Sunday, February 21, 2016

Decoding: Indiana Kitchen

Can you identify the seeing eye of Horus in this logo?

IC as Eye See. Harmerty's sun eye - the all seeing Eye of Horus.

IC is gematria code for 93, a special number to Crowley's Thelema and OTO.

As Erin noted in his comment, there are 3 letters "i." As the 9th letter, iii becomes 999 which rotates to becomes 666.

The three eyes, i i i, also signal the THIRD EYE, the Eye of Horus, the all seeing eye.

With the central IC and three "i"s magnifying the seeing "Sun" Eye of Horus this clever logo design is leveraging Harmerty with the Registered Trademark as the darkened "Moon" Eye.

BTW, I-K, the acronym of Indiana Kitchen, happens to be a 9-11.

As Erin also described, the pizza slice provides the XO image when the pattern is extended.

The signaling of the goddess did not go unnoticed. In-Diana! Validating this observation is the fact that the Indiana band is colored red, her color. As recorded by the influential OTO's Kenneth Grant, her celestial throne is established by the union of that X and O, in connection with lightning flashing from the abyss.

The Abyss. Code 66 is signaled by the two wide colored bands. An arc extends to imply the circular letter O, which transforms to 6 as the sum of the digits of that 15th letter.

arc-arc = OO=66

Likewise, the three thin white bands provide for a signaling of 666.

arc-arc-arc = OOO=666

The XO is a MOB symbol, mark of the beast. Supporting that is the 666 of the arc-arc-arc and the 666 of the i i i. Revelation 13:18.

BTW - on the subject of the XO and goddess, a song with 2 Grammy nominations came to my attention as I skimmed through the show. Elle King - Ex's & Oh's. I was curious so I found the official video. Yikes. It's recommended to avoid seeing that.

Dimensions are sometimes encoded in what's typically known today as sacred geometry and architecture. That appears to be the case with this deceptively simple logo.

The arc is 1/10th of a circle, 36 degrees. That's the number of the magic square of the sun, the most significant among many to the Occult practitioner. That inherent numbering supports the SUN eye of the SUN god imagery present, as well as the mark of the beast theme. Adding redundancy is the sun wheel design implied by adding the remainder of the implied wedges. With the full compelement of 10, a rotated pair of 5 point stars can be drawn in, connecting them at any uniform point around the circumference. Like for example, at the IC (EYE SEE). This figure is the familiar magic pentacle that is so commonly used on alters where magick is practiced, and on other magical implements. It's the celestial Star of Venus and the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph of the duat, which is the netherworld, underworld or abyss. Redundancy adds potency to the spell behind the imagery, that projects demonic influence through the image.

The numbers that the Occultists associate with the Sun are 6, 36, 111, and 666. There's the 666 again, which is the sum of the series of numbers 1-36 which populate the magic square of the sun. 666 is claimed to be the number of the name of the spirit of the Sun.

Indiana Kitchen - Exalting the goddess and sun god. I suspect the Pope would feel right at home there.

Are you seeing what you're looking at when you're confronted with the imagery that wallpapers our environment? It's not just in TV and movies but nearly everywhere you look. Do you understand, saints, how this world is not your home? Has this awareness become a constant reminder for you? As the days pass so swiftly by, may I encourage you to seize the opportunity to give thanks for this life and lay up treasure for the life that is truly life.

Some Interesting anagrams:

Dine-In Katchina (Katchina: an ancestral spirit)
I Had Ancient Kin
Thine A Cain Kind
In Cain Death Kin
Dietician 'N Ankh
Indicate In Ankh
Hi I Incant Naked
I Chant Kin Diane
Chained Tankini (tankini: a woman)



    This illustrates what's really behind the gay agenda. This rainbow unicorn promotion goes beyond gender merging to a merging of the opposites - god and man - bridging heaven and earth. The biological key, triple helix DNA - the hybrid beast and his mark. The real goal of transhumanism. It's about more than just offending the sovereign God, it's about hijacking his kind and replacing Him.

  2. Amazing Bob, more than meets the eye, is an understatement. Wonderful exercise, the anagrams are always surprising. Found this anagram on the net recently: President Barack Obama = A Saudi Backed Impostor

  3. Thanks Erin. We appreciate your engagement in the challenging exercise.

    BTW - that "anagram" is not a legit anagram. quick check - there is no U in p.b.o. but there is in saudi.

  4. Justice Scalia spent his last hours with members of this secretive society of elite hunters

    "Members of the worldwide, male-only society wear dark-green robes emblazoned with a large cross and the motto “Deum Diligite Animalia Diligentes,” which means “Honoring God by honoring His creatures,” according to the group’s website. Some hold titles, such as Grand Master, Prior and Knight Grand Officer. The Order’s name is in honor of Hubert, the patron saint of hunters and fishermen."

  5. Nice. Most productions I've seen recently aren't trying for subtlety anymore but this exercise shows the power in layering that isn't entirely obvious. Very easy to see what they're "not telling us" when the guys behind the scenes aren't as skilled as whoever came up with this place/logo.

    On a different note I'd like to say that from observation there are a lot more average people that are illuminated than it might seem, and that they are great with symbols and feigning ignorance. Like any producer or entertainer or executive, they like to wage war on saints in broad daylight using symbols in conversation. Don't know if anyone else experiences this but if you dont, you can bet that a good chunk of people you regularly interact with know how things really are. We aren't the only regular guys on the battlefield, keep your God given eyes peeled.

    1. Good observations - and well stated, Bret.

  6. I was going to state in my previous comment how "pizza" itself is an anagram for sodomy but only had personal experience to go on. However, I just watched an episode of the series "Supernatural" and it layered several bean-spillings you often expose, so check it out: Season 5 episode 21, titled "Two Minutes to Midnight" had a scene about finding Death the horseman. A demon named Crowley knows where he is, and leads a protagonist, Dean, to him. On the way, Crowley abruptly jests "Let's stop for pizza?" In the next scene, Crowley takes Dean to the spot where Death is; A pizzeria in Chicago. As Dean steps into the pizzeria, the camera work puts heavy emphasis on the black and white checkered tile on the floor. Afterward, Death starts a conversation with Dean and tells him to eat a slice of the pizza. Dean reluctantly does so, and Death asks "It's good, isn't it?" This scene was similar to countless others in the series giving away the game of sodomy, including one scene where a demon, Ruby, asks Dean and another protagonist where "the pizza it takes two guys to deliver" is at a hotel room. This scene was unique in that it included the connection between death and sodomy, as Gen 2:17 says "But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it: for in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die." It reminded me of I, Pet Goat II, where Alice sat on the checkered floor next to several sodomy symbols. Another important detail I felt was that the setting was in Chicago, the "windy city". Chicago is also the setting for The Matrix, and there was even a moment in a different episode of Supernatural that included the very same intersection Morpheus tells Neo about while he tries to escape the agents; Wabash and Lake. The windy city. Wind. Whirlwind, tornado. Dorothy. Ruby the demon. I'm sure I'm leaving something out, but the point is that pizza is an anagram for sodomy, probably alluding to the trifold mix of blood, excrement, and semen achieved in harsh ritual sodomy.

    1. Thanks for putting all that together for us. I'll put that episode in my queue, and be mindful of the pizza metaphor.

    2. You are spot on with the pizza metaphor. It's been confirmed several times over.

      Chicago is known for Deep Dish style pizza, and Lou Malnati's is the place to get it. "Lou Malnati" sounds like Illuminati. The horseman, Death, liked the pizza in SN, as you noted. Lucifer wanted some. The shining one.

      A closing scene in, Coraline, featured pizza and a winged dog named ANgUS. Coraline asks Miss Sphink (sitting there next to Miss Forcible - "forcible sphincter" a Butt Rape signaling pair), "How's Angus doing?" Oh, much better dear, but he can't duck his wings forever." She's anticipating his death, when he will be stuffed and given wings by the taxidermist like the other dogs in her collection. Definite dog star Sirius and Anubis signaling going on there too. They are all terriers like Toto, making allusion to the Wizard of Oz.

      I note that pizzas are almost always cut and served in a way that makes the XO.

  7. I just used the word anagram wrong, I meant synonym.