Saturday, March 05, 2016

Decoding: CARFAX

Paul's insights in the comment on the previous post were excellent! In his deep analysis he even went to the level of decoding the components of the letter X . There are a few other observations that can be made.

XO and crossing circle symbolism is being leveraged by the branding. Mark of the Beast. Analog odometers are cylinders made of rotating rings, like you see here. The numbers normally appear in a window where all but one row is hidden from view. When a 9 rolls out of the window the 0 rolls into place, and as it does the ring to the left increments by 1. In the CARFAX logo, they substitute letters for numbers. The X is in the tenths ring and it's rolling over. The X is on a rotating ring, which is to say that the cross is circling around and crossing out of the window as it rolls over. It's a clever bit.

This is supplemented by the registered trademark, which has a circle and appears adjacent to the X.

Yet one more instance is added by the central positioning of a tau cross and circle. The TO of his-TO-ry is located right at the pivot of the 6 letter logo. Identifying that as a dividing, the 6 letter string becomes 3 and 3 for a subtle instance of Code 33. This strengthens the Code 33 of the acronym of Vehicle History Reports, VHR. (where Z=1, 5+19+9=33) While we're calling out instances of Code 33, it should be noted that the Registered Trademark symbol adds another. See it as an R inside an O. R=18 and O = 15. 18+15=33!

The X appears inside the rounded border of the odometer window as a circled cross. The X is at the edge of that circle and also on the surface or edge of the rotating ring, a positioning that apparently adds potency to the symbol. In some of this brand's graphics, like you see here, the X further appears on the edge of a larger circle to enhance the potency even further through redundant layering. These versions also extend the Code 33 because both the C and the X are being called out as a pairing. C and X are both the 3rd letters in sequence, from the beginning and end, respectively. CX ~ 33. And, because the letter C is round these seals set a circle on the edge of a circle, crossing the circles. XO.

Those seals circle the AR as the Eye of Ra, and they also set RF in the center, which speaks to me of a technical aspect of the implementation of the mark of the beast. The logo is a graphic that represents the brand. It's their identity. Their logo is their ID. Calling out the RF in their ID. RFID. Radio Frequency Identification. The implantable RFID biochip. I've given a lot of ink to this over the years as signs suggest that this will be an implantable transducer used to mark and modify the DNA of an individual, replicating the beast's DNA to merge them into a hybrid.

Here's an observation about what is added by placing the X on the odometer ring that counts off tenths of a mile. X in Roman numerals has the value of 10. Because the CARFAX logo combines the 10 and one tenth, as 10/10=1 and 10*10=100 (an amplified 1), they are giving attention and honor to the ONE, the highly exalted Monad or Monas.The Monas is embedded in the ONE dollar bill through the implied star pointing around the pyramid. Illuminati shill Doc Marquis is adamant that this points out Mason, but that claim is made for misdirection to protect the secret power of the Monas.

By using the odometer to produce the XO they are making a sly exhibition of space and time. The X and O signal space and time. An odometer records distance traveled. Distance ~ space. Traveled, over time. Space and Time - XO. Their business model is all about providing vehicle history reports. History. Reporting the past, events through time. Building off that insight it may be noted that “Vehicle History Reports” presents primary time numbers. Three words and seven letters per word. Twenty-one letters. The odometer features six letters in six blocks, surrounded by a window border. 6+6=12, another primary time number. The 1 surrounding the 12 makes 13 to signify the mastery of time.

The X and O are male and female according to gender. By showing the X in crossing this adds the spin dynamic to enhance the sex magick in play. This resonates with the rounded rectangle or squared circle form.

The AR of CARFAX signals the sun god Ra, and this C-ing eye (on the cylinder) of Ra matches to the dark moon eye of the Registered Trademark symbol for an instance of Harmerty - Horus who rules with two eyes. The keyhole that Paul was so astute to point out requires the key and it is inherent with the C-ing Eye that the secret phallic key is implicit because this is how their god operates.

The A and X do pair up as a pyramid, like Paul described. To expand a little, while the A presents a side view, the X can be seen to present an overhead view. The base is square and the center of the X is the peak. Because the X is rolling over, the X that represents the capstone is presented as being viewed a little off center. What's assumed in the capstone but the glowing eye, the all seeing eye. The X capstone seeing eye matches to the dim Registered Trademark eye for another instance of Harmerty.

CARFAX and CARFOX. Sly as a fox, they are.

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