Sunday, February 28, 2016

Decoding: Pearle Vision and EyeMed

Were you able to decode these brands to find examples of Code 666, XO MOB, Eye of Horus, Third Eye or even more symbolism? Did you perceive Code 33 in the ad copy?

When it comes to vision care, identifying your brand with pictures of the eye could hardly be more natural. However, neither Pearle Vision nor EyeMed chose to represent themselves with pictures of the eye in any obvious way - but only in the way of the Occult!

Perhaps the most obvious is how the EyeMed highlights 666. The wordmark comprises 6 letters. The reflection of each e is a 6, and the 3 of them are grouped together in the design around the Y. The reflection evokes the Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below.

Each letter e is elliptical, styled to suggest the Wedjat eye. The Eye of Horus.

Three eyes = the 3rd Eye. EyeMed ~ Med Eye like Middle Eye. The 3rd eye is usually called the all-seeing eye or Eye of Horus.

EyeMed is basically an insurance provider for vision services. They are all about helping you see better - vision enhancement - with the eye of Horus. eyeMED or medicine: Rx. Prescription.They usually deal with prescription lenses, and the symbol for prescription is the Rx, the eye of Horus associated with healing. When you extract the grouped central Y and e eyes what remains is the m and d. MD: Medical Doctor. The prescriber and vision enhancing practitioner.

So, EyeMed name implies the Rx Eye of Horus and their logo features the third eye with 3 subtle instances of the Wedjat.

The triple e that reflects to 666 also signals 666 through another kind of transformation. The form of each e is round, suggesting the circular letter O. O is the 15th letter, and 1+5=6, so OOO transforms to 666.

This OOO=666 transformation is also suggested in the way Pearle Vision adds the eyeglasses to their wordmark. Round lens 1 plus round lens 2 plus the O in vision. 666. But, more powerfully than that, as the potency of the esoteric imagery is considered, this style of eyeglasses features a subtle OOO=666 with the arc of the nose bridge connecting the eyepieces to form the 3rd O.

Now, the nose bridge is the arc suggesting a smaller eye located between the two flanking eyes. It's the third eye, the Eye of Horus - the Eye of Ra. The BRIDGE - between god and man, heaven and earth.

A lengthy series of posts on this blog offers examples of how the letter “i” is exploited as the homonym of “eye” to secretly indicate the Eye of Horus. The tell is that the dot is given special attention. Pearle Vision dots the I in VISION with the bridge eye, the third eye. To validate that observation (and magnify the supernaturalism of the pharmakeia), right above that we find the letters AR in PEARLE. This indicates the Eye of Ra. There is no practical difference between AR and RA to Occultsts who have been trained (by such as Aleister Crowley) to read and even speak backwards. To us, because we're not trained that way, the AR (or RE according tho the optional spelling RE) version is less suspect, perhaps. The AR version is more highly obfuscated and, for it's subtlety, is potentially more effectual in their scheme.

Here's a classic. The Green Pyramid. The most recognizable Illuminati symbol. As you see here, the sides are suggested by the lines through the A and V, the R and N. The horizontals are formed by underlining the words. AR is identified with the capstone - The Eye of RA! RA VISION - with the third eye of the eyeglasses enhancing it further! It's the beast construct, with the capstone being the head in the heights, the beast himself, and the truncated base is his corporate body in the earth.

The EyeMed logo presents a reflected or inverted pyramid with the inherent Eye of Horus.

The pyramid in 3D is a geometrical construct with 3-4-5 element counts. This fundamental of sacred geometry demonstrates the production of Horus in the earth through the union of Osiris and Isis. (47th Problem of Euclid with 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple)

Did you notice XO MOB imagery? The eyeglasses of Pearle Vision's logo present 3 crossing circles. Cross Circle = XO. In sequence, OXOXO. Technically, the T of EST generates another instance as a Tau cross in connection with the lens on our left. (T as Tau cross = X, thus, XOXOXO or XXX woven together with OOO, doubling the 666, because X as the 24th letter makes 2+4=6 and XXX ~ OOO ~ 666.)

The EyeMed logo conceals the XO because the Y is bent or a broken Tau. It's clearly a cross form with 3 arms or radial spokes. In connection with the round letters e, three XO combos are produced.

It seems likely to me that the eYe obfuscates OTO, the acronym of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

I suspect the Y and radial e triad is signaling triple helix DNA - their anticipated MOB Horus EyeMed to splice in their beast “all seeing eye” genes.

According to Kenneth Grant of the OTO, the union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. There's the presence of Isis. She is also present in the identity of the Wadjet eye.

Did you notice how the ad copy of both Pearle Vision and EyeMed contain expressions of Code 33? Eye Exam ~ EE ~ 33. Most Major ~ MM ~ 33. Without the layered symbolism in the context, I wouldn't suspect their intent, but with it, this is additional signaling and it most certainly does add to the sum.

Do you see the Pearle Vision logo as a place of worship?

Pearle Vision's logo has temples. In the anatomy of eyeglasses, the sides of the frame that extend over the ears are called temples. The logo's temples are very slightly obfuscated. These are obviously “temples” dedicated to the worship of Ra, or the gods of ancient Egypt, which are the gods of today's Luciferian Illumined.

The parent company of these brands is an Italian company headquartered in Milan, Luxottica. They are the world's largest eyewear company. On the stock exchange they are LUX. Light. Think: Lucifer. Illumination. Luxor, in Egypt, was known in the Egyptian language as, “the southern sanctuary.” The two cult temples located there are famous, Karnak and Luxor. Two Temples - like eyeglasses.

Not unrelated, in the word, VISION are the words, ON (aka Inu or Heliopolis, the Egyptian city where Ra resided and sun worship in the northern kingdom of Egypt was centralized), and SION, aka ZION, home of the Mount and Temple of the One True God. You may also take the IO of VISION as suggesting the Greek spelling of Helios, the sun god aka Apollo, Ra and Horus. It could easily be argued that there are multiple instances of IO encoded into the logo.

The parent company's name, Luxottica, seems to suggest the upscale sense of the Exotic, and also perhaps, Luxor Erotica. Certainly the sex magic of the obilisks featured in Luxor and the age-old illumination rituals celebrated there involve a kind of eroticism. The Illumined are obsessed with sexual reproduction of a certain kind, and reproduction of their illumination through the practice of ritual sodomy.

See both of the featured logos as anatomical diagrams. In the middle of the anal triangle is what Occultists call the Eye of Horus. In EyeMed's version it's the radial triangular Y and triple e. In Pearle Vision's, it's the triangle of the pyramid framing the central bridge third Eye of Horus.

EyeMed ~ Preparation H? Is the M-D a proctologist?

Symbol loving sodomites claim to recognize the letter i as a picture of sodomy. The dot is the anus and the ascender is the phallus. Pearle Vision sees that, apparently!

On that same line, as an ideogram, EyeMed's “Y” becomes the sodomizing “Top” of the “e” positioned underneath it, on the Bottom.

Is that too much of a stretch? Are we just getting carried away and reading into this one what's not really there? Here's another reflection of the EyeMed Logo. Seen in the mirror, the letter e becomes g. This is now a picture of the “g eye” or GI tract, the terminus of which is called the Horus Eye. After removing the G-EYE elements from the stylized wordmark, what's left? BM. That's the acronym code for, Bowel Movement, in medical terminology. To suggest that this might somehow be a coincidence is just not very satisfying.

Through the biological mechanism of sodomy, in connection with ritual magic, Occultists acquire illumination and establish control in their domains of authority.

Pearle Vision. 12 letters. Including the space, 13. The numerics of a coven of witches. The numbers signaling time (12) and the mastery of space and time (13).

The obsession with the anus, defecation and sodomy is common to the Horus Eye illumined mind-controlled and controlling Luciferian elite. They have an “over the rainbow” method of bringing a person in and out of deep trance during programming that features a pearl and seeing or envisioning it. This also has to do with accessing a slave's Horus Eye. The programmer hypnotically guides the slave through layers of clouds in the colors of the rainbow, red then orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. That's where they fix on a black pearl. The script goes like this. “Land very gently ... very softly ... in the center of a round, black pearl. See it glowing, softly, gently.” Pearle Vision? The logo's eyeglasses, between the layers of green as the rainbow cloud layer? (See DEEPER INSIGHTS into the Illuminati FORMULA for Undetectable Total Mind Control - pps 44-46)

“Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws.” ~ Confucius

He knew stuff. The kind of stuff that explains why this was forbidden in the Bible as the 2nd commandment.

Are you catching on? Look around. See the world for what it is. Seek the Lord Y'shua, son of the living God for help. We all need it - need Him!


  1. Substantial insight here, thank you brother Bob, and dear Lord Jesus please come soon.

    1. You're welcome, brother. We appreciate your encouraging support of our efforts. We echo your prayer. His coming is surely drawing near.