Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In the Spirit of Valentines Day - redplum, log-me-in Rescue and Loony Tunes

To be literally “in the spirit of Valentine's Day” would refer to demonic possession, but I'm being figurative with the expression here in a follow-up to the recent post featuring the redbox brand.

As I was preparing the post I received some junk mail. Right on top was this Redplum ad.

RedPlum, or RedBum? Not unlike redbox. Or do they mean, like, redPlumb, like plumbing, being plumbed? Those crossing circles are for the XO MOB.

REDPLUM. The Old English gematria value (A=1*6) is 534, which speaks to me of the base Pythagorean triple signaling the 47th Problem of Euclid and the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis.

The use of the Registered Trademark isn't mandated, it's an optional design element. Because it is a small Eye of Horus it's used to signal the dark eye of Harmerty, Horus who sees with two eyes. The Registered Trademark symbol always matches to a seeing eye symbol that appears to its right, on our left. Where is that Eye of Horus? It's the one where the leaf is stuck in the redplum bum.

Check out what they did with the Valentine's Day design. The arrow is phallic, which matches to the “leaf” in the bum. They wisely chose to point it in the other direction. One can't be too obvious with these things. The arrow is also a time metaphor because, time flies like an arrow. That's why they put the time word on the arrow's banner, revealing their intent and making the symbolism redundant.

This next ad appeared because I was researching the Log-Me-In Rescue imagery for a post I published to the MOB Blog. Rescue and Lens - log-me-in) The arrow is a Code 33 design featuring 3 points on each end. The circle cross MOB is obvious. Here, as in the redplum ad, the word, DAY, appears in close proximity to the arrow-as-time graphic. The flanking time word, START, likewise.

One might take log-me-in as a subtle sodomite reference if log was slang for excrement. And so one should, because it is! The red starburst graphic is equivalent to the redbox heart and redplum bum. The arrow is phallic, and rather obviously so. We appear to have a perspective of being inside the rectum looking out.

Not unlike this classic!

By the way, remember when this was actually Loony Toons, because they were carTOONS?

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