Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Decoding: "Food Swings" Cookbook Cover

When you see what the cover of Jessica Seinfeld's latest cookbook is about you might think she's a comedian like her husband, Jerry. But really, it's not funny.

In prison lingo, donut means butt. The donut hole is the anus. Occultists call it the Eye of Horus. Jessica is giving that some special emphasis by holding it over her face like its a big seeing eye. Magnifying that eye makes it the sun eye and the other the moon eye of Harmerty, Horus who rules with two eyes. It can also be said that she's hiding one eye to model to us the hidden eye, the anatomical Eye of Horus that's hidden from sight. This is not just a crude gag.

There is support added by her wardrobe because she's wearing a turtle-neck blouse. Of course, that makes her head a turtle head. There's potty “humor” in that because, turtle head, refers to poop starting to poke out of the butt like how a turtle head starts to poke out of a turtle shell.

This is the same crude gag played up in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie from 1990. This poster illustrates it because the turtle heads are popping out of a manhole. Man. Hole. Anus. Sewer pipe access.

So, Jessica's head is poop and her neckline is the defecating butt, and so apparently is the donut she holds to her eye.

Are we done with the crude schtick? No. Sorry. The broccoli is no more innocent than the donut is. The broccoli is a phallus, part of the male package that features the double O of, FOOD, as the testicles. Study that for a moment. Consider the peculiar way she holds it in her hand. Her posing hand suggests the shaft that passes between the double O, one that is more erect than the stalk of broccoli. Put the phallic package broccoli together with the anal donut.

Is this just a gag involving the male anatomy - the phallic package and the butt? No, it's really about butt sex. Sodomy.

Wardrobe (or “photoshop” perhaps) has added more to this clever design than just the signal turtle head. There's a subliminal impression of the word, SEX, with the X formed on her sleeve. The E is obfuscated by the F, and the S is just right there plainly. This kind of thing has been widely demonstrated to be a common feature of book and magazine covers and movie posters and cartoons like Disney's animated features.

What kind of sex are they suggesting? Obviously, sodomite sex, the kind that opens the Eye of Horus, illuminating in the way of Illuminati sodomite mind-control. When I see how the design lay out has her name positioned, I perceive how the S on her head is intended as a Serpent. Luciferian, Kundalini or serpent illumination was pictured in this way from ancient times. It is Horus Eye illumination. “Sei,” of Seinfeld, played as Se "i" or Seeing eye.

If there's virtue in addition to the vice we see on the cover, it's only in the perverted eyes of the illumined sodomites. Food Swings - it's an obvious take on, mood swings. What's less obvious is the allusion to "identity swings" or the alter switching of multiples, which is what trauma-based sodomite mind control programming causes.

There's more here in this Occult design that has to do with the goddess. Certainly, as a celebrity wife and celebrity in her own right, Jessica is “worshiped” by some as something of a goddess. But in the way of the Occult, the cover exalts her as The Goddess.

Look at the way her fingers appear. With no thumbs in view, the distinct count is 4 fingers on each hand. The number 44 is identified with Isis in the esoteric interpretation of the 47th Problem of Euclid. It's the dimensions of the area adjacent to the Isis side of the base Pythagorean triangle. (You might see in her hands the signaling of a Masonic sign known as the claw.)

The cover design draws our attention to the colorful words, Virtue & Vice. Alliteration - “the repetition of identical or similar sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables.” It's the repeated letter V that's emphasized. V & V. Double V. Double V is VV or W. Because of the supporting imagery in the context, the easily assembled W identifies the goddess as the ancient dancing bee and bent elbow goddess, Inanna and Ishtar, by other names. In the pose featured on the book cover, Jessica Seinfeld's elbows are bent. She is that goddess.

This book cover is more than just a collection of crude gags. It's far more offensive than that.

Are you seeing what you're looking at? And, no sodomy or honoring the goddess is required! Praise the Lord.

The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made both of them ~ Proverbs 20:12


  1. "lordofangels" wote that they "believe our Jessica Seinfeld is an MTF,
    look at the size of his jaw/hands.
    Great article by the way,
    keep them coming."

  2. now is speilberg time on netflix or the net fu%$.
    in the movie 'the explorers' ther is gross symoligy of child rape and anal stuff.
    references to back to the future are all throughout, even referencing jules vern, einstien and copernicus i think

    1. Thanks. I have not seen that movie.