Friday, March 11, 2016

Time Manipulations: More Decoding of Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp

A second video in a series has just been published. Continuing the decoding of the Time Warp sequence of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the verses performed by Magenta and Columbia are found to conceal and reveal the same kinds of things as the intro and chorus, that this is about Illuminati mind-control programming and the initiation ritual. The Time Warp ritual is about the mind-controlled slave's experience of amnesiac episodes. It's also about remote viewing, leveraging the ability to perceive what's going on in other places in space and time. Beyond the passive receiving of impressions, “Doing the Time Warp” is also about exercising the ability to influence events in other places and times!

We recommend that no one should ever watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. We do however recommend watching these videos decoding it, because, while this cult film may not have influenced you directly, what it conceals and reveals most definitely has!

What we're decoding in Rocky Horror validates the consistent testimonies of many victims of Illuminati mind-control programming, who have made some extraordinary claims. The hidden messaging system of Occult symbolism that we're decoding isn't there for the purpose of misdirection. That's what the superficial layers are for. The acceptable veneer covers and provides misdirection. The beans are spilled on what's really going on when you can interpret the symbolism. For their sorceries to work they have to use symbols. So, they put these out there, and these conceal and reveal their ways and means and schemes.

The two subjects of time travel and sodomite mind control programming are an explicit pairing. They go together. The Lord has been highlighting this explicit pairing lately.

These videos decoding the Occult symbolism in logos, commercials and multi-media presentations are an adventure of discovering things about our reality. When Jesus said, “What I say to you I say to everyone, Watch”, He said it most particularly for our sake, upon whom the end of the age has come. That was rather vague direction, obviously, but He didn't just wander off and leave us to our own means. He abides still, helping. We watch as He directs, and as we do we see what He reveals. He has appointed signs of many kinds to validate His Word in every necessary way, granting insight and refining our understanding and our character.

You can probably tell that we put a lot of effort into videos like this. We have no way to track views on these but we know they aren't very popular. Few people really want to know these things, and far fewer still want to keep being reminded of the horrible reality of what's really going on in their world. If you appreciate these kinds of videos and posts to the blog, and we are very grateful for those of you who do, give thanks and honor where it's due, to the Lord Y'shua, who sponsors and directs this work for your benefit. You matter to Him. A lot!

Here's the full 1080i HD versions:
(Part 1) Decoding Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp
(Part 2) Decoding Rocky Horror Picture Show - Time Warp

Due to blocking polices relating to content rights claims, the video is not expected to become available on our YouTube channel. If there are difficulties with streaming you may find it helpful to download them first (right-click on the video link and choose 'save link as') then watch them.

Here are some Low-Res versions if you prefer. They are identical content to the HD except for the lower resolution. The reduction in quality is the trade-off for the benefit of requiring less bandwidth.

Part 1 - low-res (640 x 480)
Part 2 - low-res (640 x 480)

Here's a link to the series this supports: Playlist for “What is Back to the Future Really About?”

Special projects have been described by some programmed individuals that involve various kinds of equipment designed to harness those “Time Warp” abilities, amplifying and focusing. Have you ever researched about Montauk, Long Island? What actually happened in Montauk and at Hero Air Force Base has been and continues to be the subject of much interest. We can't say we know just how much of what's been reported about the Montauk boys and the Montauk chair is or isn't true. We can say that the Devil doesn't blow massive clouds of cloaking smoke when there is no legitimate fire that needs to be covered. There is something legitimate in the reports.

We do know that our present is not going to result in the future described in the Bible unless there is a restorative work done in our past. Some perceive how some things are not as they should be. Case in point: The Mandala Effect. The Berenstein/Berenstain Bears controversy. These and other similar controversies testify of a global psy-op at the least, but really, more than that. They speak loudly to some of us that our reality has been skewed by a tampering with the past. What the Bible says when it informs us about how the sovereign God allows His enemies a season of tampering with space-time dimensions is valid. Absolutely valid.



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    AlphaGo's triumph "shows that the methods we do have are even more powerful than we first thought," said AI expert Stuart Russell of the University of California's Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences department. "The fact that AI methods are progressing much faster than expected makes the question of the long-term outcome more urgent," he told AFP by email.

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