Thursday, March 24, 2016

Decoding: Jesuit and NASA Brand Comparison

The Jesuit IHS golden sun symbol. NASA's "meatball" logo. One thing IS like the other. How?

They are both featuring celestial bodies, of course.

But here's what's not so obvious. They are both anagrams with a secret letter “t.”

The Jesuit image hides SHI*

The cross is a “t.” It's a sodomite sun gateway, so that what else would we expect to discover inside such a place as that? You see that, right? This is their religion. The pedophile sodomite priesthood of the sun worshipers is not an exception, it's the rule.

NASA hides SA*AN

NASA's secret “t” is supplied by crossings, some of which are more evident than others. There's also the “t” for tongue, the forked reptilian tongue flicking (Please pardon the crude description, but it is what it is.) through the AS hole. And that orifice is another thing they have in commmon. In Satanic initiation ceremonies it's often required to kiss a goat's backside, as symbolic of Satan's. NASA's meatball logo is the picture of a foul Satanic initiation rite. The celestial realm's star-angels appear to be there as a witness.





    "Dan Brown, author of the Da Vinci Code, drew a near standing ovation at the event for a speech in which he argued that the timeline for human development is compressing due to technology’s rapid developments in areas such as robotics. He predicted that technology would have a larger effect on human spirituality than even religion, and wondered whether humans would be mature enough to handle their new tools."



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