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Wonder Woman and the Rise of the Goddess

Aaron and I recently watched, Wonder Woman. It was generally what we expected it to be. What is worth reporting about has to do with how the popularity of this film is a sign of the continuing rise of the goddess, of her ascending influence in the world. It's immediately obvious to some, but the details, matter, so we're going to share a few of note.

So many women and men, too, think this is a good thing. This kind of thing is seen as empowering women, and most have been programmed by much propaganda to see this as being just and noble. What's behind this empowering of women is the spirit of rebellion, which is not opposing the rule of some evil archaic patriarchy but rather the authority of our Creator Himself. This spirit of empowering women is the work of the goddess of magick, who is exalted by witches. This is a face of Lucifer, of Satan, the Devil.

It's not hard to see the signs of the ancient gods in the symbols that are expertly woven throughout the film. Much of it is right out in the open. That has a certain influence, to be sure, but supernatural influence comes through the hidden signs, the Occult symbols. We'll point some out, shortly.

Wonder Woman is openly claimed to be a daughter of Zeus. She is an Amazon. She lived in a dimensional isolation zone, a kind of "pocket universe" with a magical barrier, like the legend of Avalon. Diana is her name, and she's straight out identified to us as the goddess Diana, conflated with Artemis. See Acts 19:34-35. The Temple of Artemis (circa 550 BC) in Ephesus was accounted among the ancient seven wonders of the world.

If you consider the legend of the island of Delos, you'll see the film has roots in it. The legendary daughter of Zeus-Jupiter was born to Leto on the magickal island and subsequently aided in the delivery of her twin brother, Apollo. Apollo, aka Horus - antichrist identity. Apollo was born clutching a golden sword. Wonder Woman takes a special sword called the god-killer when she goes after Ares-Mars on her noble quest to save all the world from destruction. Artemis/Diana and Apollo were archers and we see Wonder Woman demonstrate her skill with the bow and arrow. Wonder Woman is a composite goddess, and really, she is also identified with Apollo, with antichrist. This key identification is reflected in the name she assumes, Diana Prince, with, prince. being male, of course. According to the film's plot, prophecy has her being the savior of the world, and this is what she becomes. What the film doesn't give any attention to are the implications of the notion that killing a god transfers the defeated god's powers to the victor. She does kill Ares-Mars in the end and this ominous transfer must be an assumed result.

One of the more striking goddess-exalting Occult scenes we witnessed during the film was when Wonder Woman appeared in a lingering pose on top of a church, which had just been partly destroyed in a battle where she was victorious. (Victory personified, Victoria) The church had a big rose window on the front like many cathedral style churches have. This is the signature Venus Rose emblem of the celestial goddess Venus. She's the Queen of Heaven. And, this presents Wonder Woman in a familiar "Christian" identity, as the Virgin Mary.

One of the primary symbols of the goddess involves the union of the X and O, the crossing of circles. Wonder Woman's super power of explosive force manifests when she does her signature gesture that secretly unites the O and X. She crosses her forearms, which are covered by special metallic bracelet-like armor. Visualizing this in three spatial dimensions, each bracelet encircles her arm so it is cylindrical with a circular cross section. Crossing these is crossing circles, and this way of invoking her super power is explained by the following insight brought forth by Occultist, Kenneth Grant, in a book published in 1992, titled, "Aleister Crowley and The Hidden God."

“There is a legend known to Initiates concerning the secret abode of the Goddess: The Spirit of Nodens - God of the Great Deep - flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in celestial realms - a seat of stone - whereon the Goddess was established. She ruled from the throne of stone which Nodens had fashioned, and about her the temple of Nu-Isis grew into being…

The Heart of the Sigil of Nodens is identical with the Mark of the Beast: (X), the fusion of O and X which produces the lightning flash. Nodens is the God of the Great Deep or Abyss, microcosmically identical with subconsciousness. He reigns over the Abyss and controls and harnesses its lightnings. "Flashed forth as lightning from the depths" describes the act involved in the establishing of the Scat. The Seat of Stone is lsis, and upon this foundation the Goddess is established and rules the heavens, the earth and the deeps beneath the earth. In other words, the Goddess who grants all desires is invoked by the union of the X and the O (the Phallus and the Kteis), the Scat being the vehicle of her power.

Isis is therefore her vehicle, for Isis bears the fire of Nodens within her womb, and her vehicle in the macrocosm is the transplutonic planet known to occult tradition also as Isis.”

So, the power of Wonder Woman manifests as a sign of this lightning flashing forth from the depths of the Abyss. Lightning bolts are easily identified as the weapon of Zeus, Wonder Woman's father.

In this poster captioned, POWER, she unites the X and O with her power invoking gesture.

The sex magic of the XO union is being signaled in the covering of her mouth. She is the goddess who is widely known as Isis so her mouth is the Mouth of Isis. In Occult metaphor, the Mouth of Isis is the Kteis, the vagina, and this is covered, i.e. sexually, in this poster with the crossing or X that is the Phallus. Do you see that? Look at this poster and consider it well as you read through Kenneth Grant's statements a few more times until it sinks in. This is the kind of thing that wields influence in our world and makes captives of the ignorant. The goddess of magic is casting a spell on you, asserting her power that derives from the Abyss. No joke. This is the pharmakeia of the Whore of Babylon.

The downward pointing triangle she bears on her forehead is a symbol of the feminine, the shape of the female pubic patch. Yes, it's sexual, and she is a fertility goddess. Diana-Artemis is sometimes fashioned as an idol that has many breasts.

The 8 point star inside the triangle is known from ancient times as the Star of Inanna. the goddess who is identified further to us by the central, W, in Power, and that form of the Wonder Woman emblem/logo. Inanna is also identified by the emphasis upon the bracelets and the royal crown.

This poster emphasizes that primary XO union with many more instances. A subtle X marks her left breast, an obviously deliberate design feature that is not superfluous. This identifies that rounded female attribute as the matching O! Each chevron or V angle is half an X, and the natural extension of these provides more instances of the XO. On her bracelets, we find more subtle X forms and some that are far less subtle, on the edges that enhance the potency of the symbolism.

Here's a couple more movie posters.

Is it just us, or are these completely dominated by a golden XO motif? The X on Wonder Woman's arm band is emphasized and is superimposed over one of the concentric circles of the disk. See the ornamental design on the rim, on the right, where crossing circles mark off crosses all around the big circle's circumference! That Amazon warrior is modeling the bent elbow pose of the W goddess. The logo's placement emphasizes her pubic patch with a down triangle. The Kteis. The sword or blade is the phallus.

Because of the rayed sun design, we should recognize the symbolic layer where this is the sodomite gateway, A SUN, and the anagram, ANUS, paired with the sword-phallus.

One would do well to compare this to the imagery of the Romish Mary worshiping church, the monstrance with the host, and the SHI-t branded sun, and the blazing star of Freemasonry with their dirty G-EYE sun. Compare the Wonder Woman logo to the square and compass, and to their eagle or phoenix.

It appears as though she (the goddess she represents - aka - Lucifer) is the inspiration for The Order of the Eastern Star, which is for women and is appendant to Freemasonry. The organization's international headquarters is in Washington DC. That's the District of Columbia, the goddess Columbia! This land was donated jointly by the states of VIRGINia and MARYland. Right. VIRGIN MARY!

Wonder Woman must really be seen as that goddess who is America's personification of Freedom. (Yet, in her there is only bondage, in truth!) In previous versions of this comic book character, Wonder Woman wears white stars on a blue field that look like they could have been made out of an American flag. It's like how Superman used to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, supporting nationalism. The gods and goddesses are on "our" side, of course. But that's not really how it is. The Most High God is on the side of whoever is truly on His side.

During the season where I was immersed in the study of the Great Pyramid and its function as a time weapon, one of the tangential studies involved learning about the national gods and goddesses of the USA. These are implicit in the iconography of the Great Seal and the sources referenced by the Latin expressions. Primarily, Jupiter is the supreme god when it is declared, In God We Trust. His eye is the "eye of Providence," and the eagle opposite the glowing pyramid eye is his symbol, the Aetos Deios.

THE AETOS DIOS was a giant, golden eagle which served as Zeus' personal messenger and animal companion.” (AETOS DIOS on

This golden eagle featured on Wonder Woman's chest is traditionally identified with Jupiter/Zeus, who is the father of Diana-Artemis. This symbolic aspect of her super-hero uniform is really significant, and you can learn something very important from the layers of meaning.

In America, the goddess is highly exalted in the District of Columbia. Most prominently, her presence is associated with the Capitol Building, on Capitol Hill. The dome is the womb of Isis, engaged with the world's largest phallus of Osiris that is more widely recognized as the Washington Monument. The Capitol Building is seen as an owl from above, which is the symbol of Minerva. You can see the bird of prey on Wonder Woman's Amazonian armor as that owl of the warring goddess. Standing vigil atop the Capitol Dome is the goddess known as Freedom. She has a shield and sword, like Wonder Woman. She is, in symbol, the agent of Jupiter-Zeus, because she has the sign of his authority on her head.

That's the meaning of the eagle and eagle's feathers on her head. Below, on the underside of the dome, Freedom is seen in action. In Brumidi's WAR scene, which adorns the Apotheosis of George Washington, she brandishes the sword against the Merovingian rule (bee cape).

She has the eagle on her head, which means she is subject to the authority of Jupiter-Zeus and that she represents him as his agent. She has the eagle at her side, who wields the arrows and thunder bolt or lightning that represents the power that attends the grant of authority.

You'll get insight into just what is meant by the separation of church and state if you get free of the propaganda spell over the matter of god and country. That's all about protecting the status quo of the current Luciferian state religion. Mind you, this idolatry goes far beyond America and even nationalism itself.

Compare this image on Wonder Woman's chest to the tattoo Rihanna flaunts. Rihanna, is the name of a Celtic fertility goddess. The Queen. See this bird as Isis, in her shape-shifting form of the kite, as when raising Osiris from the dead with the magickal phallus, into Horus.

On this imagery that appears on her chest, Aleister Crowley literally branded his scarlet women between their breasts with a symbol of the mark of the beast, the XO. She is a scarlet woman, wearing that color and branded in a similar way.

Breast-O-nipple X | X Breast-O-nipple.

Here's a couple more observations. The WW of Wonder Woman is a rotated 33, Code 33.

About the image on her chest, it's the ancient symbol of the sons of god (up) uniting genetically and spiritually with the daughters of men (down) like in Genesis 6.

In closing, here's a few goddess exalting images that have come my way recently.

The double 666 signaling okay signs over the eyes are Horus Eyes and signs signaling the goddess and her fertile circlular female womb.

These two ads were presented together in my Yahoo email interface one morning.

XO to the max!

OXO... OXO ... OXO ... The pharmakeia of the Whore of Babylon.

The French tableau is all about notre dame and Marianne with the Crossing Circles, the + cross in the shape of an O, the O next to the +t of tableau, and the vesica piscis, which is the Kteis and the Phallus (of Osiris, eaten by the fish - ichthus) united. And there's even the signal TT metaphor for the vagina, in the, Top Ten.

Goddess. Signs of the rise of the goddess are almost everywhere. Her demise is foretold in the Bible and is more near than ever! The Lord Y'shua has the victory!



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  4. Hello Bob,
    This is an album from a band I listened to, beginning probably 10 years ago. I was always aware of the blatant Masonic imagery, but once the cover spells are lifted...well, you know. I was reminded of the band's logo as soon as I saw the image of the goddess.

    1. Thanks Tim. That album cover is loaded! AVA - indeed. AsStronaut seated on the MOON. I note the double A, and the AA, which seems to be signaled, is a Crowley honoring Thelemite organization akin to the OTO and the Golden Dawn.

  5. Bbc reports, scientists have come up with image of the oldest flower. Looks like a lotus with both sex organs(bisexual). Article describes circles of petalas. Hmm, sounds like a xbox(×in the 0). Other layers are the petals are in sets of 3 in concentric circles. Rotational symmetry/ doorway. Looks like it grew in the water. Right on the surface, like a boundry between 3rd and 4th dimensions.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe


  7. Awesome post. She was introduced to us in Batman vs superman. Wonderwoman= 11 letters, Batman= 6 and superman= 9.
    9/11 and 6/11 as above so below. She is possibly a transvestite baphomet figure as well.

  8. Sorry Bob superman only 8 letters oops.