Saturday, July 15, 2017

HEART: anagram HATER

Yes, an anagram of, HEART, is, HATER, and this has to be seen as one of the levels of meaning when the iconic stylized image is used as a symbol of love. Flip! The typical Occult blind. The heart is an ideogram, a symbol of the butt. The butt obsessed sodomites wallpaper the world with the image of their stylized heart. This is believed to signal, love, but, in contrast, it represents its anagram, hater. The sodomites hate the Most High God and His people.

Here's a collection of heart-hater sodomite ritual enchantments. Some claim that the heart motif is all just innocent fun and is really all about feeling good and spreading the love. Some people are naive, and some are in denial, and some are just deceivers!

LILI GAL. There's the stylized heart, right between the I and G. Mirrored, that's GI for the gastrointestinal tract. LILIGAL, like, illigal or illegal? Lilith?

“I love Lucy”

Classic American comedy TV waving the banner of sodomite love. The O, in love, is for Orifice, apparently, because that's the picture. Lucy ~ Lucifer. Is that satin under or behind the heart? Satin as Satan. Luciferian, Satanic, butt love.

The heart is also distinctly feminine, on one level, because it pictures the vagina with labia spread wide, and the folds of satin evoke the folds of the vagina.

A pair of four letter words are featured centrally, with the I displaced off to the side. LOVE LUCY is 4 and 4 signaling 44, the goddess. That's according to the numbering of Code 47, the esoteric interpretation of the 47th Problem of Euclid. This old title screen is a form of ritual sex magick producing Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

"I love Lucy" is Code 47.

(RAS reduction gematria)
I = 9 (1 + 8)

L = 6 (1 + 5)
O = 3 (1 + 2)
V = 5
E = 4 (2 + 2)

L = 6 (1 + 5)
U = 6
C = 6 (2 + 4)
Y = 2

In this form of gematria, LUC is 666!

Now you know one of the secrets of Disney's sci-fi classic, TRON, and the character named CLU (short for Codified Likeness Utility). Obviously, a spin on the antichrist. Also, in ATBASH, CLU is FOX.

My Card Extras. Comenity Bank affiliate. CBA-a 3-2-1 countdown. Heart made by hands, Taylor Swift's signature move. Horus Hands, doing some hand magick, physical magick. Framed inside the heart is, “THE” which is Code 33. (T+H+E = 20+8+5 = 33) The number 33 is an ideogram of two butts when engaging in sodomy. The symbol magick is enhanced with the layering together of the sodomite heart and code 33. Here's another instance of the 33 to enhance it even further. The E and E on the hands. Mirror them. EE becomes 33!


The letters X and T are crosses. It looks like a double-cross to me. Betrayal. The positioning of MY CARD over EXTRAS produces "extra" RA, 2 existing instances plus 2 more cross-line instances. Ra is the sun god, aka Horus. The goddess is also exalted, with the heart being a graphic composed of two crossing circles. With the H as a double Tau cross at the crossing, this powerfully establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. The union of X and O is sex magick, sodomite love-heart-hater sex magick. Promoting the banksters.

Here's a lens to see this through. They will apparently help you open your third eye so you can see what they see. The eye+heart Eye of Horus Optometry. EyeglASSes.

Eye Heart Hot Dogs. Hot dog as phallus. Fellatio. Horus Eye (anus) + Heart-butt + Phallus Sodomy. Perhaps the next-gen design will feature a picture of a hot dog in a bun (buns butt). With ketchup-blood. They already have this on her BACK side. We haven't seen this design on the seat of anyone's britches yet, and perhaps that's just a little too obvious.

Alpha Home. A Pathway to recovery. This looks like a gag. Open your "mouth" and say, AHhhh.

The year 1966 conceals a transformed 666. The heart-butt with the cross or X that marks the spot suggests what kind of pathway might be involved. Because of how every Illuminati SRA DID slave has “Alpha” alter programming, this has the look of a well branded reprogramming and tune-up center, where programmers recover their slaves. Sodomizing victims with a crucifix is called, the Peace of Mary. A cross with a vertical and horizontal signals the union of the sons of god (vertical) with the daughters of men (horizontal).

Are you seeing what you're looking at?

The HEART ~ HATERS of the Most High have their day. He will have His, and it will endure through the ages to come!


  1. Erin observed that Lucille Ball compares to Lucifer Baal. Thanks and blessings Erin and Carol.