Friday, February 19, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the Indiana Kitchens Logo

Can you identify the seeing eye of Horus in this logo? They are leveraging Harmerty with the Registered Trademark as the darkened "Moon" Eye.

How about Code 666?

How about the XO MOB?

How about the Abyss signal?


  1. Colombian media's airing of secret sex tape stirs debate

    Male prostitutes and politicians. This is not an exception to the rule. It is the rule. And how it works for those who rule in this age.

  2. This is actually very challenging:

    I see three "i's in Idiana Kitchen, "i" is the 9th letter in alphabet a-z and 9 upside down is 6. I sense there is something going on with the 3 seperate levels of text, but can't put my finger on it., please elaborate.

  3. XO MOB is the intersecting lines like the tip/center of slice of pizza where INDIANA is the crust

  4. also IN - DIANA - greek mythology: goddess of light