Monday, March 07, 2016

Signs of the Pending Reset of Time are Still Trending

On Wednesday, the moon will blot out the sun, creating a total solar eclipse that will darken the sky over parts of the western Pacific and Southeast Asia. The spectacle will begin on March 9 and finish on March 8. Yes, truly. That’s because the moon’s shadow will first fall over parts of the Pacific on Wednesday morning local time, and then cross the international date line and appear visible on Tuesday afternoon local time.” ( Total Solar Eclipse Will End the Day Before it Begins)

The Lord keeps bringing time signs of a wide variety for Aaron and I, individually and jointly, which is encouraging, comforting, and really necessary. Some of these signs are pretty dramatic. As we continue to watch according to the Lord's command, these signs keep our hope set firmly before us, keeping us anchored in what is most certainly very difficult to grasp but yet is the reality of our present situation. Time itself is going to be reset, into the past. The timing of this is still a mystery to us, but we cling to the promises made that have been both general and specific, and we are constantly being assured that our Lord is faithful and that His plans are being brought to fulfillment on His perfect schedule.

Bob (and Aaron)


  1. With regards to the eclipse and the motion of sun and moon. What is your opinion of the flat earth sensation? I have referred friends and family to a couple of youtube vids, they have been astounded at the amount of evidence supporting the flat earth view. My father in particular mentioned he had to "reconsider everything he's been taught and thought was truth for his most of his life".

    1. I do not think that question applies to this blog. Would you consider it wise to examine each of the arguments in detail and against the scriptures say this earth is a firmament. You will need to know how to compute Sagitta in order to test out the current world view. I have watched and evaluated Dubay's 1 hour plus video. It is mixed with demonstrable proofs,false proofs and of too many references pagan religious books in several of his alleged proofs. My perspective is Satan knows the truth and doesn't want us to know any truth but that he can most easily deceive us when he presents partial truths. His river argument is easily disproved by an experiment you can do yourself.
      Take a Styrofoam circle place, surgical tube and water reservoir balloon,ear irrigator and cut tube to scale for the Amazon, Nile or Mississippi river. Offset the rivers headwaters of elevation then turn the circle as if the reservoir were at the top of the circle. The water will always flow so the sphere model combined with gravity combined disproves the flat earther's refutation of this single disproof of helios-entic sphere model.

      Stay close to scripture and steer clear of those who provide pagan proofs. Elohim revealed to us
      in scriptures the code/mark of the great deceiver and brings it into focus to reveal deceivers mark in the deceivers handiwork.

    2. Genesis 1:6-8
      And Elohim said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. And Elohim made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so. And Elohim called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.

      So where are the two gatherings up of water in the creation account?

      And What did the creator place between the waters above and waters below?

      Genesis 1:14-18
      The heavenly bodies were placed inside the firmament.

      Next question does the Earth move? What do scriptures tell you?
      1 Chronicles 16:30, Psalm 93:1, Psalm 96:10, Psalms 104

      So already without declaring the earth is flat, a sphere an egg or a triangle, where does the evidence of scriptures lead you? Later in Genesis where did Elohim place the lights the greater one to rule the day and the lesser one to rule the night?

      I have examined some of the refutations offered up as thought they were empirical proofs of a circle earth with the waters placed above and placed below and the lights placed inside this firmament where man in the center of creation versus spherical/globe heliocentric universe where Ba'al helios is the center of the universe.

    3. Some valid proofs consistent with a plane(flat) earth that is a circle, as mentioned in Isaiah.
      1. According to Mathematical Law of Sagitta - actually demonstrates that the proposed circumference and radius of 'the globe earth' are false.

      Sagitta between to points on earth

      S = (Qty Miles * Qty Miles) * 8" So the sagitta of the spheres arc is as follows in the quick chart.

      ~Qty~~~~Square~~~Times~~~~Divided by
      Miles~~~~Qty~~~~~~8"~~~~~~~ 12" = ft
      10 ~~~~~~~100~~~~800" ~~~~ 66.67 ft So at X' aka. io a.k.a helios - Whose mark do we get? Coincidence
      20 ~~~~~~~400~~~3200" ~~~~ 266.67 ft At XX io io - Whose mark do we get? Coincidence again ^^?
      30 ~~~~~~~900~~~7200" ~~~~ 600 ft
      40 ~~~~~~1600 ~12800" ~~ 1,066.67 ft At XL io Square L being symbol of Square and the mark appears again.

      Now when you have an opportunity to go to a coastline along any ocean sea or lake and from a distance of 40 or more miles what do you see.

      I have confirmed in California that when you look at Catalina Island from Newport Beach,CA standing in shallow surf about 6 inches I can see the same vertical proportion of Catalina island as I can from
      Dana Point, CA in similar surf and from LaJolla California on the clearest of days with a telescope in similar surf.

      The Sagitta of Earths alleged arc between the following means:
      Newport Beach and Catalina Island means apx 20% of the islands vertical height should be obscured.
      Dana Point and Catalina Island should be 40% obscured.
      LaJolla to Catalina Island should be 100% obscured

      Or near the Great lakes you can easily check for yourself.
      Distance from St Joseph, MI to Chicago, IL is 60 miles as the bird flies.
      The Sears tower is 1,451 feet tall yet the Sagitta is 2,400 feet and you can see the whole Chicago skyline on a clear day with many building below 1,000 feet.

      If this issue is important to you to discover the truth you may take the scriptures for what they say
      or discard the passages that don't fit you spinning earth with Ba'al, (helios)entric [NLP IMO] at the center of the universe and man shoved off into the corner of a square not on a circle (a plane shape) at the center of Elohim's creation.

      There is another are of the sphere earth proposition that bears the mark of helios too and that is the tilt of the axis of earth. Watch another sign perhaps when wobble from square/perpendicular hits the mark of the beans they spill all the while many remain deluded.

      Another take on circling the square. The hypothesized globe earth,spinning 3 dimensional circle, has an axial tilt of 23.4[4] degrees from SQUARE which is 90 degrees.

      90 degrees - 23.4 degrees = 66.6 degrees.
      If you wish to be precise with the spheroid a little NLP comes into play on the equation once again resulting in 66.6 'the mark of the beast'

      The SQUARE sole angle 90 degrees minus SPINNING(not a firmament) spherical globe earth tilt of 23.44 degrees equals 66.56 ROUNDed to 66.6 - so one may presume that this is another NLP take on the words "circling the square" A complete contradiction to 'the firmament'.

    4. Thanks Timbo, you make several valid arguments in support of flat earth theory, my question was for Bob. Whether it's symbols and leveraging theurgy to blind the masses with entertainment or much more carefully, planned and scripted hoaxes like the helio-centric lie. Since it is Biblical and it deals with deceit/deception on a global scale just like the symbols, IMO it is a very relevant question.

  2. Just noticed for the first time, boy am I behind the curve, Volvo brand name is NLP for Vulva and their mark reinforces it.

    1. So the pairing of their trademark with their brand name is a 2 square + 3 square