Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating Palm Sunday? Easter?

Today, many are celebrating what they call Palm Sunday. On the Lord's calendar, Pesah and the barley harvest are due next month, because the barley in Israel wasn't aviv when searched for at the close of the 12th month.

Is the celebration of Palm Sunday really biblical? What does the Palm signify?

Search for Palm Sunday on the Blog (including the modeling of the Lenten Calendar done in the animated feature, Rango)
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Search the blog also for, Easter, and see if that's a celebration being sponsored by the Sovereign God.


  1. Great articles on Palm Sunday.

    There is a group who went and found that barley is ready

    I highly recommend, and they have several great in-depth articles comparing the different calendars and methods. When one ignores the random rabbinical leap month procedures, and the tenuous barley, we are in the first month - and currently on Palm Sunday today, as well. A very interesting line-up, especially in conjunction with numerous other celestial signs at the moment.

    Check out the barley report, and they have several other interesting observations how spring is well underway there in Israel, with the fig trees already putting forth leaves and figs.

  2. Thanks. I've also considered the Karaite-Korner follow-up. It seems to us that their report is legit, and this is the 13th month.

  3. Just a note, I don't consider the barley in determining the year, but it is interesting to be noted from an agricultural and seasonal perspective, how the feasts will line up with the harvests.

    I came across your article on Bells and Clocks today, and it reminded me of several things the Lord has been showing me about time, and looking at time solely through the celestial clockwork. The concepts and thoughts you brought forth with the Babylonian clock system was definitely intriguing, and one can see how pervasive and powerful the control of the constructs are in our world and thinking. Time is not the clock; the clock is only the construct for observing and measuring time, and there are so many constructs. One day, soon apparently, Satan will be playing with more than just the constructs...

    In the "Alice Through the Looking Glass" trailers (movie coming out May 27th), Alice is shown going through the looking glass with some sort of very noticeable golden bangles on the fringe of her upper outfit, that resemble and recall the idea of golden bells on the high priest garments. Also, the trailer ends with a notable churchy-bell being sounded. I didn't really notice these until reading your article.

    Satan definitely knows what time it is, and the Alice trailers have been so loaded with the clock/bell/time theme. It also plays (heavily) on the associations with clock-lore like you mentioned.

    One rhetorical question I've been asking people over the past months is "Do you know what time it is?" People (in general) are either willingly ignorant of the time, naively ignorant of the time, have an assumption about the time, deceptively told the time, or they seek to know the prophetic time.

    It was a "lightbulb moment" when I learned that Christ ignored the rabbinical precepts about time when He observed the Passover supper with His disciples (a day earlier). That started a long road seeing how many constructs there really are out there... Until Satan can control time, he will be content to confuse time.

    I have been reminded so much over the past few weeks of Romans 13:11-12 "And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light."

  4. Interesting to see all the candidates (Clinton, Trump, Sanders) campaigning in Phoenix, AZ yesterday/today!Phoenix/Palm symbolism on the day(s), including the Jewish calendar concept of 'Palm Sunday', which started on our Saturday! Unreal.

  5. Wow, today's loaded...

    Seiko (the watch company) released a short video (called 'Art of Time')about a Rube Goldberg device. Facebook is trending the topic, showing the picture of the Seiko clock, which is the same as the one from the Illuminati Card Game Combined Disasters. Timely that I was looking into this just today!

    Another trending story about a singer of Spain's Got Talent singing AC/DC's Highway to Hell.
    This also reminded me of your bells and highways reference. Timely again!

  6. Was just thinking recently about hot cross buns. How they've got the XO symbolism going. Also how we're told not to eat foods sacrificed to idols by our Lord.

    1. Exactly! Cakes offered to the goddess. This pagan knows the scoop.