - The Sodomite High Priest of the Romish Sun Cult) and the vagina.

There is a sun yellow dress being worn by a woman that draws our attention. A Sun = ANUS. She's crossing her legs, keeping the secrets of the TUSCAN SUN. *UNT'S ANUS. She is softly framed by the only sun lit areas of the scene. Sunshine on the grass. Suns hine(y) on the grASS.

It's an Occult gag, played on us over and over - yet it's far more than just a gag. This is the evidence of the devout practice of theurgy and of mind control ritual and the evidence of the magical cover spell.

Here's some imagery in a logo that you'll see all year around. Summit Entertainment. Summit. Not Summer. Yet, exploited in similar ways by the sodomite Occult mind control specialists with magic wands of holly wood. How many times have you looked at this and wondered what that's all about? Summit Entertainment. ANUS.


Sodomy! Male on male. Mounting the Summit has to do with ritual sodomy illumination. Between the peaks is where travelers go over the pass. That's, pASS, of course, and the twin peaks are obviously the buttocks. The infamous warlock and sodomy promoting author Aleister Crowley was a renowned mountain climber, and this speaks to us as something of a tribute.

Another anatomical word hasn't been emphasized in a graphic for you but it's spelled out if you look for it. TAINT. That is slang for the perineum, and it would be naive to think that isn't intended as supplemental.

Look also for UTERUS and TT (slang for, vagina) and see the peaks as breasts. Mother Earth. Gaia. The goddess.

The word, peak, in simple Occult gematria, is 16+5+1+11 = 33. Code 33. The double M in, suMMit is another Code 33 because M rotates to a numeral 3. Tracing the peaks forms a numeral 3, one on the top edge and one on the bottom. 33. The tracing of the peaks forms the letter M, which is the 13th letter. Taken with the meaning of the mastery of time, this is an example of time mastery with ritual sodomy that is a pairing of the themes that we've given some attention to in a video series.

If PEAK is 33 then two of them is 33+33 or 66, signaling the Abyss. It is claimed that Crossing the Abyss is the magicians greatest work. This involves an initiation rite where the initiate is sodomized by every one who attends their ceremony.

Why is the top of the peak cut off in this logo? It's a symbol of the famous truncated pyramid, the great pyramid! As researcher Joseph P. Farrell has noted, in some ancient manuscripts the word used for pyramid is identical to the one for mountain. Get it? This truncated summit suggests the presence of an unseen eye, as presented on the Great Seal of the USA. It's the hidden eye, the Eye of Horus, the triangle eye. That's right, it's the all seeing eye of the exalted anus!

Lionsgate Films acquired Summit Entertainment in 2012. Their namesake is the famed lion's gate known as the Gate of Ishtar. She is the goddess known also as Inanna. The ancient Gate has been relocated to Berlin's Pergamon Museum and may now be seen near the biblical Seat of Satan that is more widely known as the Pergamon Altar or the Altar of Zeus.

The MM, in so many instances, suggests the goddess, like you see emphasized in this graphic. The signature W of the bent elbow dancing bee goddess. AWA, ABA or AVA, is suggested by the double M as each one is a supporting base, and each M also supplies the flanking A form. Also, the light coming out of the first M in Summit suggests the formation of the very subtle golden W in the heavens.

Here's some Occult code that's shared by Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment. In simple gematria, GATE is 7+1+20+5 = 33. Code 33. Like PEAK is 33. In the gematria where Z=1, LIONS is 15+18+12+13+8 = 66: The Abyss. Remember, Summit Entertainment's two summits present us with, PEAK + PEAK or 33+33 = 66.

An anagram of, LIONS, is loins. The “loins gate” suggests the use of sex magic to open a portal.

Are you seeing what you're looking at? Praise the Lord, who opens the eyes and ears - and sets us free from the influences brought by His enemies upon His people!

The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made both of them ~ Proverbs 20:12

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