Thursday, February 11, 2016

In the Spirit of Valentine's Day... Arby's

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves. ~ Matthew 10:16

Because of the nature of this material I'll offer a caveat. If you're easily offended by descriptions of imagery that is fundamentally graphic, you're probably not going to want to see what's on exhibit here.

Do you sense the innuendo in these offers?

Maybe you haven't identified what Arby's iconic Western hat logo really represents. Take a close look and see what you're looking at.

Meat is slang for the penis.

The # symbol has recently become known as a hashtag, but it's been a number sign and a pound sign for a long time. "pound meat" is slang for masterbation. #meatcraft = pound meat craft or the craft of masturbation.

A hat in Occult symbolism is a butt, probably because a hat covers the head-as-glans penis. The Arby's logo is both a hat and a glans penis, the combo being a picture of sodomy. Like the competitor, Jack in the Box. Sex Magick.

Here's a sign.

Not unlike the redbox promotion, where the common vernacular for ejaculation is also used.

The letter "b" in the position and context of the Arby's logo may be seen as an ideogram of the phallic package. If the letter y is taken as a bent Tau cross, the cross on the edge of a circle appears, the XO of the MOB symbol is generated, the union of which establishes the celestial throne of Isis. The color red is her color. This scheme identifies the phallus as that of Osiris, or the substitute that was magically created and used by Isis to bring forth Horus. Sure, it's subtle, but that's how it works, over and over and over again - until this age is brought to a conclusion.

This pricing on this special deal (expired, sorry. ;) ) just isn't subtle, not at all. That's not the kind of deal you want. The numbering that suggests the mark of the beast is not a good deal at all. Supporting that, the dollar sign can be seen as a cross circle sigil.

Suppose the people responsible for that promotion didn't know what they were doing. The result is not very different, from one perspective. Any accounting made by the Lord for the deeds of those involved, whether mercy will be applied or some penalty will be paid, that's something the Lord who is the judge of all will address in due time, with perfect justice. Do you trust him? If you know him well enough, you do. We all need mercy. I pray that we find it while it may yet be found.

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