Sunday, July 16, 2017

Exposing the Secret (HATER) HEART of the Sodomite Elite

Continuing from what we posted yesterday, HEART: anagram HATER, here's more exposure of the haters' hearts.

I've done a little graphic work to illustrate some of the "subliminals" at work in this butt symbol.

The t of heart is a cross so X marks the spot, the anal Eye of Horus.The symmetrically balanced, ar (mirror of Ra) and re (Re) identify the sun god, aka Horus.

Thoughtfully, they didn't forget the tp. (toilet paper)

Heartland Express: Acronym: HE - Horus Eye - and the HE of their exaltation is Horus.

Hey, folks have been using the ass for transport for thousands of years, right?

You can hardly argue the appropriateness of putting their logo on the backside of the trailer.

This is a fitting identity for a company that hauls, you have to agree. Hauling butt.

“It takes the heart of a trucker to move this country.” Obviously. Stuck in that seat for hour after hour.

This unhealthy looking CoverGirl has her third eye heart eye opened by ritual sodomy, which is emphasized by the purple of the nail polish pouring out.

The Egyptian style of eye makeup (Isis) resonates with the Eye of Horus. This CoverGirl has uncovered her ear. Ahem. Her-REAR. Which makes her completely naked because, apparently, going topless is the fashion.

The other CoverGirl has her eyes covered with shades. So the sun don't shine on her eyes. You can't see them because they are hidden - with sunglASSes. The Hidden Eye, the Horus Eye. She enjoys the sun as a sun worshiper - of the sun god. Why is her mouth open? To emphasize the opening of the GI tract, like the mouth of a river, which is not the source but the outlet.

The Cover(girl) spell of sodomy is in play, but perhaps for you, is no longer influential!

Truly Moving Pictures. Sooooo, is that, like, a bowel movement? The heart is a sun, A SUN: anagram ANUS. This is the hater-heart icon in play, so, yes, that's what we're looking at. The sun shines on the green (Satan's color) grASS.

Nike/Victoria is the ancient goddess of the victor's wreath, and her active presence is implicit. AWArd - AWA - the goddess of sodomite love. The designer's choice of a crossing V style of the letter W is also signaling VVV or 666 because sixth Hebrew letter is the vav.

This heart/pentagram is really a primal sigil of the celestial goddess of love. She is the queen of heaven who draws all mankind to herself and leads them into rebellion. She HATES the true God and His people! But she's not heartless. That is, if you count the stylized hater-heart symbol.

Well, that's it. For this post.

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