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Trending: Hidden Evidence of Nazi Influence

You may have noticed the trending theme of imagery being uncovered that indicates support for Nazi ideology. The Lord continues to bring this to our attention. With our primary focus of our attention still on the big picture, the pending reset of time, we have been considering the significance of this insight into the role of the Nazis. It was back in 2012 during the season of blogging about the London Olympics that the Lord highlighted to us how important the Nazi connection was in what we were seeing. Search the blog for those observations made at that time. We knew the mega rituals we we were seeing at that time were a really big deal but we didn't know what what going to be accomplished by it. More insight has come, and we feel there is still more to be brought forth.

Here's a survey of some of what has come to our attention in the media lately.

The night after posting the notice that the 7th installment in the video series decoding Back to the Future I was watching DC's Legends of Tomorrow, on The CW. I saw this image for a German bank in one of the scenes. The team of time travellers went there on a mission.

The graphic of the back-to-back Bs at the Brümberg Bank is a near match to the back-to-back Bs of the Buckaroo Bansai roundel design. If you watch the video that I had posted online only a few hours earlier you'll see why that's so notable, with a 14-88 Neo-Nazi code embedded in the title as noted in the graphic you see here. The double B suggests the phallic package for some symbol sex magick (not unlike the Arizona Diamondbacks (reverses to the snake head), Redbush, RedBox or Red Bull branding), but beyond that, see the double B as an 88, and note that the bank is German and the design of the logo and bird suggests the Nazi era. The number 88 is neo-Nazi code for, HH - for Heil Hitler. One of the officials at the bank looked like a poster boy for Aryian race propaganda. The enemy of the Legends of Tomorrow team is an immortal, and since they can't kill an immortal they thought their best plan would be to limit his ability to do harm by cutting off his funds. Now, as it is said that time is money, there is definitely an esoteric layering in the metaphor. The LoT time travelers have a violent fight scene in the BB-88 bank. Buckaroo Bansai traveled to the 8th dimension and back in a car stamped with the 88 and he battled with those from the other dimension. 88 - Heil Hitler - Nazi technology and ideology, time and dimension traveling, and battles waging over the fate of humanity. Trending!

This is all witnessed in the context of a prolonged focus on, Back to the Future, where the Nazi science of time travel is cryptically featured and high ranking SS officers are secretly characterized. In that series, underscoring the pro-Nazi sentiment is the 14-88 code associated with David Lane of, The Order, and with roots in Adolph Hitler's, Mein Kampf. Some of the instances I found appear in the following screenshots, with more in part 6 of the video series.

In a recent post I pointed out how that same Neo-Nazi code appears in the title of the History Channel's documentary called, Hunting Hitler. Hunting Hitler - HH - Heil Hitler - H, is 8th letter, so HH is also 88. The title, Hunting Hitler, has 13 letters plus one space, so in total there are 14 character positions in the string. This observation suggests why so much money and effort went into exposing the evidence that we were officially lied to about Hitler's demise in a bunker in Berlin.

While we have been led to completely ignore the activity of Steve Quayle and his associates for most of the past year, the Lord did direct our attention to his latest release, a book titled, Empire Beneath the Ice. It's very pertinent to what's trending, how Hitler and the Nazi's don't seem to have lost the war, in the big picture. To me, they seem only to have lost in the same way the Jesuits and Freemasons have seemed to lose in times past. They go dark, and underground, where their influential work flourishes. While Steve's researchers have done an impressive job, we find Steve's conclusions generally falling far short.

So many of these Nazi themed elements have rather obvious roots in ancient and ongoing fallen angel activity. Much of this has to do with sorcery and sacrificial ritual, and mind-control programming.

“"Svali" is the pseudonym of the woman, age 45, who was a mind "programmer" for the cult until 1996. She was the sixth head trainer in the San Diego branch and had 30 trainers reporting to her. She has risked her life to warn humanity of the Illuminati's covert power and agenda. She describes a sadistic Satanic cult led by the richest and most powerful people in the world. It is largely homosexual and pedophile, practises animal sacrifice and ritual murder. It works "hand in glove" with the CIA and Freemasonry. It is Aryan supremacist (German is spoken at the top) but welcomes Jewish apostates. ”
(Henry Makow's website)

I made a relevant observation in this post, Our Reality as Trance State, CERN, The Man in the High Castle, SHIELD-HYDRA Code 88. The Amazon series was based on a story by Phillip K. Dick. What was so powerfully pictured was a world in which the Axis powers won WWII. You have to ask yourself if, on a fundamental level, it's very different from our own present reality? Here's how the pro-Nazi sentiment expressed in the secretive embedding of 88 appears in some screenshots.

A couple weeks ago, Aaron and I watched Marvel's Ant-Man. Aaron noticed how the SS letters were repeatedly shown while the other wording was occulted in the company name, Cross Technologies. These were more than fleeting moments so it was evident that the signaling of SS was intended.

SS. When Z is 1, S is the 8th letter, so SS = 88. It's equivalent to the HH, signaling Heil Hitler. The SS is easily identified with the Nazi organization, Schutzstauffel. The SS was responsible for the special “extra-dimensional” and super-normal projects that really mattered.

In Ant-Man, the Cross Technologies company had dangerous technology altering the physics of biology that they intended to sell to HYDRA, the evil organization that is so central in the Marvel universe. Marvel, now owned by Disney, has always been very overt with their identification of HYDRA with the WWII era Nazi party and the SS. Moster interesting is how it's also done covertly in the subtle esoteric way of the Occult to signal that this is where their loyalties actually lie. One example I've pointed out on the blog already is in the history of the HYDRA logo. In an episode of The Agents of SHIELD, in connection with research done about what we learned was a long time effort to bring back an ancient entity through a space-time portal to rule the earth (seem familiar, somehow?), several iterations of the imagery were displayed. These were recognized as precursors to the HYDRA logo. The one you see here convinced them of the connection. Again, the connection between HYDRA and the Nazi party is unquestionable, and you can discern an 88 hidden in the esoteric design. HH - Heil Hitler. SS.

Aaron and I found the logo of Cross Technologies worthy of note. First, Cross - crucifixion - messianic - Antichrist.

There's 12 ring sections + 1 of a different sort, a complete circle. This produces the time numbers 12 and and the one for the mastery of time and space-time - 13. It's a big time XO graphic as the basic design is a circle with a couple of X shapes intersecting in the middle. The word, Cross, is a cross, of course, which is seen with the circular graphic. CROSS circle. Three circles signals. 666 (dot plus 2 that are implied by larger C ring segments) The XO is claimed to be a symbol of the mark of the beast, and the 666 is famously identified with the beast and his mark in Revelation 13:18. There's 666 triple O (as O is 1+5=6) produced in the vertical lining up of the O in TechnOlogies with the O in CrOss and the round O graphic. The 2 C shapes (rotated and concentric) - Code 33. The 8 spoked wheel design presents the 8 point star of Inanna, the goddess. Her celestial throne is established in the union of the X and O, supernaturally, according to the influential OTO.

Yesterday I saw an ad for Drake's latest. Here's the cover art. Summer Sixteen ~ SS ~ Heil Hitler! What's up with the eye in the 6?

Like the T-Mobile commercials tell us in their Rosetta Stone-like marketing imagery, the okay sign over the eye is a 666 eye, hidden eye, third eye, anal eye of Horus sign.

It signals the illumination wrought through ritual sodomy as practiced in trauma-based mind control programming. In military and law enforcement, we often hear the expression, “I've got your six.” It's a reference to your backside and protecting it. The eye in a 6 is a backside eye, the terminus of the GI tract they refer to as the all-seeing eye of Horus. The 6 also resembles the letter G, which is seen in connection with Freemasonry with an eye inside it and in association with the square and compass. The G-EYE - the GI tract. The Pink Swastika documented the violent homosexual bent of the Nazi party. Their involvement in advancing the ancient way of illumination is legendary. Summer Sixteen. SS.

This post is pretty big and you might think that's all of it, but no.

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