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Trending: Code SS - More Hidden Evidence of Nazi Influence

In addition to what was put on exhibit yesterday, here's more examples of the Nazi and Neo-Nazi symbolism embedded in the media.

Aaron has been watching, The Colony, a new series on the USA Network. From this plot summary on Wikipedia you can quickly see how it's a take on 1920s and 1930s Germany as the Nazi Party rose to power, but with the alien angle played up. I believe the fallen angels were responsible for the rise and dominance of Hitler and the Nazi Party, and the show is set in the City of Angels, Los Angeles. (LA = 12+1 * mastery of time). Aaron noted that the “Red Hats” seem to model the Brownshirts, and that at one point during a scene when they are raiding a house a person says, “you didn't need to bring them in like storm troopers.” The Nazi Brownshirts were the SA, short for Sturmabteilung, which literally means Storm Detachment.

Here's a telling screenshot. There's an obvious allusion to the iconic banner displays of the Nazi swastika flag.

Decoding the logo, which appears to have been divined according to theurgic magickal practice, if you take the zoomed out big picture view, it looks like an eye, a kind of serpent eye. The bird is an eagle, Amaru, the feathered serpent, and the falcon and sky god Horus. It's a Horus Eye and all-seeing eye. One layer of symbolism suggests the surveillance state. There's a 666 (Revelation 18:13) evident in the six arc segments formed by the bird, together with the two sixes of the inner and outer circles. (The value of the letter O as the 15th letter. * 1+5=6) The logo also hints at the Black Sun, which is at the heart of the Nazi Occult religion of the SS.

Here's a telling image that's not at all obvious - and this kind of embedding betrays the supernaturalism and dark agenda behind the show!

Starfish Sushi. Acronym: SS. Schutzstaffel. It's a sign, literally a physical store sign and a sign to us that signals something important. The SS is also a rough equivalent to HH, Neo-Nazi code for Heil Hitler, because the H and S are both the 8th letters, one from the front and the other from the back. H, S, 8 - any one substitutes for any other in their versatile substitution cipher. How do we know this is intended as a signal? There's redundancy and there's some other Occult symbols in the scene. The arcing line drawn from the star (as ANGEL, in the City of Angels, a falling star-angel) reaches over to touch the second S in Sushi. That Star+S connection supports the acronym of the two words. The SS is also a signal 88, and this combines with a numbering of 14 to signal the Neo-Nazi code 14-88. Count the letters and include the space. Fourteen character places. When you sum up the letter values of the name you produce a doubled 88. STARFISHSUSHI = 176 = 2 * 88

Two instances of SS are produced in the name plus graphic elements and two 88s in the gematria of the name. That's evil genius. Evidence of theurgy.

You'll note how the row of lights features a cross circle and Mark of the Beast design, being hemispherical with crossing bands. Another symbol in play is the collection of bicycles. I've identified how bicycles picture dimensionally transiting vehicles in other media, and this definitely plays on the alien as falling angel layer. Note the two palm trees in the screenshot. The palm tree signals victory over death. Seig Heil: Hail Victory. As twin pillars they signal a stargate, as for the transdimensional bicycles, and the pair signals time travel programming in Illuminati mind control contexts.

Here's a picture of the brownshirts parading their bicycles past Adolf Hitler at a rally in Dortmund, 1933. Hmmmmm.

The SA, storm troopers or Brownshirts were effectively superseded by the SS in 1934.

Aaron has also just been led to watch Falling Skies, on TNT. It ended last year after 5 seasons and 52 episodes (a time number as weeks in a year). Aaron noted that the entire first episode was loaded with time references and symbolism. Immediately after he stopped a clip he made for me, the character Tom Mason was shown coming up out of the ocean and onto the sandy shore with rocks all over it. Aaron noted that the first words spoken were "It's time" - "so many options, so little time" - and a couple repeats of "It's about time." There's a hint of Revelation 13:1 in TMs coming out of the sea. Water and sand are both used as metaphors to signal time. The stones are also involved in that layer of symbolism, as a search of the blog will document. There's also the Mason/Freemason and Mason jar container-avatar-host angles in play. Aaron noted that there was a battle at a high school and that the sign outside of the school read, "The future is in the hands of our youth." Future. Youth. Time words. 'In the hands of" means Control. Aaron said that after that there's a scene with an empty swimming pool (emptied of water-as-time), and that it became rather evident that the battle scenes were signifying a time war. I note that the title, Falling Skies, is composed of 12 letters, and one space between the words makes a total of 13 character places. This composition speaks of time and the mastery of time. It suggests that Falling Skies bears witness to the time wars we've been writing about that are described in the Bible, where heavenly domains will be emptied as skies thrown down to earth, to a lower dimension!

Like, The Colony, Falling Skies was about a global invasion by extraterrestrials and their control over the Earth. Having just watched, Iron Sky, I can tell you that one Nazi connection that exists is through the roles played in both by the mining of helium-3 from the moon. Such a thing as that just isn't a common plot element.

The show featured an SS in the occasional use of a classic Chevy Camaro.

The branding of the Super Sport performance line has been on my radar for some time as signaling the Nazi SS. Here's some billboard imagery sponsored by GM.

Detroit, GM's headquarters. It's got a tough image. The SS is known as a muscle car. Muscle is sometimes a euphemism for the thugs who use force to intimidate and manhandle the people on their boss' turf. Like the Gestapo, and SA - and the SS - The Nazi Muscle.

What car had a bud vase? The VW Beetle. There's a Nazi connection in this car and brand's history. Here's some excerpts from Wikipedia. In June 1934, Ferdinand Porsche received a contract from Adolf Hitler to design a "people's car" (or Volkswagen). In 1937, Porsche joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party (becoming member no. 5,643,287) as well as Schutzstaffel (SS). By 1938, Porsche was using the SS as security members and drivers at his factory, and later set up a special unit called SS Sturmwerk Volkswagen. In 1942, Porsche reached the rank of SS-Oberf├╝hrer. Mentioning the Bud vase in an ad for the SS? Okay. Noted.

While watching Flash on The CW network, Aaron noted these classic muscle cars featured in a street race. Here's another Chevy SS.

How do we know their intent in using this car? The licence plate is a tip-off. TXI-195. Sum up the numbers 195 with the letter values. They sum to 68, and 6+8 = 14. SS as 88, together with the value of 14 conceals the Neo-Nazi code, 14-88!

Here's the muscle car driven by Wally West, a new addition to the cast. Wally West. WW. Code 33.

Wally's classic Mopar muscle wears plate 6EG-488. There's an 88 in there. 88 is HH or “Heil Hitler” so maybe, Sexy G for 88 - the Masonic G-eye (tract), the target of lusty sodomites? Or, perhaps because a G resembles a 6, 6EG is like 6E6 or sixty-six. “66 for 88.” Their 88 HH champion of the abyss ~ Abyss for Herr Hitler - an antichrist.

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